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Sovereignty – Disc Highlights

Disc 1: Intro to Sovereignty (58:26)

  • The Three Historic Warning Signs Preceding the Fall of an Empire.
  • The Quickest Way to Stem America’s Moral Decline.
  • How Nature Provides a Window to Perfect Moral Clarity.
  • What 34,000 Christian Sects (And All other Faiths) aren’t Aware they have in Common.
  • A Description of “Heaven on Earth” as is Actually Possible.
  • How Moral Actions Flow Directly from Personal Actions into Family, Work and Government.
  • The Tragic Price We Pay for Living in Moral Confusion.
  • The One Human Attribute that can Easily Overpower Reason and Civility.
  • Answering the Age-Old Questions of Philosophy: What is Morality? Am I a Good Person? How can I Protect My Kids from All the Craziness Out There? What are We Here for? What is the Meaning of Life?
  • The Breakthrough: A New Moral Awakening for Mankind.
  • Nature’s Shorthand: The Four Steps to Deciphering All Moral Actions.
  • The Hidden Purpose of Morality Revealed.
  • A New Description of Good and Evil.
  • The True Moral Division Between Men. Which Side are You On?
  • The Four Realms of Human Action to Consider in Life.
  • History’s Warning: Will You Listen? What Can You Do to Change Things?
  • The Enemies of Life and the Ancient Concepts that Keep them in Power.
  • How Moral Certainty can Take Years Off Your Looks and Attitude.
  • The Crucial Effect of Art on Kids and Its Moral Impact on Us All.
  • The Pivotal Role of Christianity in America’s Moral Rebirth.
  • Using Nature’s Morality to Supercharge Religious Understandings.
  • Making a Difference Politically: Empowering the American People Like Never Before.

Disc 2/3: Self-Made Man (68:15), (72:00)

  • Thinking: The Pattern We All
  • The Human Tree of Knowledge: Anything but Evil.
  • Emotions as an Objective
  • The Critical Role of Purpose in a Moral Life.
  • The Most Fundamental and Overlooked Reward of Moral Action.
  • The Levels Beyond Happiness Possible to Us All.

Disc 4: Sound Relationships (74:07)

  • The Relationship We must Honor Above All Others.
  • The Pattern of Interaction Moral Men Practice.
  • Reading the Emotions of Others to Understand Character.
  • Friends and Family: Who Comes First?
  • Developing Kids Naturally Through Self-Made Patterns.
  • The Self-Made’s Mate: Where Does She Fit In? How Does He Select Her?
  • The Awesome Power of Sex: When Joy is
  • The Healing Power of Our Mate’s
  • Relationships that Should Last: Who it Works for and Why.
  • Moving on: The Moral Maturity to Leave Each Other Intact.

Disc 5: Passionate Expressions (42:04)

  • The Work of Art Life Can and Should Be.
  • The Expansion of Ourselves and our Societies through
  • The Relationship Between Artists and Observers: What Do We Share? What Does Our Response Mean?

Disc 6: Institutions of Good (70:19)

  • The Highest Goal of Self-Made Man.
  • The Moral Stature of the Self-Made in Business: Are You One of Them?
  • Scrutinizing Others for Employment, Jury and Political Considerations.
  • Integrating Every Single Thing You Know: Is it Possible?
  • The Separation of Church and State: Is it Justified?
  • Is Capitalism a Proper Moral Ideal?
  • How to Spot Responsible
  • The Moral Basis of the U.S. Constitution.
  • The Essential Services Needed to Secure Our Society.
  • A Foreign Policy Guided by Moral Certainty.
  • What Kind of a Country has an Army of Volunteers?
  • Becoming Moral Warriors for the Battle to Come.

Disc 7/8: Fear-Driven Man (75:06), (75:54)

  • Inverting the Pattern of Life to Reveal True
  • How the Fear-Driven Become Spirit Murderers.
  • Subverting Morality to Protect Their Illness.
  • Misusing the Mind: A Tool of Distortion.
  • Deriving Ethics from Emergencies: A Mind in Panic.
  • Common Moral Beliefs that are Actually Death
  • Is Selflessness Really Moral?
  • Is the Concept of Sacrifice Actually Intended for Conquest?
  • Unconditional Love: The All-Accepting, All-Forgiving Garbage Can.
  • Infirmity Worship: Do We Strive to be Able or Disabled?
  • A Moral Code that Would Give Stephen King

Disc 9: Parasitical Relationships (74:53)

  • The Types of Relationships Formed by Fear.
  • Teaming Up via Inadequacy: The Submission/Domination Axis.
  • Are the Dominant or the Submissive Responsible for Inverting Morality?
  • Dealing with Toxic Friends and Family.
  • Parental Interference: Prelude to a Life of Incompetence.
  • Babies First! …and Nothing More.
  • Setting a Bad Example: the Pinnacle of Child Cruelty.
  • The Badgering of Baboons (Known as Advice).
  • Seduce and Destroy: Breaking One’s Mate.
  • Why Misery to them, is No Reason to Leave.
  • How the Fear-Driven “Target” a Spouse.
  • When “Love” is Measured in Damage.
  • Sex as a Weapon: You Didn’t See it Coming?
  • Exiting Without Grace: You Thought You Could Get Away?

Disc 10: Expressions of Contempt (36:37)

  • When the Passion to Kill Exceeds the Passion to Live.
  • Expelling Science and Human Progress from Art.
  • The True Motives of an Irrational Artist.
  • The Audience Drawn to Vile Entertainment: Should We Drop a Bomb on Them?
  • Can Artistic Interests Gauge whether We’re Off Course in Life?

Disc 11: Institutions of Evil Part 1 (74:10)

  • Abstract Predation: Mankind’s Greatest Danger.
  • Special Privileges: The Con-Man’s Equivalent of a Patent, Copyright or Trademark.
  • Transferring Their Instabilities to Others.
  • The Spirit Murdering Bias: Right or Left Wing?
  • The Moral Risk in Charities and Non-Profits.
  • Unions: Who are they Really Protecting?
  • Extremists: Are Some of Them Right?
  • Environmentalism: Love of Nature or Hatred for Man?
  • Religion: Does it have a Role in Mankind’s Future?
  • …Who’s Been Faithful? Who’s Been Abusing It?
  • …Was Jesus Really a Moral Man?
  • Education: Who has Historically Misled Us?
  • …The Resurrection of Philosophy as Guardian of Mankind.
  • …The Key to Accountability in Schools.
  • Bad Business: Masters and Slaves Thrive in Corporate America.
  • …The Hidden Key to a Company’s Morale.
  • Fear-Driven Government: Roving Criminality, Sanctioned by Law.
  • Nature’s Moral Justification for America.
  • Socialism: The Only Screaming Heard on S. Soil, is at Our Amusement Parks.
  • Garbage In, Garbage Out: A Computer reveals the Best Government.

Disc 12: Institutions of Evil Part 2 (77:19)

  • The Secret Destabilization of America.
  • Bending America’s Military and Industrial Strength to Serve Evil.
  • Military Drafts: The Moral Opposite of Voluntary Service.
  • Fascism: The Tragic Direction We Were Not Supposed to Take.
  • Oligarchy: Rule by Rich, Fear-Driven Wimps.
  • The Moral Meaning of Money.
  • The President? Ha! Who’s Really in Control.
  • The American Mortgage Tragedy: Our Rented Lifestyle.
  • Our Founding Fathers Tried to Warn Us…
  • Institution of Evil: The Federal Reserve.
  • …Is it Actually Federal?
  • …Are There Any Reserves?
  • The Bloody Struggle for Monetary Control.
  • American and World History as You’ve Never Heard It.
  • The Revolutionary War: Spurred by the Bank of England.
  • What’s Actually to Blame for Hyperinflation?
  • Alexander Hamilton’s Role in American Banking History.
  • Andrew Jackson’s War against the Central Bank.
  • The Civil War: Instigated by Europe.
  • Lincoln’s Greatest Enemy Defeated by Greenbacks.
  • The Shadowy Men Behind John Wilkes Booth.
  • The Post Civil War Depression: America Faces Starvation.
  • Sleight of Hand: J.P. Morgan Rigs a Panic and is Declared a Hero.
  • The Dark Birth of the Federal Reserve.
  • How the Fed Manipulates Money.
  • Bonds: A Reserve Banker’s Alchemy.
  • …Are We Really Borrowing Their Money?
  • …How Money is Created by the Fed.
  • Legal Counterfeiting: The Fraud of “Fractional Reserve Banking.”
  • Today’s Environment: The Lesson We Didn’t
  • Corruption in Plain Sight: Inflation and the Business Cycle.
  • The Rudder of the Economy Repeatedly Steering Us Aground.
  • Looking at the Numbers: When will America Fall?
  • The IRS: A Means of Pacifying the Opposition.
  • The Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression: It was NO Accident.
  • The FDIC: A Band-Aid for a Tumor.
  • Is a Gold Standard Really Ideal?
  • World War II: The Federal Reserve and the Nazi’s.
  • …Using Versailles to Assure Another War.
  • Central Banks and Central Intelligence: Is There a Connection?
  • Their Ideal Environment: Assassinations, Overthrows, Rigged Elections, Depressions and Unnecessary Wars, with Only a Debt-Ridden “Peace for the People” as Consolation.
  • The Essence of Sound Money and Sound Banking.
  • Their Ultimate Intentions for the World: Say Goodbye to America.
  • The Solution: How We can Simply and Permanently Take Control Back.
  • Reclaiming the Earth in Our Name: Moral Sovereignty for Mankind.

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