Join the Moral Armor Revolution!

“They’re guarding all the doors, they’re holding all the keys, so sooner or later, someone is going to have to fight them.”

—The Matrix

We give on Sundays, paying homage to what we feel should win; for the good in all of us; for what we expect and hope is right. What if we know it’s right? If you have the means, your contributions will help dissemination and American/World recovery to occur all that much faster. If you feel strongly about the moral and economic restoration of America and want to get involved, join us in arming the nation. We’re looking for Corporate Sponsors, Private Donors, and Mad Skills to aid in expanding mass awareness and driving positive change like never before:

  • Funding Media Campaigns
  • Making Documentaries
  • Hosting Speaking Events,
  • Providing Books to Youth Groups and Non-Profit Organizations, and
  • Internet Exposure and New Tech Wizardry

Individuals can help by leaving reviews on Amazon, sharing the project online, and by bringing this opportunity to the attention of the honorable business and charitable organizations you belong to. Email inquiries to:


The Donate button above is best for one-time and/or larger donations. For ongoing donations, please visit the Moral Armor Patreon Page.

Thank you!!