Audio Intro from A Bridge Between Us All

“I found, as in a rite of passage, that a shimmering, glistening, living morality awaited me.” –Moral Armor

After many long years spent knee-deep in dusty books—seeking answers from philosophy, biology, and empirical reasoningI discovered nature’s shorthand:

a crystal-clear, non-contradictory structure for morality that is based on nature itself. It is simple to teach, easy to prove, and easy to learn. All you need is the awareness of a few simple patterns and you’re off and running with an unprecedented advantage: moral clarity that is everyday useful. Empowering individuals by wiping out our guilt, fear, and moral hesitation, we can embrace our truest liberties, align nations, races, and faiths, stand tall, and expose evil like never before.

Three Priceless Traits Are Needed to Save America

And our resilient culture has them in great abundance…







But How Do We Get There?

Books and CD’s only accomplish so much. What we need is real-time interaction as events unfold in our world. A community rallying around the idea that America can be restored by bringing forth the best in all of us. A mature community where we can support the endeavor, share ideas, discuss issues, and engage with the like-minded, free of the attacks endured in the chaos of the unfiltered internet. The best answer at present is a Patreon Channel.

With All of Us Moving in One Common, Life-furthering Direction, Armed with Knowledge, Ready for Battle…

We can bring Our Civilization Closer to Atlantis than the World has Ever Been.

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Sovereignty – Disc Highlights

Sovereignty 12 Disc Program

Disc 1: Intro to Sovereignty (58:26)

  • The Three Historic Warning Signs Preceding the Fall of an Empire.
  • The Quickest Way to Stem America’s Moral Decline.
  • How Nature Provides a Window to Perfect Moral Clarity.
  • What 34,000 Christian Sects (And All other Faiths) aren’t Aware they have in Common.
  • A Description of “Heaven on Earth” as is Actually Possible.
  • How Moral Actions Flow Directly from Personal Actions into Family, Work and Government.
  • The Tragic Price We Pay for Living in Moral Confusion.
  • The One Human Attribute that can Easily Overpower Reason and Civility.
  • Answering the Age-Old Questions of Philosophy: What is Morality? Am I a Good Person? How can I Protect My Kids from All the Craziness Out There? What are We Here for? What is the Meaning of Life?
  • The Breakthrough: A New Moral Awakening for Mankind.
  • Nature’s Shorthand: The Four Steps to Deciphering All Moral Actions.
  • The Hidden Purpose of Morality Revealed.
  • A New Description of Good and Evil.
  • The True Moral Division Between Men. Which Side are You On?
  • The Four Realms of Human Action to Consider in Life.
  • History’s Warning: Will You Listen? What Can You Do to Change Things?
  • The Enemies of Life and the Ancient Concepts that Keep them in Power.
  • How Moral Certainty can Take Years Off Your Looks and Attitude.
  • The Crucial Effect of Art on Kids and Its Moral Impact on Us All.
  • The Pivotal Role of Christianity in America’s Moral Rebirth.
  • Using Nature’s Morality to Supercharge Religious Understandings.
  • Making a Difference Politically: Empowering the American People Like Never Before.

Disc 2/3: Self-Made Man (68:15), (72:00)

  • Thinking: The Pattern We All
  • The Human Tree of Knowledge: Anything but Evil.
  • Emotions as an Objective
  • The Critical Role of Purpose in a Moral Life.
  • The Most Fundamental and Overlooked Reward of Moral Action.
  • The Levels Beyond Happiness Possible to Us All.

Disc 4: Sound Relationships (74:07)

  • The Relationship We must Honor Above All Others.
  • The Pattern of Interaction Moral Men Practice.
  • Reading the Emotions of Others to Understand Character.
  • Friends and Family: Who Comes First?
  • Developing Kids Naturally Through Self-Made Patterns.
  • The Self-Made’s Mate: Where Does She Fit In? How Does He Select Her?
  • The Awesome Power of Sex: When Joy is
  • The Healing Power of Our Mate’s
  • Relationships that Should Last: Who it Works for and Why.
  • Moving on: The Moral Maturity to Leave Each Other Intact.

Disc 5: Passionate Expressions (42:04)

  • The Work of Art Life Can and Should Be.
  • The Expansion of Ourselves and our Societies through
  • The Relationship Between Artists and Observers: What Do We Share? What Does Our Response Mean?

Disc 6: Institutions of Good (70:19)

  • The Highest Goal of Self-Made Man.
  • The Moral Stature of the Self-Made in Business: Are You One of Them?
  • Scrutinizing Others for Employment, Jury and Political Considerations.
  • Integrating Every Single Thing You Know: Is it Possible?
  • The Separation of Church and State: Is it Justified?
  • Is Capitalism a Proper Moral Ideal?
  • How to Spot Responsible
  • The Moral Basis of the U.S. Constitution.
  • The Essential Services Needed to Secure Our Society.
  • A Foreign Policy Guided by Moral Certainty.
  • What Kind of a Country has an Army of Volunteers?
  • Becoming Moral Warriors for the Battle to Come.

Disc 7/8: Fear-Driven Man (75:06), (75:54)

  • Inverting the Pattern of Life to Reveal True
  • How the Fear-Driven Become Spirit Murderers.
  • Subverting Morality to Protect Their Illness.
  • Misusing the Mind: A Tool of Distortion.
  • Deriving Ethics from Emergencies: A Mind in Panic.
  • Common Moral Beliefs that are Actually Death
  • Is Selflessness Really Moral?
  • Is the Concept of Sacrifice Actually Intended for Conquest?
  • Unconditional Love: The All-Accepting, All-Forgiving Garbage Can.
  • Infirmity Worship: Do We Strive to be Able or Disabled?
  • A Moral Code that Would Give Stephen King

Disc 9: Parasitical Relationships (74:53)

  • The Types of Relationships Formed by Fear.
  • Teaming Up via Inadequacy: The Submission/Domination Axis.
  • Are the Dominant or the Submissive Responsible for Inverting Morality?
  • Dealing with Toxic Friends and Family.
  • Parental Interference: Prelude to a Life of Incompetence.
  • Babies First! …and Nothing More.

  • Setting a Bad Example: the Pinnacle of Child Cruelty.
  • The Badgering of Baboons (Known as Advice).
  • Seduce and Destroy: Breaking One’s Mate.
  • Why Misery to them, is No Reason to Leave.
  • How the Fear-Driven “Target” a Spouse.
  • When “Love” is Measured in Damage.
  • Sex as a Weapon: You Didn’t See it Coming?
  • Exiting Without Grace: You Thought You Could Get Away?

Disc 10: Expressions of Contempt (36:37)

  • When the Passion to Kill Exceeds the Passion to Live.
  • Expelling Science and Human Progress from Art.
  • The True Motives of an Irrational Artist.
  • The Audience Drawn to Vile Entertainment: Should We Drop a Bomb on Them?
  • Can Artistic Interests Gauge whether We’re Off Course in Life?

Disc 11: Institutions of Evil Part 1 (74:10)

  • Abstract Predation: Mankind’s Greatest Danger.
  • Special Privileges: The Con-Man’s Equivalent of a Patent, Copyright or Trademark.
  • Transferring Their Instabilities to Others.
  • The Spirit Murdering Bias: Right or Left Wing?
  • The Moral Risk in Charities and Non-Profits.
  • Unions: Who are they Really Protecting?
  • Extremists: Are Some of Them Right?
  • Environmentalism: Love of Nature or Hatred for Man?
  • Religion: Does it have a Role in Mankind’s Future?
  • …Who’s Been Faithful? Who’s Been Abusing It?
  • …Was Jesus Really a Moral Man?
  • Education: Who has Historically Misled Us?
  • …The Resurrection of Philosophy as Guardian of Mankind.
  • …The Key to Accountability in Schools.
  • Bad Business: Masters and Slaves Thrive in Corporate America.
  • …The Hidden Key to a Company’s Morale.
  • Fear-Driven Government: Roving Criminality, Sanctioned by Law.
  • Nature’s Moral Justification for America.
  • Socialism: The Only Screaming Heard on S. Soil, is at Our Amusement Parks.
  • Garbage In, Garbage Out: A Computer reveals the Best Government.

Disc 12: Institutions of Evil Part 2 (77:19)

  • The Secret Destabilization of America.
  • Bending America’s Military and Industrial Strength to Serve Evil.
  • Military Drafts: The Moral Opposite of Voluntary Service.
  • Fascism: The Tragic Direction We Were Not Supposed to Take.
  • Oligarchy: Rule by Rich, Fear-Driven Wimps.
  • The Moral Meaning of Money.
  • The President? Ha! Who’s Really in Control.
  • The American Mortgage Tragedy: Our Rented Lifestyle.
  • Our Founding Fathers Tried to Warn Us…
  • Institution of Evil: The Federal Reserve.
  • …Is it Actually Federal?
  • …Are There Any Reserves?
  • The Bloody Struggle for Monetary Control.
  • American and World History as You’ve Never Heard It.
  • The Revolutionary War: Spurred by the Bank of England.
  • What’s Actually to Blame for Hyperinflation?
  • Alexander Hamilton’s Role in American Banking History.
  • Andrew Jackson’s War against the Central Bank.
  • The Civil War: Instigated by Europe.
  • Lincoln’s Greatest Enemy Defeated by Greenbacks.
  • The Shadowy Men Behind John Wilkes Booth.
  • The Post Civil War Depression: America Faces Starvation.
  • Sleight of Hand: J.P. Morgan Rigs a Panic and is Declared a Hero.
  • The Dark Birth of the Federal Reserve.
  • How the Fed Manipulates Money.
  • Bonds: A Reserve Banker’s Alchemy.
  • …Are We Really Borrowing Their Money?
  • …How Money is Created by the Fed.
  • Legal Counterfeiting: The Fraud of “Fractional Reserve Banking.”
  • Today’s Environment: The Lesson We Didn’t
  • Corruption in Plain Sight: Inflation and the Business Cycle.
  • The Rudder of the Economy Repeatedly Steering Us Aground.
  • Looking at the Numbers: When will America Fall?
  • The IRS: A Means of Pacifying the Opposition.
  • The Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression: It was NO Accident.
  • The FDIC: A Band-Aid for a Tumor.
  • Is a Gold Standard Really Ideal?
  • World War II: The Federal Reserve and the Nazi’s.
  • …Using Versailles to Assure Another War.
  • Central Banks and Central Intelligence: Is There a Connection?
  • Their Ideal Environment: Assassinations, Overthrows, Rigged Elections, Depressions and Unnecessary Wars, with Only a Debt-Ridden “Peace for the People” as Consolation.
  • The Essence of Sound Money and Sound Banking.
  • Their Ultimate Intentions for the World: Say Goodbye to America.
  • The Solution: How We can Simply and Permanently Take Control Back.
  • Reclaiming the Earth in Our Name: Moral Sovereignty for Mankind.

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Video Short: Achieving Moral Perfection

On this journey, we will explore:

  • The Quickest Way to Reverse America’s Moral Decline.
  • Why Should We Pray for One Great Leader to Emerge and Save Us Again and Again? We Need a Leader in Every Life.
  • What Kind of Thinking Built this Country to Begin with? What Kind was Against It from the Start?
  • Exposing the True Nature of Evil: Who They Are, What They Want, How They Operate, and How to Fight Them.
  • How Can We Balance the Scales of Justice to Assure Freedom Endures?

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. By aligning our strengths, facing our challenges, and countering our opposition, we can reclaim this Earth and the brilliant destiny that awaits us all. Evil lives to fight, so let’s blindside them with a weapon they’ve never seen. With the proper Moral Armor, we can restore America together, fast and forever.

Praise for Ron and the Philosophy of Moral Armor

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“Moral Armor gets to the heart of morality like never before, and slams what no one in America has the confidence to fight. More than that, it will give you the confidence… Springer doesn’t tolerate our present “Culture of toleration” that is pushing America into a filthy, immoral, directionless wasteland.”

VictorHugoFan (Amazon review)

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“Moral Armor provides a complete moral code based on our biological nature. His “pattern of consciousness” is easy to prove, and with awareness of it, there is no limit to what you can learn about yourself and others.”

SaraB, SC, USA (Amazon Review)

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“Moral Armor is the finest protection available against the onslaught of moronic ideas that we are bombarded with, beginning early on in our youth… Springer cleans house with his sword as he slashes, bisects, and separates the real good and ultimate evil in all.”

C. Jacobsen (Amazon review)

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“Thoughtful and thought-provoking, Moral Armor is very highly recommended reading.”

Midwest Book Review

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“Moral Armor…is a product designed to aid in your development from the ground up. It’s a serious book for a serious person. The points expressed are fully researched, and with a little bit of research on your own, everything will tie together for you.”

Roger, CA (Amazon Review)

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“I have bought this book for myself, and for family members and friends. This is a MASTERPIECE in today’s literary works. It really is a solution to determine one’s own worth in today’s society.”

Janet L. Dalton (Warren, MI)

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“Ronald Springer’s Moral Armor shows how natural patterns govern individual happiness, the quality of our relationships, our artistic preferences, even our political leanings. …Although each individual evidences conflicts in his approach to life, Springer sees mankind’s deeper innocence as the hidden treasure for our survival.”

Godfrey Harris, International Publishers Alliance

Marta Fox

“Ronald E. Springer is profound. He is animated, fun, and obviously enjoys his subject. He carries an influence that will stop you in your tracks. This man is a real thinker, when he speaks his passion and message is captivating.”

Marta Fox, Speaker and Relationship Coach

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“Mr. Springer shows there are only two types of people, and traces their choices psychologically in a way that seems clairvoyant and is very compelling…This is an indispensable book I’ll read again and again as I grow, and plan to buy for my friends.” ay..”

( Review)

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“Moral Armor is by far the clearest, most concise, most helpful, most logically and elegantly written, persuasive, non-fiction piece of knowledge you will have a chance to get your hands on… Not only does this book contain some brain-rattling revelations, but I believe it to be the single most efficient piece of literature (or media for that matter) that will put your life back on track.”

John M. (Amazon review)

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“This book implicitly backed one of my daily assertions: You do not have to be a full-fledged philosopher, with the ability to refute all the nonsense that has accumulated over the years, to achieve happiness.”…”This book is very natural–the connections are simple and direct. It is indeed a book for the masses.” 

Nicholas Shane (Amazon Review)

Charlton Heston

“I wish you well with your book as with the adventure to morality in our world today.”

Charlton Heston

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