Self-made Man in essence, doesn’t often understand enemies, or how to have them. He doesn’t understand disrespect; he doesn’t understand the justification for negativity between rational beings—or what he supposes them to be. The nature of his own consciousness does not prepare him for the irrational. With his life’s focus on generating and directing his own energy, their plotting hatred, jealousy and parasitism is inconceivable; a complete waste of resources. He knows there is something very wrong with those who spend energy in this way. He sees their open or veiled abusiveness—a glaring sneer or a malicious cowardice, poorly hidden under undisciplined expressions—and still can’t quite believe it. The source seems abominable—so total a lack of self-esteem, that others become the roving temporary center of their attention, not to experience elation or hero worship, but for the exact opposite; to vent theirgreatest passion—the desire to hurt. Self-made Man doesn’t often understand the attack, or the motivation. The Fear-driven seem offended by his very existence; a malady outside his power to solve. Its only solution seems for him to stop being; a demand he would never approach others with.

His enemy in any context is his antithesis—the Spirit Murder. I recall being disliked and feared, because I could always see much more than such people wanted me to. Implicitly I knew we were enemies, through something I was willing to see and something they refused to see. It was our pattern of consciousness that was incompatible; it made us mortal enemies. The Fear-driven cannot handle life’s problems, so they cause others tension and loss, excommunication and violence. Conversation is refused: a point by point discussion would reveal their immoralities, so they avoid it or any other reasonable discipline, at all costs. Self-made Man can do nothing with the irrational; he can make no progress and find no happiness, so contextual isolation is the only solution. By habit, he isolates all forms of irritation and expands all forms of fulfillment; his cognitive pattern brought to social issues. His proper action in response to evil is to grant it no energy. He counters deception by stalling its pattern, denying the rewards expected by its use. He steps aside and lets their own poison consume them.

Typically, he dispenses with the issue of like and dislike, as he doesn’t care what such others think, if they think at all. His self-esteem is not subject to their opinion. He pays attention to his own desired inertias, especially when stifled by association with another. Ultimately, he does not preserve relationships with those who subject him to any form of insincerity. He conforms to no subversion and remains on the level instead; naming what must not be named. Watching them scurry is his payment for the burden of its endurance. He demandsthe natural freedom that all human beings require in order to function, just as he grants and fosters it in others. He demandscivility and the fostering of virtue, or removes himself from their path of destruction at once. When he is cornered with no chance of escape, he fights for his life—in premise as well as body—whether it takes place in a courtroom, or on the street. Death premises never get away with an uncontested acceptance.

As he approaches none with violence, he permits no such violation. Cognitive independence puts Self-made Man beyond the living need of parasitism, or any premise that leads to it. The disagreement of another is accepted, and respect for positions of authority over their realms of control goes without question. As long as his rights are not violated, no override is ever attempted. His response to those violating proper boundaries is self-defense, period—of himself and others—physically and spiritually. He views violence as a life-threatening insult, its initiation of which is never to be tolerated. When in danger, he counters force with the force necessary to stop it. Only those choosing force and its variants as a means of their physical and spiritual sustenance are the damned, neverthose who defend their right to life when it is threatened.