What Others Are Saying:

“I have bought this book for myself, and for family members and friends. This is a MASTERPIECE in today’s literary works. It really is a solution to determine one’s own worth in today’s society.” –Janet L. Dalton (Warren, MI)

A blessing from Moses!

“I wish you well with your book as with the adventure to morality in our world today.”

–Charlton Heston

“This book implicitly backed one of my daily assertions: You do not have to be a full-fledged philosopher, with the ability to refute all the nonsense that has accumulated over the years, to achieve happiness.”…”This book is very natural–the connections are simple and direct. It is indeed a book for the masses.” –Nicholas Shane (Amazon Review)

“Moral Armor is by far the clearest, most concise, most helpful, most logically and elegantly written, persuasive, non-fiction piece of knowledge you will have a chance to get your hands on… Not only does this book contain some brain-rattling revelations, but I believe it to be the single most efficient piece of literature (or media for that matter) that will put your life back on track.” –John M. (Amazon review)

“Moral Armor…is a product designed to aid in your development from the ground up. It’s a serious book for a serious person. The points expressed are fully researched, and with a little bit of research on your own, everything will tie together for you.” –Roger, CA (Amazon Review)

“Thoughtful and thought-provoking, Moral Armor is very highly recommended reading.” –Midwest Book Review

“Moral Armor is the finest protection available against the onslaught of moronic ideas that we are bombarded with, beginning early on in our youth… Springer cleans house with his sword as he slashes, bisects, and separates the real good and ultimate evil in all.” –C. Jacobsen (Amazon review)

“Mr. Springer shows there are only two types of people, and traces their choices psychologically in a way that seems clairvoyant and is very compelling…This is an indispensable book I’ll read again and again as I grow, and plan to buy for my friends.” –( Review)

“Ronald E. Springer is profound. He is animated, fun, and obviously enjoys his subject. He carries an influence that will stop you in your tracks. This man is a real thinker, when he speaks his passion and message is captivating.” –Marta Fox, Speaker and Relationship Coach

“Ronald Springer’s Moral Armor shows how natural patterns govern individual happiness, the quality of our relationships, our artistic preferences, even our political leanings. …Although each individual evidences conflicts in his approach to life, Springer sees mankind’s deeper innocence as the hidden treasure for our survival.” -Godfrey Harris, International Publishers Alliance

“Moral Armor provides a complete moral code based on our biological nature. His “pattern of consciousness” is easy to prove, and with awareness of it, there is no limit to what you can learn about yourself and others.” –SaraB, SC, USA (Amazon Review)

“Moral Armor gets to the heart of morality like never before, and slams what no one in America has the confidence to fight. More than that, it will give you the confidence… Springer doesn’t tolerate our present “Culture of toleration” that is pushing America into a filthy, immoral, directionless wasteland.”–VictorHugoFan (Amazon review)

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