The Care and Feeding of Freedom

Ron’s new book, The Care and Feeding of Freedom: Reclaiming Our Destiny in a World of Confusion is now available In Print and as an eBook on Amazon!

Official Publication Date: July 4th, 2016


America is in Deep Trouble. What Can We Do About It?

Corruption is eating us alive. It’s time for a Second Declaration of Independence against the very mindset responsible for theft, fraud, aggression, and enslavement. We the People must assure accountability at all levels, and that requires a moral standard everyone can agree on. But is that even possible?

What if We Could Wipe Out Moral Confusion Instantly and get Our Nation (and Our Lives) Back on Track?

After many long years spent knee-deep in dusty books—seeking answers from philosophy, biology, and empirical reasoningI discovered nature’s shorthand: a crystal-clear, non-contradictory structure for morality that is based on nature itself. It is simple to teach, easy to prove, and easy to learn. All you need is the awareness of a few simple patterns and you’re off and running with an unprecedented advantage: moral clarity that is everyday useful. Empowering individuals by wiping out our guilt, fear, and moral hesitation, we can embrace our truest liberties, align nations, races, and faiths, stand tall, and expose evil like never before.

On this journey, we will explore:

  • The Quickest Way to Reverse America’s Moral Decline.
  • Why Should We Pray for One Great Leader to Emerge and Save Us Again and Again? We Need a Leader in Every Life.
  • Let’s Understand: What Kind of Thinking Built this Country to Begin with? What Kind wasAgainst It from the Start?
  • Exposing the True Nature of Evil: Who They Are, What They Want, How They Operate, and How to Fight Them.
  • How Can We Balance the Scales of Justice to Assure Freedom Endures?

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. By aligning our strengths, facing our challenges, and countering our opposition, we can reclaim this Earth and the brilliant destiny that awaits us all. Evil lives to fight, so let’s blindside them with a weapon they’ve never seen. With the proper Moral Armor, we can restore America together, fast and forever.CareandFeedingBackCover

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