Chiropractors and the Freedom to Move

If you saw a wilted rose and noticed that its stem was broken, wouldn’t you think that had something to do with it? In 1987, the American Medical Association was found guilty of conspiring to destroy the entire chiropractic field. They did this through their press and by educating new doctors to believe chiropractors were quacks and “unscientific cultists” who were immensely dangerous to their patients. Beginning in 1962, the AMA distributed “Quack Packs” to all new students, which attacked the chiropractic profession from the outset. Young doctors were taught to ostracize and abandon patients who saw chiropractors, and never to associate with chiropractors at all, on a personal or professional level. Given the AMA/FDA’s conduct regarding cures, you can see why they would be against chiropractic: inexpensive non-invasive treatment without drugs, no prospect for empire building, and no permanent dependencies.

Your spine is the core of your body, like the trunk of a tree. It carries and protects the nerves that send and receive signals directly from your brain, and those nerves cannot remain pinched without drastic consequences to the organs cut off from that vital link. All health emanates from this core, and a dislocated vertebra pinches a nerve like a garden hose. No flow, or greatly reduced flow, starves the organs it feeds. This was proven in 1921 by Henry Windsor, an MD who posited that dislocated vertebra led to organ disease and failure. He performed 75 human and 25 animal autopsies, and found a near 100% correlation: where an organ had failed, such as in lung disease or kidney disease, there was a subluxated vertebrae pinching off the organ, which led to the person’s death. Studies conducted by other doctors over the following decades confirmed his conclusions. Proper spinal alignment offers pain-free motion, optimum organ function, maximum energy, and the clearest thinking. A recent study shows that a properly adjusted neck increases cognitive function by up to 20%!

It always made the most sense to me to try the least invasive treatments first, drugs second, and surgery last. Once I went to see a physician for a broken arm after a bike crash. During the examination, he mentioned that I had a vertebra out of place. “Can you pop it back in?” I asked. He laughingly responded, “I could, but I’m supposed to recommend surgery.” I was floored. Doctors are trained to recommend back surgery for something as simple as a bone out of place? They fuse the spine and keep it from moving, altering your range of motion for life… something a chiropractor would just apply a little pressure to and it would resolve instantly. Really? It was at that moment that I lost all respect for the medical profession. I honor their emergency life-saving skills, but this kind of thinking is so immoral and so unconscionable, there is just no way to excuse it. I know medical doctors worked hard on their ascent, but so did Hitler. If your approach is not morally prioritized to (1) be minimally invasive and most economical, (2) maintain and maximize the patient’s living independence, mobility, and enjoyment, and (3) seeking to cure rather than maintain sickness, then you are a Nazi in the midst of your own medical holocaust. For the rest of you, you’ve been lied to. When you criticize chiropractors, it stems from the propaganda you have been fed. It is time to think independently. The great victims of the sick rich and their minions at the AMA and FDA need to be reevaluated with independent judgment and proper respect.

As for patients, if you accepted back surgery and never even attempted treatment by a chiropractor because you “heard they were quacks,” or that “once you go, you’ll always have to go”, you are the kind of simple-minded, gullible, and easily-controlled moron the sick rich love. Or you were lied to, and I’m sorry you accepted the lie. Without thinking for yourself. And you don’t always have to go…the McKenzie Method of self-adjustment addresses normal spine issues brilliantly. Still, when you can’t fix it yourself, what’s worse: periodic $40 adjustments to counter the twists, slips, falls, and over exertions of life, or a $200,000 surgery, permanent disability, and a lifetime of being hooked on pain killers? Future patients: exercise your core. Drink more water and less wine. Think for yourself.