Bulletproofing your home certainly sounds like a good thing. When you prep, you have to think of protecting the lives of your family members, and all you’ve stored.

The Lost Ways

The Lost Ways: Americans didn’t used to have all we have today: electricity, running water, heat… and they survived. Back then, they called it “daily life.” We should never lose these abilities.

Darkest Day: Survival course

Darkest Day: Survival course that offers fundamental methods of survival in a permanent grid-down scenario. Great investment for a reasonable prepper who wants to avoid panic at the worst time.

Recondition Batteries

Did you know you can actually recondition batteries you think are used up? Cell phone batteries, car batteries, you name it. This is worth knowing if you don’t have enough rechargeables on hand.

Self-Defense and Gun Control, Part 1

Self-Defense and Gun Control, Part 1

Though the media does all it can to rile the public into thinking America is going to hell in a hand basket—that crime is rampant and getting worse—the reality is far different. Their motto is “If it bleeds, it leads”, so the first thing we hear about is murders and violent crimes (my rule for the news: upon the report of a third crime, I turn it off). Statistics show that over the last 20 years in America, property crimes are down over 20%, homicides are down over 30%, and car thefts are down over 40%. Perhaps news producers are so unimaginative they simply cling to this concept to hold the audience, and as a result, totally misrepresent the moral condition and progress of our country. Or perhaps there is a more sinister force at work.

Instead of offering such reassuring stats, what do we hear? High profile crimes with large body counts—real or staged—coupled with immediate attacks on our right of self-defense (the Second Amendment). The media generates such an aura of crisis that the citizens feel, “Oh my god, children are being killed every day! We have to do something!” And what they do is get stampeded into disarming themselves to show their devotion to peace—forgetting to weigh the motives behind the defensive versus offensive use of any weapon—surrendering the country to potential mass murder to follow.

“…with devotion’s visage and pious action we do sugar on the Devil himself.” –William Shakespeare

So if the disintegration of civility in America isn’t real, what is the purpose and urgency of disarming us?

Regarding the grim prospect of invading the United States in WW2, Japanese Admiral, Isoroku Yamamoto, is claimed to have said, “There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” True, there are over 300 million privately owned firearms in the U.S. It isn’t invading forces we need fear, it is our own internal enemies: the Spirit Murderers responsible for our degrading health and economic collapse. Our Oath of Allegiance warns us: we must defend the Constitution “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” It should say “the Constitution and the people.”

Criminals know to stay away from armed people and communities, preferring to prey on those more vulnerable. Sharks attack sick and struggling fish that can’t fight back, minimizing the risk of injury to themselves. Their senses are designed to detect weakness—it lures them—the scenario is innate in nature, and this is true for fear-driven politicians and empty plutocrats as well. This is a constant throughout the animal kingdom: the young, the old, the weak, the sick, they are all targets for predation. Weapons and armor improve their chances of survival. Giving up our guns reduces our chances for survival, and against an organized enemy, eliminates it.

Self-government and self-defense go hand in hand. No regime can provide 24/7 protection. With an average of 17 police officers for every 10,000 American citizens, the citizens must maintain the capacity to police themselves. Take away this right and the productive are sitting ducks for the destructive. Politicians may say, “To secure law and order, we will confiscate all guns”, but this will not secure law and order; it never has and it never will. It only assures guns will not be aimed at them. Life or death for citizens can then be chosen with little risk to the power structure, and their choice is always death. Granted such a victory, they quickly drop the illusion that they are working for the people and reveal the truth: that the people are at their mercy, to be disposed of at their whim. Why? Because, left with sticks and stones, the people are no longer a threat. They surrendered any comparable means to defend themselves and can now be pushed around, put to work, or punished inhumanly, and will have to endure it or face their master’s ultimate argument.

“To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”

–George Mason, father of the American Bill of Rights

In his web article “Gun Control Dictator Style – Tyrants Who Banned Firearms Before Slaughtering The People”, Bradlee Dean commented, “How ironic that those who are calling for gun control are those who want the guns so they can have the control.” Dean then documented the statements and actions of the world’s most devastating butchers, and those they considered a threat.

“All political power comes from the barrel of a gun.  The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.” —Mao Tze Tung

As a result of establishing gun control in China, Mao’s forces were able to round up 20 million political dissidents without a fight and exterminate them.

“To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.” –Adolph Hitler

As a result of establishing gun control in Germany, Hitler’s forces were able to round up 13 million Jews and political dissidents without a fight and exterminate them.

“Death solves all problems–no man, no problem.”

–Joseph Stalin

As a result of establishing gun control in the Soviet Union, Stalin’s forces were able to round up 20 million dissidents without a fight and exterminate them.

“To keep you is no benefit. To destroy you is no loss.” –Pol Pot

Pol Pot killed over one million citizens of Cambodia; civil, educated, disarmed people who were killed just for being intelligent, or if you can believe it, simply looking intelligent. No one so callous to the value of human life should be in power longer than it takes to discover it.

Why would we trust the representatives of a government with immense military power who do not wish to permit its citizens the same self-protection? Law-abiding citizens properly supplement the police and military. The only reason to disarm them is to extend control over and ultimately dispose of them. The cost of military intervention into public matters is so high, by far the easiest solution is to arm the citizens directly and have them handle civil defense. Many countries require military training. According to federal statute, most of us are in fact considered members of the reserve militia of the United States, and in towns such as Kennesaw and Nelson, Georgia, citizens are required to own guns. Have crimes skyrocketed in such places? No, it has plummeted. The vast majority of American citizens who own guns do so for protection and recreation; they do not live by the gun. They live productive lives and can be trusted to defend not only themselves, but infused with a fierce sense of justice, will often risk themselves to save those in harm’s way. In the worst scenario, an armed populace serves as a check to illegitimate power if ever an attempt is made to use the military, or a private mercenary force, against the people.

The US military had a hard time dealing with a guerrilla war in Iraq with 30 million inhabitants. A guerrilla war against 300 million inhabitants is unwinnable. Most of our military personnel would join the citizens anyway, once they realized their corrupt leaders expected them to kill American families like their own. Why would they take such a step? Desperation. Human health has proven too resilient. It’s just that, once you have killed all the bees and that didn’t work, stopped the North Atlantic current and that didn’t work, dumped toxic heavy metals on people and that didn’t work, foisted man-made diseases, banned cures, poisoned citizens through their food supply and personal products and that didn’t work, at some point the corrupt rich will resort to bullets to pare the population down to their magic number.

With guns, we are citizens. Without them, we are subjects, which is a nice way to say slaves. Do not let them take our guns in the midst of a voluntary, civil exchange, because after that, they risk nothing if they choose to be uncivil, which is what history has proven fear-driven governments do, time and time again. With no ability to oust them, you no longer need to be considered. Force is now an easy option for them, and your fate is in their hands; a very precarious position to be in. If they’ve discounted the value of your life and callously assumed the responsibility to decide your fate, make sure you retain the power to decide theirs.

Gun digest store

Good place to research what forms of protection you want to have if the worst should happen. The best way to get past the fear of firearms is to become competent with them. Guns are fun, and in the right hands, protect us all.

Self-Defense and Gun Control, Part 2

Self-Defense and Gun Control, Part 2

“The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations.”

–Thomas Jefferson, 1816

In 2010, Jesse Ventura filmed hundreds of thousands of plastic coffins accumulating near the CDC in Atlanta. Who do you think those coffins are for? The old money men behind our government are immensely dangerous to the future of mankind. The useless descendants of industrialists and barons, they have degenerated so badly that they see no way forward unless everyone else dies. Their Georgia Guidestones state this clearly: a world population goal of 500 million maximum. Given any social problem, murder is always their answer. They are NOT their great grandparents: no greatness remains, and their money has become a cancer, metastasizing through channels of the like-minded. We have to protect ourselves against them, assert our right to exist on this planet, and contain or eliminate their influence, just as they would choose to eliminate us. These sick, demented, atrociously wealthy individuals have no greater right to this planet than we do. Any concentrations of capital attempting social or political control should be policed carefully and in most cases barred or seized. Anyone linked to America’s genocidal puzzle should be prosecuted, jailed for life, or executed.

American Megalomania Exposed: Mass Coffins in Atlanta

A group of people with weapons is a potential army to be reckoned with. A group of people with no weapons is a malleable workforce to be exploited, thinned, or eliminated. Don’t be the person held by your hair, pushed down to your knees and shot to death while some nonviolent (as of yet) morally uncertain young subject records it with their iPhone. Don’t be the person, in your last moments, stunned and regretful that you gave up your guns, and that this—what you never thought the government you trusted would do to you—disbelieving right up to the bang, that this is your fate. The irony is, it may be your gun! You, who would never fire your weapons unless you or your family was in danger, are being delivered to your death by a regime that does not honor the same values—only using them as a mask. Worse yet, your family may be on their knees beside you. Together, we can change this fate for our people. Faith in a false peace is faith in fantasy. It is an illusion that destroys all values eventually, and there are no do-overs once you wake up. Wake up now. Better men wanted to assure that you were not subject to such tyrannical motivations. Honor them by fighting for your rights, in mind, body, and spirit.

“A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”

–George Washington

So is it time to fight back?

Unsafe vaccines … Suppressed cures … Murdered doctors … 80,000 untested chemicals in our food, health, and beauty products … Food supply monopolies and gestapo tactics … Media monopolies … Money supply monopolies and national bankruptcy … Financing our enemies while our own soldiers die … Energy monopolies … CDC pathogen satellites and concentration camps nationwide … Toxic nano-metals raining down from the sky…

We don’t have to engage in a shooting war at this point, but it’s been time to fight back since objective evidence in any important regard was not acted on. Since profit was chosen as a priority over health. Since quarterly reports were given preference to the safety of children. Since frightening preparations were initiated. Self-made Americans need to recognize that we are in a constant state of war against such influences, and these people must be dealt with harshly. Stand tall and deliver ultimatums, or you are just a beggar. In seeking reforms, offer not only objective evidence and a proper course of action expected, but clear and decisive threats of civil disobedience and immediate follow-through: the corrupt are motivated by nothing less. Boycott specific businesses, one at a time, issue by issue. Boycott industries. Don’t take “NO” for an answer. The People’s posture needs to be “Do the right thing or else”. Force change or be laughed at behind closed doors.

Should civil war come once more in America, it will likely be a result of defaulting on our national debt. Once money dries up for public assistance—sustenance for those who make excuses rather than working for a living—they will begin to openly prey on the honorable working class. Nothing you have will be safe. Crime will skyrocket as they starve. Alternatively, so great a burden will be placed on the middle class that working itself will no longer be a road to prosperity; incentives for a moral life will be extinguished and a new Dark Age will ensue. What can we expect when a great mass is permitted to exist without educations, dimmed and inept to the most basic elements of self-sufficiency? Why should we carry those who are of no use—not to us or themselves—and never intend to be?

If it comes down to a fight, the corrupt rich and the thieving poor have to lose. America is ours. Its laws, its ideals, its Forefathers; all reflect our deepest values—values that run contrary to all the monopolists and do-nothings stand for. Do not go silently into that good night. Do not give up the rich culture we have created and the bright future we deserve.

Howard Leight Sharp-Shooter Safety Eyewear, Clear Lens

Good, inexpensive eyewear for the range. Protect your peepers! My only concern is occasionally, ricocheting matter can come down from above and get behind them. Some shop glasses have a right-angle ledge across the top; worth looking into.

SnapSafe Combination Lockbox

It’s tough to have loaded guns in the house at the ready, especially with kids around. With these combination boxes, you can have several. The size of a book, keep one on a bookshelf, another by the bed. No electronics to worry about.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

The survival books explain how to purify water, but it will be your most immediate need. This amazing design makes most water sources safe to drink from. Just stick it in a stream or a fountain and suck. Treats up to 200 gallons.

Where There Is No Dentist

A dentist; there’s one professional skill that doesn’t live near me! Visions of Tom Hanks knocking his own tooth out with an ice skate was alarming enough for me to buy this book and tuck it away, just in case.

Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre

Many residential lots are 1/4 acre, so condensing the ideal of producing enough food to be self-sufficient into the common space available is brilliant. Before this, I imagined several acres would be needed.

Garden Way’s Joy of Gardening

Great early 1980’s book sharing tried and true gardening skills from Garden Way, the company that launched the home garden tiller.

Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide

When preparation becomes lifestyle: integrating a survival mentality into all that is needed to maintain a home or cooperative without any outside help, even if the disruption of our way of life became permanent.

Canary All-in-One Home Security Device – Black

Great little security camera. Works through wifi; plug it in, connect it to your phone, and voila, instant home monitoring. It has a wide angle lens, night vision, and sends text alerts if it picks up any motion.

The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual

If you want to operate beyond MURS and FRS frequencies, to be legal, you’ll need a Ham radio license. I haven’t gone this far as of yet. The reference is here if you decide to.

The Social Classes at War

The Social Classes at War

There are four financial classes in our society: 1) the productive rich, 2) the productive middle, 3) the thieving rich and 4) the loafing poor (outside of political oppression, productive people do not stay poor). Every rational man agrees that no one should be paid for doing nothing, and yet the two latter classes have legal sanction to get away with it. These two are of the exact same rat mindset, and once moral men are out of the way, they are free to split powers, profits, and privileges between themselves and leave the populace to starve.

While struggling to make ends meet, the American middle class has always been considered the richest vat to prey upon by corrupt men. Every day, new laws are passed to place a larger burden on our shoulders while they placate us with budget controls. Spirit Murderers often disguise themselves as vanguards, preaching anti-life or dependency premises, which only necessitate the parasitism and destruction of other men. They have no tolerance to think, to judge or to weigh rational principles, wishing instead to point, shoot, and seize. Fear-driven organizations are designed around the centralization of confiscated energy’s dispersal—a mix of cognition and interaction—to complete the individual living structure. They portray the masses as feeble and helpless and use our compassion to seek control over everyone. They preach that no man can survive alone, and prove it by destroying all those who try. Their laws are designed to penalize independent traits to the extent that we exemplify them. While they withhold acknowledgement of our moral value in order to harness us, they have been busy setting up channels for our prosperity.

This pattern quickly assumes the shape of Socialism, and the classes eliminated are the productive rich and the productive middle. The thieving rich reign and everyone else is condemned to poverty and squalor. At a time when our economy is falling apart, CEO’s are still taking incomes 262 times higher than their average employee, yet the enterprise—which is their duty to secure—is left financially unsound. They attempt to justify such outrageous compensation as necessary to tempt beings of practically “sainted” abilities, but this is folly; it is clear that pirates are in control again and must be removed.

Only once in history were there men at the top who set up a system that did not provide them with a cut of our lives in return, but served the longer range profit of a free, stable, productive industrial society. The birth of America marked the birth of two new social classes of honor, and they must be preserved. This is the class war between the Self-made and the Fear-driven in economic terms. With a new moral philosophy to guide us, perhaps this time the thieving rich and the loafing poor can join the endangered species list, as they deserve.

Labor Unions: Good or Evil?

Labor Unions: Good or Evil?

There are good unions and there are bad unions. I have seen both first hand, and the difference will make or break a company. In watching Japanese union workers, I was impressed by the focus of their performance. There is a cultural aspect involved that demands pride in their work. To do a bad job would bring shame; a mortal blow. In America, we have a culture of freedom, but many abuse it by claiming it means “the right to have no discipline.” This is how we get beaten.

Here is what it is like to be hired into a union of socialist design: Instead of joining a plan for the greater good, suddenly you are lost among the undifferentiated—among the mean and small—and are then penalized for displaying anything more. You find out that the company is your enemy—that everything you thought made a good employee is now bad—that the lowest around you is now your equal, and your burden. They acknowledge seniority, not performance, disallowing effort to outpace lethargy. Their mass bares its teeth when exposed to any hint of personal accountability. Despite the thinly veiled, murderous smiles welcoming you, you can barely hide from yourself the fact that you have joined a hate group. It is the deeper brotherhood of all human beings that has been betrayed here. Unions may have begun as protection for unfairly treated workers, but with a Marxist ideology, they become a collection of us against them Spirit Murderers: malicious guardians of the Submission/ Domination Axis, and that’s all.

Marxist unions damn automation, yet propose no means to remain competitive. You rarely hear any ideas for improving efficiency; you never hear them addressing the company’s competitiveness or considering any sane reason why human beings are in business. Instead we hear their nineteenth-century reproaches against working conditions. For example, during our country’s intellectually-degraded pro-communist period, American railways were bullied into focusing on the livelihood of their workers, not on moving freight. The purpose had been lost—that of utilizing every bit of a business’s potential in the profitable pursuit of life as an abstract ideal—not the sheer naked survival of workers, and it virtually destroyed the industry.

Now, it is certainly the duty of company leaders to assure there will be work for those they hire. People depend on their income’s continuance, and count on those above to keep it growing or at least stable. But when managers strip the company of its wealth instead, leaving it unprepared for a downturn, causing mass layoffs and hardship, the employees have a right to band together and fight. This is where a proper union weighs in to protect workers. In today’s climate, we have huge hundred-year old businesses that are no longer run by their founders, but by principals having no vested interest in them. Such executives serve on each other’s boards, voting for mutual overcompensation, amounting to little more than embezzlement, and when things go south, they jump ship with golden parachutes. We must make it harder for corrupt individuals and their networks to destroy companies from the top, with jail terms and recovery of the stolen capital, which caused the business to falter. Still, no business exists solely for its workers. Workers exist in their context for the product alone. Losing a job is not the equivalent of losing one’s life, and there is no such thing as the right to a job. When a business is mismanaged or the country goes into recession, restoration of economic calm is found after a shakeout, which rids the waste of oversupply, and redistributes workers among the fields were they are actually needed.

The truth is a Marxist union brings—not craftsmen or manufacturing expertise to an industry—but violence, as it is a power organized specifically for the disruption of the enterprise. Such a union’s morale is dogmatically intended to maintain an all-time low. They are convinced that at work they deserve to sleep, to be drunk, to skip three days a week, and be totally unaccountable for their task, then to proclaim their inestimable worth and strike over compensation. That such people can live with so shameful a disregard for virtue is an abomination—almost as bad as its tolerance. A new employee with good intentions, trying to use sound administrative and moral judgment will find his efforts trounced by the very evil the system is designed to protect. He will be forced into cover-ups, strikes, walk-outs and a host of other immature or hostile activities, shamefully conspiring against goodwill, where adults embarrass themselves in a psychological predicament children should never have to see.

In an age of immense corporate graft, unions have been one of the few organizations to come forward and protect the people. If they want to survive long-term, they must break any tie to Karl Marx and his hostile propaganda. Unions need to acquire a sound operating philosophy and develop a “backbone of the nation” kind of culture we can all be proud of. They must become master craftsman once more, and restore the pride and confidence we feel when seeing MADE IN THE USA on a product. Otherwise, the only recompense Self-made businessmen have against poor conduct is the one line union membership is designed to prevent: “You’re fired!”

American Armed Forces: Our Protectors or Theirs?

American Armed Forces: Our Protectors or Theirs?

The purpose of an army is to protect its borders in order to safeguard its countrymen. The military’s function is to protect its country from all domestic, foreign, and natural opposition such as civil outbreaks, invasions, storms, or epidemics by whatever means is appropriate in order to return a secure, peaceful state of existence for its citizens. We as civilians delegate our use of physical force to the armed services to represent us in foreign and domestic issues. The question to ask is who decides when the use of force is proper?

The military is going to want to do what they were trained for, but they must submit to the coolest heads who steer the nation politically. Military men will have their own political ideas—everyone believes they can do the job better than those elected—but the tail cannot wag the dog. A body lives by the direction instructed by its head; not from an arm or a leg. Our political leadership is just as essential as our armies. Armies are the body, policy is the brain. In leaving office, President Eisenhower said, “We must never let the military-industrial complex endanger our liberties or democratic processes.” He said it for a good reason, as it killed his successor. Unfortunately, history has shown how evil those in power can be, but it isn’t always so. Rationality can return, as morality is what drives policy. Despite occasional abuses, we have by far the most moral internal and external civilian and military force on the planet, and they deserve our support. How many other countries use tear gas and rubber bullets when possible?

Still, as military personnel, always side with the people. If you see the citizens running for their lives, from you, you are no longer their protector. You are on the wrong side and it is your leaders who must go. Think of the long-term good for America—peace and freedom for all, oppression by none—and use your weapons wisely.


Voluntary Service


There is a difference in public reaction to a civilian death versus a military death. We emotionally factor in that possibility for military personnel, given the risk involved in their occupation versus what one would expect to encounter in private life. Military personnel and police officers should be well compensated for that potential—materially and spiritually. First and foremost, they should always have a choice of whether or not to serve in such a manner, including for whom and for how long. Volunteer armies are always the strongest, and there are just as many responsibilities to be addressed at home if some choose not to fight. If the man next to me is not committed, I don’t want my life in his hands. If he can’t handle it, he shouldn’t be here (and probably won’t be for long). Let him support the war effort as a citizen, being useful in his own way; there is no shame in that. Let him object until he understands the issue at stake. No man should die for a principle he has not acquired. No man has the right to push another out onto a battlefield; it is a direct Constitutional violation of our right to life.

Sacrifice is leaned on mostly in troubled times, but it can become an abusive political instrument. No one wants to sacrifice—ever; and they are right not to want to. Great care must be exercised before political leaders decide to risk one single human life. If we were threatened with invasion, I would fight without question, even knowing my chances of survival were not good. Resistance to aggression parallels the resistance to death that nature requires of us every day; such a tribute to life is not a sacrifice. But to be forced to go and die for some dubious cause is a national disgrace, and suspicious intentions always surround those who advocate a draft.

War is a minus-sum game to the mass citizenry—a pure expense in money and blood. Every building built, every creation brought into existence adds to our wealth, as does the steady economic state necessary to maintain it. War just destroys it all, generating nothing but cost. No one benefits from war. No one wants to spend more than necessary, unless some intend to profit by it. “Military businessmen” need a steady state of war; a direct contradiction to the steady state of peace needed by the citizenry. Throughout history, this fatal pursuit of profitability through violence has spread imperialism across the globe by one superpower after another. A company’s military divisions should be a self-sustaining industrial obligation, not a key profit center. Our proper foreign efforts are to assure protection and justice to our citizenry abroad, never to assist them in gaining property for themselves by military means. We must protect only what has been acquired by voluntary trade.

The leaders who stem conflict at the cost of the fewest human lives are the greatest of heroes. The best solve issues on moral grounds without ever firing a shot. As we must defend ourselves, this is not always possible, so we do counter aggression vigorously. The greatest men in government gear foreign policy to ensure a safe world for all of us to venture into, and they work to spread the basic means of that freedom to all governments, who should want the same for their people. Not that their citizens must abandon their cultures or a modest life to pursue the American way of toasters and cars and homes, but simply that they are protected from coercion by their government and fellow citizens; not subjected to it. When their government could care less about their people, we make them pay to trade with us, or refuse them altogether. That is the moral reason for tariffs—to deny slave labor any advantage over our ethically run enterprises. There was a time when these tariffs paid for the entire cost of our government. We should seek this budget solution again.

Look at any totalitarian or socialist government and you will see few loyal soldiers, but many eventual defectors. Until the second Bush administration, no one defected from America. In our culture, every man’s life is valuable. Every man has the right to live without subordinating his desires to anyone, and that is a land worth protecting—worth fighting for—worth dying for if necessary. If it came down to it, most Americans are willing to die for what America is—not for what it promises to be. The men of communist countries are considered expendable and are always left to die for “the noble ideal,” ideals which their fundamental premises make impossible. Americans don’t have to create illusions about their country’s potential greatness to be proud of; our culture makes it great. It is the nearest to Atlantis the world has ever been.

The Constitution: An Outdated Allegiance?

The Constitution: An Outdated Allegiance?

Just as science looks at subatomic particles where existence cannot be subdivided further, our Constitution respects the requirements of each individual life. Our Constitution bans force in all its forms. It decentralizes power and spreads it around—granting sovereignty to all men, seeing his mind and path as endlessly unique and clearing the way for that potential. It steps beyond the Submission/Domination Axis into what interaction should be among men, and holds them to it. It dissolves all class wars, as anyone can reach any level they are willing to strive for. It empowers everyone to manage their own affairs—showing belief in the people, not just in a leader—and puts in place rules to restrain the government so that the people are never at the mercy of one man’s promise. Our Constitution fixes what can rationally be fixed, and leaves fluid what must remain so. Due to this, for 300 years, men have had a stable environment in which to thrive.

Human energy is only safe where predation is disallowed by law. Only in America and other environments similar in design can there be great free enterprises, allowing a man’s energy to be open to the world and spread across a continent. It is only in the realm of legislation where predation is disconnected from sensate awareness and losses are sustained with no awareness of a danger—where specific victims are chosen without their knowledge or consent. Self-made man has gathered all the key variants of evil in social action, compiled throughout history to provide basic legal protection for every man’s benefit, called the Bill of Rights. It is such a document that states explicitly that the purpose of a government is to protect its people, an end to which all other intentions must yield.

The great rights of mankind must expressly be declared, whose honor must supersede all other governmental action or statutes if they are deemed by this standard unconstitutional. Its purpose in practice is to qualify power, to guard against legislative and executive abuses and protect would be prey against its predator. In all social realms, every man must be free to think, speak, and disseminate their ideas to those interested, by their own means. To do so, no peaceable gathering may be disallowed (or herded into free speech zones)—which is often a tactic to quell mass dissention. No governmental stand may be taken for a particular religion, religious persecution being the reason our settlers left England to begin with. As individuals can encounter others with violent intentions and officers cannot accompany every citizen, we retain the right to bear arms. This doesn’t keep people safe from tyranny as any third world country is evidence of; it is a street self-defense issue, but it certainly makes domination over the populace more difficult, and gives the people a chance if they decide enough is enough. We are protected from unreasonable search and seizure as probable cause must exist, with a warrant stating the specific illegalities sought. The confiscation of our property for public use without just compensation is disallowed. The Constitution forbids depravation of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. If we are accused of a crime, it guarantees us a speedy public trial by jury, for us to be informed of the accusation, and to be confronted by our accusers. It provides protection for the witnesses and provides us with legal counsel. We are granted jury trials in civil cases as well. Excessive bail, fines, and cruel and unusual punishments so well developed in the Middle Ages are all forbidden. These are all elements throughout history that men have suffered at the hands of Spirit Murderers, and with America as proof, men flourish without.

The Bush administration overrode the Constitution and brought all the evils of illegitimate government back with the Patriot Act, which was anything but patriotic. This legislation must be abolished and its outgrowths dismantled if we are to be free, safe, and secure into the future.

The overall sum of how Americans feel about their country can be seen in the elements of pride that citizens of any country would like to feel: 1) That our freedom of action is protected. 2) That respect is shown for our ability to think and remain sovereign. 3) The fairness with which our government treats all people, foreign and domestic. 4) The responsible use of force inside and outside of our country, guided by logical laws and forthright international agreements. 5) The protection our system provides, instead of the peril it could cause. 6) As a nation is just a large group of families, that our system fosters our best—in individuals and children—and doesn’t look to rob us of our freedoms. 7) That sound, mature, accountable men are in control, and are rewarded by the people for their integrity. To a great extent, this is what we have in America, which is a constant barometer of our civil virtues.

Still, it is a delusion, even as a patriot, to believe that Americans are a special race of men, somehow better than those on other continents. If there were no savage men here—eager to exploit and butcher others to take what they are incapable of securing by honorable means—such explicit protections would not be necessary. To combat this evil within, the Self-made Fathers of America made sure the Constitutional provisions were straight-forward and enforceable by the courts. It is further stated that the rights listed in the Constitution do not deny others retained by the people; in other words, the people come first. The rights of the individual must supersede the rights of any groups of men. A mind must always be free to determine its own course. It must be free to disengage the approach of others and dissent. As such, all men, regardless of social standing, race, origin, religion, sex, or age are guaranteed equal protection under the law. They may be punished only for legally defined offenses and taxed only by popular consent.

The government is not our master. It is our tool, to be used and defined as we see fit, evidenced by the nature of our Constitution. Our representatives in Congress should be the guardians of our fundamental premises. Their good or evil can be gauged by their legislative leanings relative to the Constitution’s initial intent.

The Separation of Church and State: Right of Wrong?

The Separation of Church and State: Right of Wrong?

Every business ethic is based on an experienced understanding of long term cause and effect; of an inherent respect for right and wrong, driven by a logical standard, which often conflicts with and requires defiance of, religious instruction. Our laws reflect this dilemma as well.

From birth, we have associated our own goodness to our religious ties, never thinking to comprehend the possibility of another source—our own life-generating power. Throughout history, we have been told that the purpose of morality was “to serve God.” War-torn European citizens needed relief from this view, which from one dominion to another, kept men at odds. They came to the New World to establish a civilization that dispensed with ideological struggle, based solely on the common respect of what is physically necessary for all men to survive in peace. The actual focus of morality in practice, is and always has been, to preserve and further human life. A proper definition of morality leaves no foothold on the human body, and that is why it has been kept from us for so long.

By spotlighting indigence instead of fostering ability, by giving preference to faith versus rationality, by supporting social adjustment rather than independence, by advising mercy towards guilt instead of justice for innocence, organized religion inverted morality and turned it against Man. Instead of a pat on the back for our effort, we were infused with an answerless guilt. This moral inversion has allowed us no connection between healthy spirituality and the work we have done. We have never received the spiritual reward we deserve, by proper moral acknowledgement of our greatest productive endeavor—American free enterprise, and that fact reinforces the case for our separation of church and State.

Building Blocks of a Rational Society: Essential Services

Building Blocks of a Rational Society: Essential Services

Society is an abstract concept, defining that state of interaction we face while moving from our homes to our work and back. Proper civics secure this flow for all men. We have electricity and plumbing for human convenience, and government is for the same purpose. We don’t live for its sake. Our stability comes from our social mediums being held constant—sound roads, sound laws, and a stable money supply, securing unrestricted commerce between those in a policeable province. Our police force protects us from harm and protects the property we have made or acquired. Our armed forces do the same by protecting us from outside threats, be they invasions (planned disasters), or natural disasters. Our city planning and road commissions ensure an efficient flow between work and home, (and of work and home, given our water/sewer and utility services). Our pleasure travel became possible only by establishing what we needed to live: trade routes. Civilization’s priority is ensuring the flow itself, so roads come before houses (not meaning their existence, but their location). Our executive branch of government determines the use of our armed forces (checked by congress) and all foreign relations, hostile or peaceful. Our legislative branch determines our policies towards other nations, as well as outlining proper legal relations between citizens.

Our societal organization provides for every likely mishap, so that we needn’t feel guilty in not stopping beside every broken down car. With a clearly defined hierarchy of life—its interruption being the foremost issue to avoid—outside of a life or death situation, the stranded motorist gets a call to those paid for this purpose: rescue vehicles, tow trucks or whatever is appropriate. What is most important to the citizens is order: that no form of anarchy be allowed to reign. To have a sound police department guarding the observance of rational laws, and by their very presence, quelling criminal action. It is not their position to dispense justice; it is only theirs to stop the use of force. Not to relieve their anxiety, but to use the minimum force necessary to restore the civil flow of society.

For one, what a relief it was to the country to see the 55 mph speed limit abolished. People could move again. High speed limits keep cities small. They allow civilization to spread out by bringing greater distances so much closer, which relieves congestion and improves business everywhere. Limits, if any, are to be determined in the road design by its ultimate sensible gauge: at what speed the populace chooses to travel it, so our officers can stop interrupting the flow and get back to real police work. It is our right and obligation to ensure that laws governing the roads are rational. To limit one’s mobility is to limit one’s effectiveness at self-sustenance, which only breeds dependency.

These are my rules for driving: 1) Don’t get killed. Know your machine in adverse conditions and situations of aggressive recovery. 2) Be predictable. No swapping around mindlessly. Those who do so are typically in a hurry to get nowhere. 3) No contact, no foul. Hey, driving can be hell. No laws can harness the public to insure safety to the most lethargic. From the highest Self-made to the lowest Spirit Murderer, everyone is out there. Nothing is so socially competitive as traffic. Quick adjustments, smooth efficiency, honor, swift logical calm, furtive moral failure, hedonism, senseless aggression, you see it all. Traffic is a deliberate reflection of subconscious morality—people drive like they live.

Traffic and local ordinances aren’t the only set of laws to be reexamined. Every regulation requires money subtracted from our pockets for its enforcement, so we should be as frugal as rationality permits. The concept of fairness recognizes and respects the choices and the results of those choices for every individual. Justice is done by maintaining proper credit or blame to those responsible for specific improvements or losses and holding harmless those not, in any realm. There are no victimless crimes that we should be wasting our time trying to collect fines against. For instance, the law needs to stay out of bedrooms and outside of any such consensual exchange between adults, homo or heterosexual, right or wrong. Legislators cannot peak in to inspect for moral consonance. Trying to legislate in areas that would require a KGB presence on every block and in every home just clogs up the works. We have to trust the citizens until given a specific reason not to, and invest our attention and public money elsewhere.

Sound Foreign Policy

Sound Foreign Policy

America should treat nations like we treat friends, neighbors, or bullies, in response to how they act. The lending ratios used in an individual life are the same for a country. We shouldn’t lend what we can’t afford to lend, and what they can’t afford to pay back. We must guarantee our own health if ever we need to step outside our boundaries to help those in need or to counter an irrational force. Nothing we do for another country should ever be bad for ours. We should lend to friends and never to enemies. We should not create enemies by drawing nations into financial servitude. We should help others, but never when we don’t trust the motives or policies of those in power. In that case, we should invest our aid in a different way; by charging high tariffs to deal with us, and if necessary, by toppling their regime and installing a civil republic.

When we see an unusual number of immigrants or defectors from a particular country, we know the people are not being treated fairly. We shouldn’t burden our people with an ongoing cost of feeding, housing, and providing medical care for them. We should instead weigh the military investment to free their country, so they can enjoy prosperity and freedom without leaving their homes. We should impose trade tariffs on police states—NOT enter free trade agreements—with the express intention of taxing the corruptors. We can call their loans, deny them war materials, gas, and oil, and weaken their grasp on the noose they have around the necks of the people. Then, coordinated with those who wish to see their leadership made a moral, sound administration, we go in. Using our Bill of Rights (not the U.N.’s) as the template, we set up a new government and show the people what is now possible to them. Our investment will come back many-fold as we say goodbye to a liability and welcome a new productive nation into the realm of those free.

Third-party verification is invaluable to assure that all international relations are fair, and if not, that conduct in response is justified. The value of calming world tensions before assumptions are made and reactions get out of control should be obvious (see the start of World War 1). But the U.N. is proper only as a forum to vent and expose international concerns. It of itself has no country and should have no army, no currency, and no authority over us. Its power should be limited to a combination of countries participating in any particular event which affects them. America should make free trade agreements only with nations who match our productive capacity by morally sound means. We should no longer be tolerant of countries whose premises promise to—but never lead to—life. We have to impose constant pressure to assure a canopy of peaceful, disciplined sanity for all to live under. America’s proudest reputation has been that of safe harbor for all the people who seek it. Life and Earth are for those who want to live, and who practice living premises. Those who don’t, we can make arrangements for…but it must be done above board.

Free the Media

Free the Media

Before the 2012 presidential election, I researched Clear Channel, the largest radio station owner in the country, to determine the boundaries of what I could say on the air. All of the sudden Bain Capital popped up. It turned out that Mitt Romney’s company owned Clear Channel during his presidential run. Coincidence? I had thought the glowing reports radio stations gave on Romney’s campaign were humorously odd, while they downplayed President Obama’s. Now it made sense. Unsurprisingly, I have never heard any form of media mention this conflict of interest.

Oftentimes, if you want a more honest perspective of what is going on in the world or even within the United States, you have to go to a foreign news service. There are two elements here: the gathering of the information itself, and its dissemination. The information source is just as important as the means of sharing. If there is a single organized source, the information can be real or manufactured. Pertinent information that could have drastically affected public reaction can be left out entirely. The result is that we know only what the source wants us to know; whatever steers us toward the conclusion they intend us to draw. For this reason, we must minimize information filters, let the bits come in, disseminate them raw, and draw conclusions as an informed populace once all available data is gathered. To assure legitimacy, nothing beats uncontrolled, independent sources.

Today, everything is predigested: conclusions are drawn for us, leaving us not the respectful role of mature contemplation and decision-making, but resistance to the decisions made as our only alternative. This is an affront to a sound republic, as a sound republic requires our involvement at the decision-making level. But information is power, and the Fear-driven never seek to share power. The Bible is a perfect example. The populace was left in the dark, vulnerable to the interpretation of those in control. No one knew what the text contained except a privileged few, who were then the sole authorities gauging moral adherence, able to control the conduct of the masses. Those who wish to build media empires must structure their enterprises to assure they do not disrupt the free flow of ideas; the risk to our freedom is just too great.

American media has undergone a massive consolidation since the 1980’s, from over 50 companies to just five owners who control 96% of the America’s information flow. In the 1940s, the banking monopoly admitted having total control over the media when they attempted to replace Roosevelt in a coup (see the congressional record). Legislation has gone back and forth over the years to regulate or deregulate ownership, and the thieving rich are winning. This consolidation by a few groups at the top, whether by open government decree or private means, reflects state ownership of the media. They control all dissemination and decide everything we know. Media prices escalate when there are few avenues to turn to. Small voices are barred. They favor large advertisers and government agendas over the good of the people. They stop citizens groups from advertising if the message of the people conflicts with their own. They can easily blacklist authors, artists, and professionals who offer viewpoints they don’t want the public to hear. They protect affiliated politicians and keep hard questions and scrutiny from ever reaching them. One central message syndicated nationally sounds efficient until you raise the question of whose voice it will be. We must encourage diversity in media, not discourage it.


With a few rules in place to protect a free press, monopolies on information and its dissemination can become endangered species:


  1. No media group may own or control more than 25% of a local market.
  2. No media group may own or control more than 5% of the national market.
  3. No government entity, intelligence service, or affiliate may act as a sole source of information regarding foreign or domestic matters.
  4. All retractions must be printed in the same size font as the original story (headline and text) on the front page.


The greatest men human history has to offer—Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison—were well attuned to the machinations of the thieving rich. All fiercely opposed the evergreen conspiracy in finance, which in our time has taken the name of Federal Reserve; another topic considered “absurd” and off-limits today. My fellow Americans: when it comes down to it, whom are you going to trust, the giants of our past? Or the modern-day media inquisitors with faked popularity ratings? We are being conditioned that it is not intelligent to question the conclusions prepared for us; that it is foolish to disagree; that it is not patriotic to think for ourselves. If a sneering commentator bars free and thoughtful deliberation, then we, as responsible, truly patriotic Americans, need to inundate them with calls and/or boycott the network until such people are removed and the network’s “news” and commentary becomes honest and wholesome again.

Nothing threatens the prevailing order more than access to the information we need to make decisions. Whoever controls information controls the outcome. The Fear-driven’s mortal enemy in all cases is free will. So let’s free Willy! End the media monopoly. End their ability to cover things up and our risk of being victimized by high profile crimes will drop dramatically.

Free and Open Research, Investigations, and Reporting

Free and Open Research, Investigations, and Reporting

We as a people must honor free speech above all and its political check, investigative reporting. There is a war on independent research at present, due to the heavy level of covert action attempting to sway mass sentiment, and the need to cover it up. Independent investigators are heroes for truth. They perform a dangerous job for minute compensation, fighting for justice, fairness, our safety and health—all that is right for a patriot and a decent human being to pursue. They are acutely aware of the long-term consequences from taking the easy way out—accepting lies and inaction when deep investigation and strong protest is called for. They act to raise awareness as our first line of defense against evil, and persist as a thorn in the side of the guilty. America must earn the right to say “We honor and protect our seekers.” We have a peaceful, wholesome world to gain from their brave effort, with only the risk of acknowledgement on our part. They risk it all.

When enough evidence is gathered, we need citizen panels with subpoena authority should the court justices be compromised. When significant laws are passed to protect the people, they are quickly circumvented by the corrupt rich who have unlimited time and money available to undermine public intent. We need untapped resources to match. What if we utilized the wisdom we have sitting idle in retirement homes all over the country? Give those able among our learned elders the grand purpose of becoming investigators and researchers, guarding the American republic from high profile crimes and exposing those who commit them.

Lastly, any pertinent information uncovered needs to reach reporters with the courage to act on it. Unfortunately, most in today’s lame-stream media are compromised. Too often, we have seen their evasive commentary: news anchors paid NOT to know why, confounded by the obvious, unable to ask hard questions or reach any logical conclusions. Some are naturals at it. Others are victims themselves; held hostage by their career disillusionment. Look at their dilemma: those who thrive on lies are elevated quickly and compensated well. Those of integrity who hesitate are threatened with job loss or outright career destruction.  So what choice is left to them? Most journalists capitulate and say what they are told to say, avoid what they are told to avoid, write what they are told to write about, and defend what they are told to defend—and those watching can smell it. Free speech for the commentator, an American moral imperative, no longer exists. All such commentators today should start off by shrugging and saying, “This is what my boss told me to say.”

Imagine being a journalist in the honorable, original sense—a crusader for truth—loving the creative process, finding the missing pieces, offering clarity, writing and speaking eloquently as a beacon of hope for all those you reach. Then see the gatekeepers to your dream penalizing you for every attribute that makes your chosen life and career worthwhile. If you insist on reporting the news unfiltered, you see yourself quickly run out of your field as the five media companies left in America all know the dangers of an honest man. Still, while the corrupt rich fight to consolidate the carcass of a media no longer trusted, alternatives are cropping up. Free voices are going independent through blogging and Internet radio. Their audiences are growing as the unfiltered truth and dealing in subjects with no boundaries resonates with an interest no censored commercial media source can compete with. The censors are not the masters of your fate, you are. Reclaim your moral role in America and shine like you were meant to.