The Lifeonaire program

The Lifeonaire program: Had I started out with this kind of advice, it would have profoundly affected the approach I used to achieve success, and what I considered to be success in the first place.

The College Gauntlet

The College Gauntlet

Unfortunately, the excruciating cost of a college education looks more like indentured servitude than a route to a better life for students these days. Student loans are stretching into their retirement now! It has gotten out of scale with what graduates can expect to earn in many fields (such as teaching), and has instigated a further division of social classes as a result. Personally, I believe this is intentional: a weight upon the middle class under which the children of the wealthy are immune. We studied the rapid increases in tuition over the last 20 years in a finance class and found no logical link to costs—no justification for a rise of almost 300%—no concern over what it does to the kids, their parents, or the economy—just the pursuit of maximum profit. Once a bastion of culture and refinement, higher education has become a racket that should be boycotted. Great ideas are abound however, from no interest, tax-deductible loans to free, state-provided degree programs; let’s make one or more of them stick. Here is another: have all professors become accredited free agents, collecting class fees, holding classes wherever they find reasonable room rates, and paying universities a sensible administration fee for structuring degree programs for students and verifying all requirements are met. If we don’t hold the cost of education in check, formal degree programs will soon be out of reach for most young people, and the disruption in availability of quality schooling for ALL of our children will hasten America’s downward spiral.

Of course, higher learning is always within reach if you seek it yourself. Education is intended to prepare you for self-sustenance at the highest level you care to achieve, and you can acquire that knowledge on your own. For those seeking alternative resources, the self-help genre has answers for everyone, making it a lot easier for the teacher to be in the right place at the right time. Self-made Man seeks knowledge wherever he can find it. The best in each field were my teachers, through authorship—American presidents and statesmen, psychologists, philosophers, and businessmen. There are great books written on every topic; great seminars, audio-programs, and workshops designed to ingrain very specific skills, which you can walk out of the classroom with and use today. Often the best realize the value of their ability, and thank pride, they write it down. Warren Buffet, Ricardo Semler, Ayn Rand, Donald Trump—all deserve the highest praise for leaving us evidence of so many remarkable minds. How wonderful it is to be so entranced by one’s teacher.

I found instructors who teach and work in their fields and took their classes. I found a mix of theory and practicality worked best for me—an apprenticeship education similar to that found in Europe, tailored to my interests alone along paths that were commercially viable. Such an education has cost no less—probably more as it has become a lifelong pursuit—but my conscience is clear; none of my time has been wasted and no false patterns, such as cramming and forgetting, were ingrained. Having taken control of my own education, it is hard to convey the immense pleasure I get from learning now. Learning is an adventure. Discovery is fascinating—out in the world and within my own mind.

I sympathize with the self-educated as they are often denied opportunities which are handed to the degreed, regardless of comparable ability. Our culture shouldn’t confuse the un-degreed with the unprofessional, as the world has an overwhelming percentage of self-taught, self-made millionaires. After all, it wasn’t Dr. Aristotle, Dr. Thomas Edison, or Dr. Jesus. What are anyone’s credentials once they are working? Results; and actually, true credentials have never been anything else. Life is an education you never graduate from, giving us a chain of knowledge longer and more useful than any university could provide. If we are not stuck in a rut of repetition, we are building a very potent body of life-furthering knowledge—a wealth to be proud of. Regarding the question “Do you have a degree?” my response has always been “I have the degree of intelligence necessary to perform the work I’m interviewing for, and I’ll be glad to prove it.” More often than not, I have been given the chance. Not all economies offer that opportunity, however.

In the Great Recession, so many people were thrown out of work that companies hiring had to restrict applications to the degreed only, which cut the numbers standing at the gate from 1000 to ten. It is horrible to be out of work, but imagine the overwhelm on the other side as well when they have only one job opening. When I found myself on the wrong side of the gate, I went back to school. With project management experience, I was able to get my bachelor’s degree faster than anyone I had ever known, and much more cheaply. I wrote an eBook about it to help others in the same situation, titled

Bachelor Monkey!

Swing a Four-Year College Degree in One Year without Going Bananas!

Visit to view the project. Follow suit if you haven’t finished school yet, and you will have the degree as a backup, rather than regrets if times turn against you. If you are paying the college tuition for your kids or grandkids, Bachelor Monkey! will save you thousands and them a lot of time and agony. Extra tip from a dip: let the company who hires you pay for your Master’s.

We must invest in education if we want America to be the envy of the world once more. At one time, our leaders had the vision to see generations ahead, and knew what that investment would yield; one of the most advanced civilizations in history. We need the honor of that vision again.

Freeing Our Time and Money: A Boost For You and Me

Freeing Our Time and Money: A Boost For You and Me

In America, 30-year home mortgages are the norm. At the peak of the housing bubble, 40 and 50-year loans were cropping up. At Japan’s peak, homeowners began taking on 100 year mortgages; a debt which would then be passed down within their families. Amortizing so slowly, homeowners gather very little equity while the majority of the payment goes toward interest. With a 30-year loan, you would pay two to three times the price of your house to the bank. With a 50-year loan, it would be three to four times the price of your house, and just for the joy of disbelief, a 100-year loan would cost you four to nine times the price of your house. Just to borrow money the central bank created out of thin air anyway.


30 Year $100,000 Loan @ 5%: Total Paid: $193,256

30 Year $100,000 Loan @ 10%: Total Paid: $315,926


50 Year $100,000 Loan @ 5%: Total Paid: $272,483

50 Year $100,000 Loan @ 10%: Total Paid: $503,463


100 Year $100,000 Loan @ 5%: Total Paid: $403,524

100 Year $100,000 Loan @ 10%: Total Paid: $907,428


The uninitiated might say, “Wow, how generous of the bank to take a chance on me” without recognizing they have become a debt slave. It is no wonder that the original meaning of “mortgage” is “death pledge.” It would be much more generous for the bank to shield you from all that interest so that you could pay the loan down quickly. Imagine what life would look like if this were so. As a culture, buying, affording, and paying off a house would not be a 30 year-to-lifetime burden, but a 5-7 year plan. You could then spend the rest of your time and money on your kids, for travel, to start a business, to conduct research, for retirement, or whatever you could dream up; there would be no limits. You could work 24 hours a week instead of 40 or 50. Three days on, four days off. You could do what you wanted, not what you had to, for life. Think of how you could spend your time if you didn’t have to work thirty years to afford a mortgage and maintain an expensive lifestyle: dwell on that question for a while. Pay corrupt bankers or pay yourself: it’s up to you, so let’s explore how.


Interest Shield

It is important to study other cultures, as often you will find our nation’s evils exposing themselves by contrast. From land to land, corruption takes different forms, as does honor. In Australia for example, the typical home mortgage is for 5-7 years. It is amortized for 30 years to establish a payment, but the loan is given in two parts. For a $100,000 loan, the borrower is given a $90,000 mortgage and a revolving $10,000 home equity line, with the agreement that the borrower deposit his or her income checks onto the home equity line for the life of the mortgage. Bills are paid throughout the month out of this account as with a normal checking account, but instead of your money sitting idle in a non-interest bearing account, it is working to shield you from the hideous interest accumulating on the mortgage.

Say you net $5,000 per month. That means half your home equity line will bear no interest, and if you don’t spend everything you make, say $500-1,000 stays in the account each month, that $10,000 loan will be repaid in a year. What do you do then? Transfer another $10,000 from the equity line onto the main mortgage. Now you owe about $80,000 and $10,000. In five to seven cycles of this process, your home will be paid off.

Every homeowner and prospective homeowner in America deserves to know about this. You can download mortgage amortization charts for accelerated pay down by joining the Ethics Underground Newsletter. This is the biggest middle finger I can think of that we can give to the corrupt rich and their debt-money banking system. The quicker we become debt free, the less vulnerable we are to the financial calamities imposed on us by those looking to centralize all power, feed off of us, and ultimately determine our fate.


Great perspective on what wealth is truly about. I was moving in this direction when I ran across the book and it cemented my intent: to live as inexpensively as possible with no debt, and maximize my free time for my deepest passions.

The Joy of Institutionalized Poverty

The Joy of Institutionalized Poverty

We cringe at the thought of helping the deadbeats in our own families—they are black holes in whom all investment is squandered—but we do it as a nation through welfare, subsidies, and social security. All are the slavery of a faceless victim. Combining a tin cup with a gun, these programs oppose the life-pattern of capitalist action in favor of death-patterns—without intellectual engagement, self-generation, or continuing value, dealing only with the physical matter of consumption. The bleeding hearts only appear that way: the blood is ours.


Some percentage of mankind is comfortable in squalor and will never aspire, but our government is responsible for greatly expanding our slums through welfare. If people never intend to work and are permitted to receive a poverty level allotment, they must then seek housing suitable to their aim. They look for the lowest rent or none at all, and let it go to hell. It isn’t pretty, but it’s free. They learn to stretch that allotment by paying for every third month’s rent, being evicted every quarter. If welfare pays for seven kids, they have seven before considering birth control, as more kids would be their expense. Hence, smart money management combined with absolutely no integrity provides a complete lifestyle. The result is a geometrically expanding plethora of cannibal voters versus the two-child average for a moral, self-supporting family, who vote for the biggest liar while devouring their cities in ruins and decay.

The bad news is, we the productive, cannot escape it. We laughingly try to administer their affairs and hold them accountable to our system, ignoring the implications of their intellectual chaos, which makes sound civil conduct impossible. Rampant ignorance, crime, and bad taste will overwhelm us by sheer numbers, tainting everything in its path with the foul rot of neglect. Should we really give the world away to a segment of the population that has no moral values, no education, no class, and won’t lift a finger to sustain their own lives?

Not to mention our health risk from the loafers at the other end of the spectrum, the thieving rich. For centuries, Malthus has had them targeting the “useless eaters” for annihilation worldwide. With such a focused approach easily detected in the US, the way chosen has been general exposure to contaminants and suppression of cures, expecting the weakest in body and mind to expire first. In this scenario, we are all victims of this diabolical lottery.

Poverty and graft are immoral patterns, which welfare breeds and sanctions. It is not further consumption its recipients need to practice—they have that down—but the pattern of living cognition itself. Welfare entitlements are an anchor, which will drag the country into the abyss if permitted to continue. Frankly, it’s hard to imagine winning either way: cut them off and they will be robbing our homes while we work; kidnapping our children for ransom; mugging us in the street. Life would become a constant peril for the middle class. With jails overloaded, FEMA would get to use their Nazi camps after all. Such would be the new civil war—not between the haves and the have-not’s, but between the wills and the will-not’s.

If people don’t need you, you should be afraid. Personally, I’d rather face the music than continue to pay them to do nothing. I say, sink or swim, like I had to when I joined the adult world at 18. All such government programs should end. They would quickly be replaced by local missions for those who truly need help. If welfare’s recipients have to find honorable sources to survive (given survival is their intent), they will. The rest are doomed.

Social Security

Social Security was a system designed and adopted by the USSR in the 1920’s—a plan to steal the wealth of the nation under the guise of caring for them—which was modified and adopted by the United States in 1935 as a moronic answer to the Great Depression. Since then, money is allotted, money gets stolen. Money is borrowed, money is mismanaged. The New Deal with all its new rights was pure Socialism—and unconstitutional by the way—the spectacle of an oaf generously distributing money he didn’t earn. No matter what mindless ideal a politician pursues, as soon as you are parted from your money, it is gone. If you think it is logical or safe to have faith in the government and then look the other way, just ask any German.

At a minimum, this should be your account at your bank, managed by you but limited to safe instruments, to be drawn on due to specific life requirements—be it medical or financial crisis, and ultimately, retirement.


The forced sanction of a product is just artificial demand: an indication that the product shouldn’t exist. We stockpile milk to help dairy farmers because it is a product that isn’t selling. We push it as a health benefit when next to fluoride, cheese and milk are the worst things we put in our bodies. “Got cancer?” Set those cows free and grow some vegetables.

A person can’t even touch pure fluoride—they would die, but it is difficult to dispose of industrial waste, so it is easier for corporations if you just eat it. How about following up that fluoride treatment with a swig of motor oil?

Single Mothers and Fatherless Children

Single Mothers and Fatherless Children

When children are not planned by two dedicated people in love, they become an ominous cloud over America’s future. Three instances come to mind, which threaten our integrity and freedom more effectively than most any other issue. Let’s start with welfare.

A conspiring couple may say “The government will give us $X for the production of each baby. The government wants babies! If we control costs and push the remaining burden onto the shoulders of others, we won’t have to work!” Obviously the thought-process of the lowest substratum, do we really want to expand it? Of course it is folly to imagine this couple would stay together for the children. Such people live without deep values. Love and commitment are fleeting, so they quickly separate. Welfare pays for up to seven children; does anyone see a trend in that most welfare moms have seven kids before showing any self-discipline regarding their pregnancies? With responsible, self-supporting couples producing two children on average every 20-30 years, the lethargic, careless, and uneducated are outpacing us by more than 3 to 1, and with the geometric progression of their fifteen-year generation cycle, it is much worse than that. Since welfare was instituted it has become a full-blown epidemic. In 1960, only five percent of births were out of wedlock. Today, thirty-five percent of all births in America are illegitimate. The acceleration of the trend and its implications are so horrific, I can barely summon the courage to contemplate it.

What about accidental cases, such as when teens get pregnant? Both the boy and girl involved are just scared kids themselves. Most often, the boy panics and runs as he is far from prepared for children and family. If she chooses to keep the child, she has committed herself to care for another for longer than she has even been alive. With no education and no means of livelihood, seventy-seven percent of teen mothers are on welfare within five years of the child’s birth. Unfortunately she transfers this plight and her family enters the cycle of poverty, as children raised on welfare are seven times more likely to become dependent on welfare than are other children.

Last are women who intentionally trap men. We constantly hear of crackdowns on “dead-beat dads,” but the topic of how they often originate remains hidden and deserves serious light: Dead-beat Mothers. Defaulting on life, her goal is to have her future assured—to force a man into a position where he no longer has a choice but to support her. Trapping a spouse is among the worst long-range acts of malice, as it permanently affects so many; the child most of all.It usually backfires anyway; over 80% of the time, a trapped spouse leaves.

The evidence resulting from these decisions is irrefutable. Children deprived of a father are far more likely to be involved in criminal activity than those in a two-parent household. Statistics reveal fatherless children to be:


  1. 72% of all teenage murderers.
  2. 60% of rapists.
  3. 70% of kids incarcerated.
  4. Twice as likely to quit school.
  5. 11 times more likely to be violent.
  6. 3 of 4 teen suicides.
  7. 80% of the adolescents in psychiatric hospitals.
  8. 90% of runaways.

Sources: National Fatherhood Initiative (U.S.A.), US Bureau of Census (U.S.A.), FBI (U.S.A.)


These are kids rebelling against a world they feel doesn’t care about them. They feel they weren’t good enough to stick around for, when in fact, they were not the cause of their father’s abandonment—aimlessness, panic or fraud was—but by then it is too late. I certainly don’t excuse men who use women, but predatory men hurt feelings, while predatory women forever alter human lives. To secure financial support, the more callous women can effectively vilify the father in the child’s eyes and make it almost impossible for him to see his children, and the law isn’t helping:

“Father-deprivation is a serious form of child abuse that is institutionalized and entrenched within our legal system. Powerful sexist people have a vested interest in diminishing the role of men, especially their role as fathers. Research proves that children thrive with the active and meaningful participation of both biological parents, and is true for post-divorce families.”

—“Child Custody or Child Abuse”, Victoria Times-Colonist, Jan 8, 1998

“While the law allows women to turn casual sex into cash flow sex, Penelope Leach, in her book Children First, poses an essential question: “Why is it socially reprehensible for a man to leave a baby fatherless, but courageous, even admirable, for a woman to have a baby whom she knows will be so?”

—Amy Alkon

To foster this, a woman is given a clear legal pattern for transgression upon a man. A man must finance the endeavor, regardless of what a woman does to conceive. The legal and moral response to securing values through fraud in any other realm is time and restitution, but in this case, the penalties are reserved for the victim. Men are legally defenseless; it is the most convenient way to steal the life-force of another.

Our own President has said, “The real problem is unwed mothers”, yet the government honors their pattern. As sound family is the foundation of society, its violation is a foundational weakness for the country. The law cannot encourage illegitimate children—it must break the pattern. Nine times out of ten, if she knew she couldn’t get away with it, it would never happen. If welfare seekers could get no more money after two children, they would get fixed after two. “There is nothing as heart-wrenching as a hungry child?” Well, it is nothing compared to the collapse of a nation by internal corruption. Overpopulation, rent-control slums, inner-city crime and societal breakdown… the whole problem and all the devastation it spawns would be reduced back to 2-5% of total births, were it not honored by law.

In the meantime, a useful reminder for us all is that Sex leads to babies! Before you do it, ask yourself, “Would I want a child with this person?” if the answer is no, go home!

Relationships and parenting are too important to be indulged in casually. Kids need both mom and dad for their best chance to turn out well, and a man has a right to wait for the conditions he finds conducive to his being a good mate and father. Children must be a product of love, trust, mutual respect, and sound life progression—not of fraud, contempt, and aimlessness. This is the greatest moral obligation of women, and the route to their highest pride as a patriot. You have to know that by your actions, you will build a strong family, which in turn builds a stronger America. Face it bravely: only have children with a man who openly wants children with you. Until this glaring vulnerability is corrected, the future of our country will be in jeopardy. The world needs to see it clearly: motherhood is only beautiful with the father’s consent. Waiting for the right time, our future children will be given much more spiritually than what a drained, unhappy parent could share.

Sex and Gender Equality

Sex and Gender Equality

Women needn’t feel inadequate relative to men. A lesser physical power is not a sign of lower worth, but the simple mechanics of calculating the forces present. If you encountered a stampeding elephant or a speeding car, do you try to reason with it, or get out of the way? The essential difference between men and women is physical, but their cognitive power is identical, and cognitive power encompasses the majority of an individual’s worth. Still, when push comes to shove, men are designed to be stronger.

By emulating male traits, feminists arrive at a miserable pseudo-equality that is of no greater value to anyone. Women’s Libbers carry the sin of cognitive collusion—that others define them, that others must deal with them in a tailored way or their glass world is in jeopardy. They claim productive women should be a part of their cause, but what they sell them is an inferiority complex—believing they must convince every contrasting opinion and fight every transgression. Not to dodge every obstacle, but to be tripped up by every one of them. Why live in tension against unchangeable facts instead of expanding the range of what one does have and can build on?

The gender roles of protector and procreator will always exist; they are mankind’s very moral-biological foundation. The value both genders bring to the table should not be spoken of as being of greater or lesser importance; both are essential, and women typically have the longer-range perspective. This depth is critical for us all to understand the greater impact our actions have on the world.

In the working world, integration is the answer, where everyone gets to witness the fact of our like cognitive power for itself. Equal pay for equal work is of course deserved, but should be quit over, not sued for. Our incapacity to judge our chances, a bad joke, or a crass comment does not justify a transfer of our assets to you. Be a man! Just deal with it.