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400 Critical Vaccine Studies Honestly Reviewed

Terrific book on vaccine studies conducted over the last twenty years. The difference between what we’re told in the media and what is really going on is astounding, and deplorable. Wall Street doctors need to be sent packing.

Poison by Land, Sea, and Air

Poison by Land, Sea, and Air

“Mistakes of this size are never made innocently.”

–Ayn Rand

Nowadays, we see jets fly high overhead leaving long contrails; but instead of dissipating quickly as normal, the contrails expand wider and wider until they become a general haze. As described by Professor David Keith on the BBC show HARDTalk, jet-sprayed aerosols, known as chemtrails, are the government’s attempt to control climate change. But what is in this haze?

Environmentalists and concerned citizens around the world have been monitoring a buildup of heavy metals in air, rainwater, and soil in areas of heavy chemtrail activity. Soil samples in Alberta show aluminum 7 times higher than safe limits. A 2008 air quality report in Phoenix showed barium at 278x toxic limits, copper at 98x toxic limits, manganese at 5,820x toxic limits, zinc at 593x toxic limits, cadmium at 126x toxic limits, chromium at 282x toxic limits, nickel at 169x toxic limits, aluminum at 6,400x toxic limits, iron at 28,000x toxic limits, magnesium at 5x toxic limits, potassium at 793x toxic limits, and sodium at 16x toxic limits. Forty more samples have been tested since then, most showing high levels of aluminum. Several websites and organizations are now collecting reports on elevated toxin levels from around the world in soil, air, water, and blood samples.

Should a group wish to choke off all life on the planet, this seems like a good way to do it. The Nazi’s deceived people to their deaths by herding them into a box and gassing them. We spray hornet’s nests and spiders to keep them at bay, and now we are being sprayed like bugs. The cover story is geoengineering to help the environment or weather modification for military purposes, but the results are poisons, well above safety limits, raining down on all plant, animal, and human life, polluting the entire food chain. In these areas, plants are dying, wildfires are raging, and nothing will grow. More recent reports involve the jet-aerosol spraying of lithium and freeze-dried blood over cities. Lithium is highly toxic and is prescribed by psychiatrists as a mood stabilizer. Why not Prozac? Or maybe eggs and toast? Breakfast anytime: just step outside.

We experience yearly cycles—spring, summer, fall, and winter—but there are 1000 year cycles, 10,000 year cycles, and more. Some Earth cycles are so big we cannot yet comprehend their sources. They could have multiple causative factors working in conjunction to yield specific conditions, none of which we can control. What can we control? Limiting pollution is inherently sound; there is direct evidence that all living things benefit. Get close to an exhaust pipe and you start coughing; easy enough to validate. So generating pollution on an industrial scale, such as spraying megatons of noxious chemicals and nano-metals into the atmosphere that are detrimental to all life, is not rational. To ascribe some loopy scientific justification for it just defies belief over what is not addressed.

At a climate geoengineering conference in 2009, solar expert Dane Wigington questioned, “Numerous air quality studies including from the California Air Quality Resource Board have named sub-micron sized particulates as being particularly harmful for human respiration. Through all the discussions today, I have not heard any mention of this fallout and has this been studied? And also the effects of a highly reactive metal like aluminum on toxifying soils and waters?” Professor David Keith responded, “…it’s not even close to being an issue.” Mr. Wigington replied, “So ten megatons of aluminum dumped into the atmosphere would have no human health impacts?” Professor Keith responded, “We haven’t done anything serious on alumina and so there could be something terrible we find tomorrow; we haven’t looked at it.” Professor Keith maintained that this was all theoretical and had not progressed beyond mathematical calculations, but evidence suggests they have been spraying such aerosols since the 1990’s. Government agencies are dumping these compounds in the sky around the world but claim they have performed NO studies to see if it may be harmful to human and animal life, plant life, and crops, and that they may have a big problem down the road…they simply don’t know. They have no idea if aluminum is harmful to Man? Barium? Strontium? This is not blissful ignorance; this is science fraud and attempted mass murder. Toxic heavy metals are bad for people; in nano form, they are devastating. Saving the atmosphere requires human poisons? I don’t think so. Getting rid of humans requires human poisons.

The cover story isn’t even sound. Professor Keith claims the haze hides the earth from the sun, helping it to cool, when like sitting in a hot car with the windows rolled up, it does the exact opposite. Climate scientist Joyce Penner explained that thin clouds such as those produced by the jet-sprayed aerosols will warm the atmosphere (accelerating the effects of global warming), a viewpoint backed by data and the government’s own reports. It should be noted that Professor Keith’s work extends beyond applied physics, as he also serves as Professor of Public Policy. It is not surprising a media spokesman has been assigned to reinterpret this homicidal program for public consumption.

What we breathe, eat, and drink needs to be clean. All safety norms for toxins we encounter need to be front and center and monitored openly and carefully. If anything is out of line, it is our constitutional right (those reserved by the people) to stop what is being done—by tax revolt or other government boycott—until the imbalance is corrected. Our founding fathers inserted such a statement to address what they could not anticipate. We should add an amendment to the Constitution to ban the dumping of toxins by any organized group in our air, water, or land.

Honest Labeling

Honest Labeling

“The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society. … We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. ”

–President John F. Kennedy

The FDA press release on genetically-modified salmon is heavy on marketing and light on facts. It states, “After an exhaustive and rigorous scientific review, FDA has arrived at the decision that AquAdvantage salmon is as safe to eat as any non-genetically engineered (GE) Atlantic salmon, and also as nutritious.” This is quite a loaded sales pitch for a scientific establishment to engage in. In another thesaurus-inspired statement, “The FDA scientists rigorously evaluated extensive data submitted by the manufacturer”, but the extensive raw data was not shared with the public. So how can the public know the data was not cherry-picked, or that any bad results weren’t just left out? So they tell the public it was sound rather than demonstrate: “Based on sound science and a comprehensive review…” Compare this to FDA conduct on any cost-effective treatment such as EDTA for heart patients and they slow to a snail’s pace. Their tone becomes riddled with doubt and obfuscation in equally non-specific language to keep it in trials indefinitely while Big Pharma attempts their own profitable versions in the marketplace (for example, there have been zero reported deaths due to Calcium Disodium EDTA in 45 years vs. Digoxin: widely used and FDA approved with NO clinical trials, yet risks a 21% increased chance of death).

The press release went on, attempting to quickly implement new labeling standards which protect special interests at the expense of consumers: ”the FDA can only require additional labeling of foods derived from GE sources if there is a material difference – such as a different nutritional profile – between the GE product and its non-GE counterpart. …the FDA did not find any such differences.” The genetic makeup is one glaring difference. Our bodies often attack tampered-with cells, treating them as foreign invaders. People need to know exactly what their family is eating, but it is hard to convince an FDA spokesperson who just built a lovely addition to their home paid for by their favorite customer.

On Wall Street, the currency of favor is stock options. In pharmaceuticals, the currency of favor is patent rights. Big Pharma says to the drug approver, “Approve this drug and we’ll give you partial patent rights to it. We will then license it from you for 25% of the profit.” So getting the drug approved is a matter of when you want your new income stream to start. CDC Advisor Dr. Paul Offit, who received $29 million (minimum) for a vaccine he helped create a market for, exclaimed “It’s like winning the lottery!” Of course, the gamble taken is with our children’s lives. This is part of the revolving door: industry executives may work at the USDA today, but they could work at Monsanto or the FDA tomorrow. On a special project, they may complete the proposal and oversee development at the private company or university, then “quit”, moving their office to the FDA in the next phase to walk it through the approval process, then move to the USDA for implementation and legal protection to ensure its profitability. There is no objectivity and no independent studies, just horrendous conflicts of interest, lots of creative fraud, and no regulations requiring otherwise.

Nothing shouts “The FDA is corrupt” louder than the drug commercials we see on TV these days. The first half of the ad is of beautiful people sailing, or laughing over drinks with friends, or a couple holding hands at sunset. The second half of the ad is “If you are bleeding out of your eyes, if your heart eats a hole through your chest or if you start randomly killing people, Euthanoxin might not be right for you.” Common sense adds “If this drug requires a thousand disclaimers, the FDA should never have released it, but our partners want profits sooner than later, and we want our kickbacks.” At $100 million for a clinical drug trial, it is easy for a big company to get an unproven experimental drug released for sale. It is almost impossible to get FDA approval for a proven treatment that helps the people but offers little profit, and may pose a threat to products of a large company. Return on investment is their primary focus; the good of the patient isn’t even on their radar. This should tell you that these large organizations are not trustworthy and that your health relies on your independence from them.

Monsanto’s website states, “The American Medical Association (AMA) supports FDA’s approach and approved a formal statement asserting that there is no scientific justification for special labeling of foods containing GM ingredients.” So the AMA, the most morally discredited organization in medicine, agrees that honesty and full disclosure are not scientific requirements? Who is surprised?

Monsanto’s website continues, “We oppose current initiatives to mandate labeling of ingredients developed from GM seeds in the absence of any demonstrated risks.” Well, as a free-thinking American, I oppose NOT labeling ingredients made from GM seeds in the absence of convincing proof that they are safe: short-term, long-term, for all ages and physical conditions that may encounter the product. They go on to say, “It could be interpreted as a warning or imply that food products containing these ingredients are somehow inferior to their conventional or organic counterparts.” That is the universal grafter’s wish: to avoid disclosing that their shiny, “high quality” products are actually Chinese junk. Besides, Monsanto and the Franken-fish enterprise shot themselves in the foot already: telling the public you have done research that shows your products are safe without sharing the research carries the same stigma as outright lying, and passing off responsibility for your product’s safety to a government office or the market itself is even less excusable.

If we continue to permit this axis of evil to rotate, eventually food labels will carry the kind of extensive disclaimers pharmaceuticals do.  But such companies are pursuing a way around that as well. Preparing for disaster, Monsanto has simply written self-serving legislation and lobbied for it in every corrupt nook and cranny of Washington. The Monsanto Protection Act grants them legal immunity from the lawsuits that will come when GMO’s are ultimately found to be carcinogenic. Even if they sicken or kill everyone, they want to keep the money and foist damage and recovery costs onto the American taxpayers, just as the vaccine manufacturers did with their Act.


Ultimately, as long as labels are honest, it is your choice to buy clean, pure, natural foods, or cheap, synthetic garbage that looks like food, but leaves you hollow and kills you slowly. If I see “Distributed By…” instead of “Made In…” I drop it immediately, aware that they are trying to hide the controversy surrounding its origin. I buy “Free Range…” and “Organic” when I see it. The only reason to fight clear and complete labeling is that corrupt companies are left with the risk of lying about ingredients and processes, and the fraud suits and public relations disasters that follow. If political subversion wins and we are simply not allowed to know, we can do nothing about it except NOT BUY (and a boycott would bring them to their knees). Think of the food allergies kids have today, the careful diets their parents prepare, and that they would be forced to play Russian roulette with their children’s health instead. This is unconscionable. Who comes first? America’s kids, or monopolies imposing products that nobody wants anyway? Only buy from companies who are 100% transparent with clear, complete, and honest labeling: what the ingredients are, what the packaging is made of and coated with, how products are grown, the living conditions of livestock, etc. If they don’t share this information willingly, assume the worst. Make sure the companies you do business with offer public inspection tours of their facilities as well to prove their claims, and open their lab books to scrutiny. If they say “It’s the government’s job to make sure our product is safe, not ours”, dump them immediately.

Lovely, free, inquiring, scrutinizing Americans deserve to know exactly what they are buying at all times. We have to know if a product is artificial and what kind of motives developed it. Domination of the food supply is a perfect biochemical weapon delivery system. With companies who have disregarded public safety so blatantly in the past, there is always the possibility they have baked in some latent gene designed to kill us all (or will at some point), so I for one, would rather eat organic. Spirit Murdering psychosis aside, a large segment of the population believes that genetic modification is the wrong direction for science to be headed in, and the last people they are going to trust are military/industrial chemical companies with extensive histories of developing toxic substances, polluting the world with them, and lying about it. The same goes for any of their like-minded competitors, subsidiaries, associates, suppliers, and past, present, or future owners. Just stay on your side of the planet.

No GMO products should be released for public consumption until long-term independent studies have been done to verify they are non-toxic and to identify any long-term consequences. I for one do not want to eat anything genetically modified, especially when modified by frauds, and I certainly don’t want to be tricked into eating it. No unchecked company self-certifications should be permitted regarding issues of public safety. No patents for living organisms. The cost and structure of clinical trials should be reformed to accommodate our sacred American pioneers: individual doctors and scientists from whom truly revolutionary ideas originate. Any group with a large market share, especially those brazen enough to assume police powers, must have public oversight and be held accountable for their actions; not handed passes for misconduct or potential risks to the populace. The People are more important than any depraved revolving door scheme. It is up to us to reform a more perfect union.

Free Our Food

Free Our Food

Our food supply is monopolized by a handful of corporations with highly controversial histories. Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer, and Dow-DuPont have bought over 200 independent seed companies and now dictate nearly everything that is planted in America. Monsanto, a chemical company rebranded as an agriculture firm, is responsible for developing some of the most toxic substances on earth: Agent Orange, Dioxin, DDT, and PCB’s. They are credited with 50 toxic superfund sites where cleanup is near impossible and environmental devastation has raged on for the last fifty years. Even after Monsanto had clear evidence that the toxins were an extreme health hazard, they hid the knowledge for decades, sacrificing public safety rather than disrupt the income streams generated. Chemical companies with horrific moral atrocities on their records should not be allowed in the food industry at all; and certainly should not be permitted to control it!

I had heard Monsanto was evil for years, but never looked into it. I thought, “Fresh eyes for the usual suspects”, but quickly found mass opinion to be justified. For example, Monsanto sued farmers when Monsanto’s seeds would blow over into their fields and mix with the farmer’s crops. Believe it or not, they sued for patent infringement! So dishonorable an approach is obvious, but right or wrong, most farmers couldn’t sustain the lawsuit and their business as well. They would be forced to settle. Such farmers are morally justified to sue for GMO pollution: the contamination of their fields with unnatural agents, which fortunately, is the current trend of the law. Farmers now have legal protection against this, so the system can work.

Monsanto claims on their website to have launched under 150 lawsuits against American farmers over the years, wondering why, when they deal with a few hundred thousand farmers, such a small number would have given them so negative a reputation. What they don’t mention are the thousands of lawsuits threatened and settled out of court yearly (4,500 in 2006 alone), the risk of which terrorizes their entire customer base. They employ individuals known as Seed Police, who travel the country investigating and intimidating farmers for infractions in seed storing. Farmers are encouraged to report on their neighbors, provoking such queries perhaps for competitive advantage, where accused farmers find it cheaper to pay settlements than to litigate and face Monsanto’s seizure of their land and equipment. Monsanto claims that the proceeds are donated for agriculture scholarships, yet the amount taken from farmers has been as high as $68 million in a year, while the amount given charitably averages less than $1 million per year. This gives decent Americans several thousand if not millions of reasons to despise them.

In a recent folly, claiming Monsanto’s product Round Up is non-toxic, GMO advocate and Monsanto lobbyist Dr. Patrick Moore said in 2015, “You can drink a whole quart of it and it won’t hurt you.” The journalist then put a glass of the weed-killer in front of him, inviting him to prove it. Refusing, he said “I’m not stupid.” But they think we are? Glyphosate (the active ingredient in Round Up) has since been found to be carcinogenic, and 125x more toxic than regulators claimed. For all the spin and maneuvering Monsanto’s representatives have done to distance themselves from past atrocities, they haven’t changed.

Monsanto sues its customer base as a regular course of business, and their competitors are now following suit, leaving farmers nowhere to turn. Imagine being able to do that. That is a coercive monopoly, and we owe no allegiance to those who hold us under threat. It isn’t easy to gain monopolizing control of a field—fate of mankind type of control—without deep connections. I expect that if you look into the core ownership of the firm, you will find political holding companies controlled by sheiks, kings, military generals, and ex-presidents, such as the Carlyle Group; men accustomed to control without accountability. Planning in advance for environmental lawsuits, Monsanto has layers of shell corporations they shed with each major suit, having one entity admit blame and pay penalties which amount to a small percentage of the overall profit, making it a routine cost of business. This practice should be legally disallowed, 100% or more of the profit relinquished, and the stench of dishonor glued to the executives and owners responsible. If the well-informed health and freedom of mankind means nothing to you, your corporation’s survival means nothing to me.


Warrior Note: Any wealthy group practicing or seeking police powers is ripe for prosecution.


Farming regulations should be determined by a firm’s range of public impact with stiff regulations for large industrial farms and light regulations for small farms. Small farms are the core of American health just as small business is the lifeblood of the American economy. The size of their operation must be considered, placing as light a burden as possible on small businesses operating on a shoestring. Seed patent laws for example have been a disaster for farmers as they have resulted in this Gestapo practice run amok. Legalizing patents for living organisms was an unsound and immoral ruling that should be overturned. Once introduced to the natural environment, seeds are out of their control, and quickly morph into something the company did not create.

By protecting the small farmer, we protect the integrity of the food supply. No one source would be in control of what is contained within the crops planted; no corrupt agenda affecting the masses could succeed. No seed monopolies or patents should be permitted: 10% of market share maximum. No conquest lawsuits that risk the existence of the small farmer should be permitted. If a considerable disparity in the size of the organizations exists (say 5 to 1 or more), all legal fees and any financial disruption that threatens the stability of the smaller should be provided up front by the larger entity that files suit.

To have the best chance to stay healthy and GMO free, buy from local farmers markets. Verify their seeds were not purchased from multinational corporations. We need biodiversity to be safe: a great variety of seeds acclimated to many different environments. Each area has its own conditions that the plants have accommodated themselves to and are best suited for. Farmers must be free to develop their own seeds, to keep them, to store them, and to replant them. This is the foundation of the farming process from its inception in America, and our health, our freedom, and ultimately our lives, depend on it.

Pure Natural Healing

Pure Natural Healing: Everybody knows rubbing a painful area helps. Wouldn’t it be nice if you actually had a scientific approach to maximize its effectiveness? Try this and forget organ killing drugs.

The Fat burning kitchen

I love The Fat Burning Kitchen. So many parallels to what I’ve learned about health, nutrition, and anti-aging can be found here, helping you eat your way to vibrant energy, a better appearance, and less pain.

Diabetes video

Great video on Diabetes and what’s really behind it. I’ve been trying to get Mom to follow this advice; wish me luck. If you have loved one’s suffering with Diabetes, look into this.

Bone Broth

The benefits of bone broth are many, but I won’t take the time to make it. Aaand, I’ve been looking for a way to make my favorite morning treat more healthy. Voila, man’s ingenuity created bone broth powder, good for drinks and dishes alike.


DMAE is an anti-oxidant that improves brain activity and reactivates capillaries on the surface of the skin, acting as an instant face-lift. It is found in fish. I take it in supplement form as well as topically in face creams.

Ending the Reign of Vaccines

Ending the Reign of Vaccines

“Vaccination is a barbarous practice and one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time.” —Gandhi

Vaccines are often credited with having wiped out countless diseases, but the most widespread diseases were in considerable decline prior to their introduction. This was due to improved environmental conditions: clean water, better sanitation practices, and better food, but claiming the hero was vaccines makes a better story; one corrupt men could build an industry on. Contrary to the ‘vaccine as savior’ argument, long-term studies by MD’s have found childhood illnesses such as measles, mumps, and rubella can prevent serious adult diseases, such as heart attack, stroke, allergies, and cancer, later on. The illnesses themselves create deeper immunities, which are then lacking in those vaccinated. Believe it or not, no studies have been done by the CDC/FDA regarding the ongoing health of vaccinated kids versus those unvaccinated. But private studies have been done: vaccinated kids show highly elevated susceptibilities to chronic illness versus unvaccinated kids—by over 30%—due to compromised immune systems and exposure to countless pathogens within the vaccines themselves.

People think vaccination equates to immunity. Not true. Whole groups of vaccinated people have died from the very diseases they were supposedly protected against. Such was the experience in India during smallpox outbreaks. Gandhi recognized vaccination as a means of Western control, which capitalizes on our fear of disease but is unsafe and ineffective at its declared purpose, but rather effective at spreading disease, intentionally or otherwise.

Read the label on any vaccine and understand how risky a proposition it is. For a society that more and more seeks natural, organic ingredients, vaccine labels read like Nazi Death Camp Cocktails: Thimerosal/Mercury (Poison), Polysorbate 80 (Cancer), Phenol (Toxic), MSG (Neurotoxin), Neomycin (Allergen), Squalene (Gulf War Syndrome and now flu vaccines), Aluminum (Alzheimers/Neurotoxin that can amplify the toxicity of mercury by 100 times), Ammonium Sulfate (Poison), Parasites (Viri and Bacteria), Formaldehyde/Formalin (Poison that along with aluminum increases toxic yield of mercury 1000 times), Glutaraldehyde (Birth Defects), Beta-Propiolactone (Cancer/ Poison), and many others strained through animal and human matter that may be contaminated with herpes and other alarming pathogens, which can damage DNA and cause severe auto-immune reactions.

Now, take this beautiful newborn baby and inject all of the worst filth he or she could ever come across in life—all of the industrial poisons, dreaded diseases, and deadliest viruses in history, strained through putrefied, disease-ridden tissue—all at once, and somehow he will be healthier? The toxicologist, Dr. Boyd Haley, considered even one vaccine to be too much for an infant to handle: “A single vaccine given to a six-pound newborn is the equivalent of giving a 180-pound adult 30 vaccinations on the same day.” In 1975, Japan stopped vaccinating kids under two years old and saw their infant mortality rates plummet to be the best in the world. They have reversed course since, likely due to pressure from the US whose infant mortality rate was #33 on the list of countries by comparison. While in the US, two parts mercury per billion is allowed in drinking water, vaccines may contain 51,000 parts per billion of mercury (davidicke.com), and mercury poisoning directly reflects symptoms of autism.

“As it turns out, we are injecting our children with 400 times the amount of mercury that the FDA or EPA considers safe.”
–Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

So what if the unbearable happens: you indulge your doctor, permit vaccination, and your perfectly healthy child suddenly loses all animation, conscious composure, eye control, and motor skills?

In a normal injury case, parents have the right to sue who wronged their child in a public trial with a judge, jury, attorneys, legal precedent to rely on, and proper discovery for the exploration of all evidence. With vaccine injuries however, pharmaceutical lobbies have bought the entire legal process. The 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, shields, not children from bad vaccines, but vaccine administrators and manufacturers from you. Parents cannot sue. They have to petition the US Department of Health and Human Services to get a ruling on whether any compensation is justified. American taxpayers foot the bill for legal representation on both sides and pay for any awarded compensation. Parents have difficulty getting any legal help at all as the DHHS is notorious for cutting plaintiff lawyer fees and making them wait a decade or more to be paid. The pharmaceutical companies at fault pay nothing, don’t have to show up, and are not required to disclose any data. The public is not allowed to witness the hearings; neither are reporters. There is no judge or jury, but an administrator appointed with sole responsibility to hear the case and decide. Meanwhile, the DHHS holds patents on the very vaccines they are hearing cases on, and are paid handsomely by the pharmaceutical companies who manufacture them; another pathetic conflict of interest.

So what happened after drug lobbyists got this law passed? Massive increases in the number of vaccines as there is no longer any risk to pharmaceutical companies. Sixty-nine doses of 16 vaccines for every child are now recommended by the CDC, yet NO studies have been done of the long-term effects of the vaccines. NO studies have been done of multiple vaccines administered together! NO studies have been done to determine the effect of the entire vaccination schedule. This is bad science at best, and at worst, a key branch of a depopulation agenda. Prior to the passing of this law, diagnosis of autism was 1 in 10,000 kids born. Now it is 1 in 50. Half of all American children now suffer from chronic disease and disabilities.

Because of the law, the field is an immoral free for all. Several CDC studies are found to have been subject to data manipulation to bury the clear vaccine/autism link (Verstraeten/De-Stefano studies found a 340% correlation) and keep the money flowing. Testing is conducted by agencies with conflicts of interest but not against inert placebos, so there is no objectivity. Personnel are allowed entrepreneurial reign over their own concoctions; developing, testing, authorizing them for use, and becoming wealthy from their sale. Environmental activist and attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr. described the “CDC as a cesspool of corruption, mismanagement and dysfunction with alarming conflicts of interest suborning its research, regulatory and policymaking functions.” People? Wake up: the threat is real.

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”
―Thomas Jefferson

Vaccinations are like bad plastic surgery; it seems like a good idea until we become caricatures of ourselves, unnatural refuse of an outmoded technology, realizing our knee-jerk reaction to do something to protect our kids overrode the fact that our solution was not sound, healthy, or even safe. Nothing could match the infamy of seeing our most cherished creations shattered by those we thought we could trust; those who preyed on our fear and irreparably damaged our lives, having stolen our children from us, and our children’s futures from them. Don’t risk destroying your child with these poison cocktails. Don’t wait for a callous pediatrician to tell you “It’s just a coincidence that your child came in healthy and left with permanent brain damage. You have no right to question me. I am a doctor, superior to everyone. I tell you what to do, you do it, and if a problem arises, you are on your own. I am NOT liable; please leave and find another doctor. Here is an autism pamphlet. Good day.” Attempt a public outcry and we watch the television commentator’s snide persona descend upon them as it is the media’s job to mock, insult, and ridicule grieving parents and conscientious MD’s who ask hard questions. Watch who the media and doctors protect. If the children are not their first concern, you know what to think of them.

Projections indicate it will soon be 1 in 4 children with autism. Parents are playing Russian roulette with a devastatingly corrupt system that has legal immunity. Just don’t vaccinate. If in doubt, wait. Mimic Japan’s results at least: no vaccinations before year two.

“To all the pediatricians in the world, please show me the study that found 69 doses of 16 vaccines do not cause cancer, auto-immune disease, and brain injury.” –Dr. Jack Wolfson

No honest group seeks to isolate itself of all liability for its own actions. Honest groups are fully accountable, open to independent audit of all data and records, and committed to constant improvement. Dishonest groups seek protection to get away with anything; in this case, chemical warfare against helpless children. The moral abomination of incapacitating our youth has the power to steal America’s future. Every family forced to deal with a lifelong dependent is another family economically sidetracked for life, and is no longer perceived as a threat. If any issue justifies a call to arms, it is this.

Would you really choose to inject your child with filth from the lowest street trash, teaming with every disease imaginable: hepatitis, herpes, HIV—products of the lowest judgment which your own child, due to a positive upbringing, would never likely encounter? This festering pollution in their bloodstream guarantees a lifetime of illness for your child and a corrupt health system a steady stream of business for life. Deny them this income, and this whole immoral approach to medicine. If you or your children have had vaccinations, you likely have heavy metal poisoning. You need intravenous chelation therapy to draw the heavy metals—mercury, lead, aluminum—out of your body and electronic zapping (more on that later) of any foreign pathogens that have come along for the ride.

Critical Vaccine Studies

Praised by many MD’s, examines over 400 vaccine studies and exposes the truth about them all: faked and omitted data, direct correlation between vaccines and autism, clear risks to the fetus in pregnant women taking the flu vaccine, scare tactics by the CDC and financial collusion between our agencies and big pharma.

Liberation from Heart Disease

Liberation from Heart Disease

Both of my parents had heart blockages. One chose angioplasty (stents), which temporarily relieves only those small areas, like unclogging a drain. The other asked for alternatives and was told of EDTA intravenous treatment (known as chelation therapy). This treatment removes calcium from the entire system, lowering the risk of stroke as well. Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) was created by government scientists to combat lead poisoning in citizens due to painting warships in WW2. It binds with heavy metals and draws them out of the body. MD’s of the time posited that it should help heart patients as well since the plaque in arteries is made up of calcium, which is a heavy metal. Curing heart disease however, is as popular with the sick rich as curing cancer, so doctors experimenting with EDTA have suffered the same scale of harassment and legal barriers from the same coercive monopolies.

For 50 years, EDTA has been the standard FDA approved treatment for heavy metal poisoning, but not for heart conditions. After 50 years of stonewalling, a $30 million double blind study proved EDTA effective in the treatment of heart disease, with up to a 50% reduction in cardiac events. Though it has wildly outstripped the efficacy of current treatments, the FDA continues to drag its feet with technical delays on implementation. Fortunately, oral supplements are available that can be taken daily to provide some level of protection. Intravenous care is also available by specialists.

The decision is yours. Spend $50,000 on heart surgery: it will slow down, alter, and limit your life forever and will not improve your lifespan. Or, spend $1,500 for EDTA chelation therapy: you will no longer need surgery and your living vibrancy can return, but the heart surgeon will not get his new Ferrari. He will have to go into another form of medicine or perhaps get a second job. The prestigious heart center will be foreclosed on instead of your home. You get to live a long time and die of natural causes.

For all major diseases in America, only the highest profit treatments are permitted by law, while their effectiveness is minimized to assure continuity of need. Chemotherapy and radiation are so bad that NO treatment statistically results in a longer life span, and you can do nothing at all, FOR FREE. The grand buildings you see—cancer research centers, heart research centers—they are funded by the immense cost of treatment, and are a tribute, not to patients, but to the supposed “great” men who established the facility in the same spirit as kings building castles; a monument to themselves. In America’s beginning, the modesty of our government structures was a moral spectacle in itself by contrast. Traditional cancer and heart disease treatments—the two biggest killers of Man—are approaching $1 trillion per year each. The income from all alternative therapies put together could not fund these developments, which is as it should be.

EDTA 800mg 120 Capsules Calcium Disodium Edta – GLS

There are other brands (this is all I could find on Amazon). EDTA has gone through clinical trials to prove it works better than invasive surgery to help heart patients. Intravenous is most effective, but if you take the pills daily, calcium deposits will dissolve, blood flow will improve, heart attack and stroke risk will drop.

Freedom from Cancer, Part 1

Freedom from Cancer, Part 1

Many years ago I was engaged to a wonderful girl. With her literature background, she became my copy editor, and we enjoyed a magical, romantic discourse over philosophy and the bright futures we were free to define and pursue. As time went on, due to our vibrant and varied interests, we had moved on to other life experiences, but we stayed close emotionally with the prospect of reuniting once our careers took shape and things settled down. It was not to be. One day she called to say she had cancer; she was stage four at diagnosis and they didn’t tell her how long she had. I wanted to drop everything and look for a cure, but I was struggling not to drown myself due to the economic collapse. I told her what I knew, knowing she was every bit as capable to find the answers and solve this as I was. She bounced back well initially, then slowly began to deteriorate. After fighting for many years, she was talked into chemotherapy and I knew it was over. She slipped into a coma after a six-month quarantine following a bone marrow transplant and died three months later. I was devastated by this. My future was devastated by this. So I find myself manically researching cancer cures years later, still trying to save her.

What I’ve run into with cancer research is story after story of doctors doggedly harassed by the FDA for helping patients get better. The more promising their research and results, the more harassment they have suffered. Usually dismissed out of hand, when the evidence is unavoidable and finally acknowledged to justify pursuing trials, the FDA conducts them slipshod with blatant violations of the doctor’s protocols to guarantee failure. Though statistics show a typical success rate between 80-90% with the doctor’s unhampered treatments versus 2% for chemotherapy and radiation (and 2 of every 3 conventional patients dies within 5 years), subjects are often forced to endure the gauntlet of high-dollar toxic chemotherapy and radiation before they are even allowed to try alternatives. By then, their immune system is knocked down so severely, they are lucky to respond to anything.

If you or a loved one is suffering from cancer, here is a brief rundown of the therapies I have encountered and the prices paid by those who have pioneered their discovery:

Anti-neoplastons: 60% success rate. Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski is the first doctor ever to have cured brain cancer. He found that peptides and amino acids, which he termed anti-neoplastons, were present in the fluids of healthy people but absent in those with cancer. Reintroduction of the anti-neoplastons immediately reversed the progress of the cancer. He has been viciously attacked by the FDA/AMA/Texas Medical Board and sued continuously for twenty years, who have made repeated attempts to steal his patents. You can witness the atrocious conduct of the government and media in real time regarding Dr. Burzynski’s cures today. Watch Burzynski – The Movie on YouTube. Clinic is in Houston, TX. Visit BurzynskiClinic.com.

GcMAF Immunotherapy: (Gc protein derived microphage activating factor). 90% success rate. Nagalase, an enzyme released by most cancers, keeps macrophages (large white blood cells) dormant. Glycoproteins are used to reawaken macrophages and jumpstart the immune system. Lots of people have been killed over this one. In 2015 alone, ten doctors in Florida researching GcMAF have gone missing or been murdered (I suspect they discovered the presence of nagalase in vaccines). GcMAF has the power to reverse the symptoms of autism (25-85% recovery rate), undoing all of the hard work the CDC has done to destroy our children. Restoring 20 immune responses in the body, GcMAF treats over 50 different diseases and 38 types of cancer. Do it yourself: GOleic food supplements have been developed and are available internationally online.
Visit: Immunocentre.eu and

Rife Machines: 93% success rate. The sonic destruction of pathogens. Royal Rife, a microbiologist, invented the first high-magnification microscope. Scientists theorized about miniature worlds of microbes and viruses, but it was Royal Rife who showed this world to mankind. He also found that microbes resonated at certain sound frequencies, which if fed back to them, they could not withstand. He developed a frequency generator that could hone in on specific parasites and kill them, restoring the cells they invaded and supercharging the immune system. The AMA viciously attacked Royal Rife’s work and he died penniless. Do it yourself: Frequency generators can be bought online, but are somewhat expensive ($3-5k) and most appropriate for those with advanced stages of disease. Visit NewHopeTechnologies.com for more information. Hulda Clark “Zappers” are more economical for do-it-yourself health maintenance.

Dr. Hulda Clark and The Cure for All Diseases: 95% success rate. Dr. Clark maintained that only two things were responsible for ill health: parasites and pollution, which often worked in tandem. Dr. Clark found a particular parasite recurring with every major disease. With cancer, the particular bug is Fasciolopsis Buskii, a flat worm. She developed a simple device called a zapper, which instantly kills parasites, bacteria, viruses, and molds in the bloodstream without needing to know their specific frequencies, and she treated cancer and other diseases with a combination of zapping, elimination of solvents and industrial pollution from the patient’s body and environment, good nutrition, and digestive cleanses. Her work in many ways is the culmination of the best-known treatments, and offers the most extensively documented resources. Remarkably, Hulda Clark didn’t attempt to patent anything; she gave away 100% of her research freely, teaching people to heal themselves better, with less pain, and for less money than can be done in the American medical system. Do it yourself: Critical and defiant of the medical profession’s constant withholding of better methods, she laid out all of her protocols, printed diagrams of her electronic devices, and described her methods in her books in every detail. She offered the world a priceless level of independence from corrupt medicine, was attacked viciously for it and continues to be. Thank you Dr. Clark, for living by “First, do no harm”, and let her life be a lesson to practitioners who act more like lawyers than doctors today. Visit DrClarkStore.com. For a free download of The Cure for All Diseases, go to DrHuldaClark.org.

Essiac Tea: 73% success rate. A tea of four or more herbs known to kill cancer cells, centering on the sheep sorrel weed. Passed on to Rene Caisse in the 1920’s, a nurse from Canada, and originally formulated by an Ojibway medicine man. Harassed by the Canadian Health Ministry during her 50 years of healing others. Do it yourself: formula available online and in books. Visit EssiacInfo.org.

Gerson Therapy: 100% success rate. Floods the body with nutrients from 15-20 pounds of organically grown fruits and vegetables daily; mostly in juice form. Liver detox/immune system boost with up to five coffee enemas per day. Max Gerson had considerable success with his therapy and endured lifelong harassment by organized medicine. Believed killed by Big Pharma via arsenic poisoning (though the AMA/FDA trend is one final insult: to claim the pioneers died of cancer). Do it yourself: protocols are online and in books. Clinic is in San Diego, CA. Visit Gerson.org.

For several more options today, please go to Freedom from Cancer, Part 2…


Freedom from Cancer, Part 2

Freedom from Cancer, Part 2

Hoxsey Treatment: 80% success rate. Two herbal formulas, one internal and one external, using bloodroot and a host of herbs with potent anti-cancer properties, passed down by American Indians. Harry Hoxsey was arrested over 100 times during a spectacular 50-year battle with the AMA and FDA (who tried to buy his formulas), and ultimately moved his practice to Tijuana, Mexico. The Supreme Court and Congress found that organized medicine in the United States was a coercive monopoly that had conspired against Hoxsey, but the damage was done. Do it yourself: Herbs are listed on internet sites and in books. Visit HoxseyBiomedical.com.

Hyperthermia/Ablatherm Therapy: 50% success rate. Use of infrared, ultrasonic, radio wave, or radiating heat, locally or whole body, kills cancer cells and liquefies tumors. It was found by William Coley (of Coley’s Toxins) that patients who developed a fever often went into remission. Approved for use by the FDA, though current pioneers are viciously attacked for their high success rates, particularly with prostate and breast cancer. Do it yourself: purpose built infrared heaters and lamps can be purchased for use at home.

Laetrile/Vitamin B17: 80% success rate. Apricot pit kernels have the highest concentration of vitamin B17 followed by peach pit kernels and the seeds of most berries. Available in Mexico in liquid IV form. Attacked by the FDA, which claims Laetrile to be toxic (it is toxic: to cancer). Do it yourself: crack open apricot pits to reveal a cancer killer. Follow online protocols for vitamin supplements and diet to maximize benefits. Plant a peach tree or buy kernels in bulk.

Oxygen Therapy/Ketogenic Diet: 80% success rate. As safe as breathing. Most of us breathe very shallow, and cancer cells thrive in a low oxygen environment. Using supplemental oxygen within a stimulated immune system can shrink tumors and get white blood cells doing their job again. In 1931, biochemist Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for his research on cancer cells. He found that “Cancer grows in oxygen-deprived, acidic tissue”, and that cancer cells cannot survive in a highly oxygenated environment, adding that “NO disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment”, where a PH of 7.4 (slightly alkaline) is average for healthy cells. Further, he found that “The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen (oxidation of sugar) in normal body cells by fermentation of sugar.” As cancer cells have 23 or more glucose receptors compared to only two for a normal cell, this allows an uptake rate of 10-12x normal, rapidly accelerating tumor growth (so sugar is the enemy). “All carcinogens impair respiration directly or indirectly by deranging capillary circulation. … If … exogenous carcinogens are excluded rigorously, then much of the endogenous cancer may be prevented today”, an argument in strong favor of a low-carb, vegan diet. Do it yourself: Get outside as often as possible, deeply breathe fresh air. Hold several deep breaths and push to hyper-oxygenate your system (not to the point of passing out!). Walk. Get rid of all toxic chemicals in your house to improve air quality. Open windows to exchange air frequently. Don’t consume things that rob you of oxygen (pop, alcohol, smoking, drugs, fluoride, exhaust/noxious fumes), and review every food and drink label to minimize sugar intake. Details on Warburg and the Ketogenic diet can be found at CharlieFoundation.org.

Ozone Therapy: 95% success rate. Extremely safe treatment as found by German and Russian doctors treating millions of patients. Enriches blood with oxygen through transfusion or IV. Viciously attacked and suppressed by the FDA. Administered by a health practitioner.

www.saisei-mirai.or.jp: fantastic Japanese clinic website for cutting edge cancer research, far from our laws, smear tactics, and suppression. Includes research papers and clinical data.

It isn’t that we are on the verge of a cancer cure: we have had cures for over one hundred years. It is that we are coming to a point where the thieving rich can no longer stop them. There are many ways to go about curing cancer, all with success rates infinitely better than chemotherapy and radiation at a fraction of the price, and with no toxic or harmful side effects. Chemo and radiation have a downside: they kill you. These alternatives do not. Visit CancerActive.com and CancerTutor.com for more detailed information on a host of cancer cures.


The Cure for All Diseases: With Many Case Histories

Never have I gotten so much from one book. This is Dr. Clark’s life’s work, put in the hands of the people instead of the doctors. She found that all major diseases have two common elements: industrial poisons and living parasites.

Broo Hydrating Porter Shampoo and Conditioner

Great organic shampoo; smells like beer. It’s nice to have a few choices. I’ve switched all body products to organics and most of the grey hair is gone (it turned brown again). I’m sure I’ll still get grey, but the process has slowed considerably.

Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds

You should do your best never to come in contact with harsh chemicals, including those you clean house with. I cut this and use it everywhere. I also use a spray bottle with half Vodka half water as an antiseptic for countertops. Smells great.

Sani-Mate Plug-In Ionic Air Purifier

I started experimenting with air purifiers when my kid moved in with her cat. The cat made me sick. This simple, plug-in purifier kicks out a healthy flow of clean air. I have one on every level of the house now.

Clearly Filtered Clean Water Filter Pitcher

Great, inexpensive filter to have clean water to drink and cook with. I was looking for a filter that would take out fluoride, a particularly harmful chemical. This one does. Water tastes great; big difference from the tap.

UBS Vita Fresh Shower Filter, 16 Ounce

If you notice skin irritation after showering, it’s likely the chlorine in the water. This brilliant and simple unit passes the water through a tube containing a Vitamin C cylinder, neutralizing bad chemicals before they reach you.

Free America from Health Care Debt

Free America from Health Care Debt

“Experts agree that our health care system is riddled with inefficiencies, excessive administrative expenses, inflated prices, poor management, and inappropriate care, waste and fraud. These problems significantly increase the cost of medical care and health insurance for employers and workers and affect the security of families.”

—National Coalition on Health Care

In 2013, the United States spent 17 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) on health care. It is projected to reach 20 percent by 2020. In contrast, health care spending accounted for 10.9 percent of the GDP in Switzerland, 10.7 percent in Germany, 9.7 percent in Canada and 9.5 percent in France, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. If advanced countries like our own are holding steady at 10 percent, what on Earth is causing ours to double?

“For decades, the U.S. healthcare system was the envy of the entire world. Not coincidentally, there was far less government involvement in medicine during this time. America had the finest doctors and hospitals, patients enjoyed high-quality, affordable medical care, and thousands of private charities provided health services for the poor. Doctors focused on treating patients, without the red tape and threat of lawsuits that plague the profession today. Most Americans paid cash for basic services, and had insurance only for major illnesses and accidents. This meant both doctors and patients had an incentive to keep costs down, as the patient was directly responsible for payment, rather than an HMO or government program.

The lesson is clear: when government and other third parties get involved, health care costs spiral. The answer is not a system of outright socialized medicine, but rather a system that encourages everyone – doctors, hospitals, patients, and drug companies – to keep costs down. As long as “somebody else” is paying the bill, the bill will be too high. “

—Ron Paul, M.D. and U.S. Senator

To assure the best medical care money can buy, America needs legislation passed that streamlines the industry. For one, medical insurance should be pretax to the populace. There should be caps on legal remedies regarding malpractice, so doctors can “operate” without unnecessary risk. We waste half a trillion dollars a year on claim paperwork and over-testing alone to minimize their liability. Astronomical lawsuits drive doctor’s liability insurance premiums through the roof, and our healthcare premiums follow suit. Other countries don’t permit this; we shouldn’t either. One alternative is “negative outcomes” insurance proposed in House Bill HR 3076, which could be purchased by patients undergoing surgery, avoiding the immense cost and time to litigate a claim if something goes wrong.

Healthcare costs would drop drastically if the sick rich stopped trying to kill us 30 different ways. The huge amount we will save when existing cures for cancer and heart disease go mainstream will also revitalize the economy as its former victims become more active and engaged in life. “Managing disease”—like provoking war to keep the military industry profitable—will fall by the wayside as patients recognize how fraudulent omission and Pavlovian conditioning (take these pills for at least 21 days…) by pharmaceutical companies and their pushers have been used against them. Tailoring fees to the honorable and factual needs of patient and doctor is the way back to a strong healthcare system for America.

NOW Foods Valerian Root 500mg, 250 Vcaps

Natural sedative. I take one at bedtime every night, which quiets my normally overactive brain. This, and melatonin, do wonders for helping you reach that state of deep relaxation needed to fall asleep easily.

NOW Foods St. John’S Wort 300Mg, 250 Vcaps

I started taking this decades ago for heart palpitations; something a book said Leo’s are prone to…and it works. I found that it gives you an overall good feeling as well, which turns out it is better known for.

Organic Clean Chlorella Sl 200mg Tablets

Concentrated superfood that combats industrial pollutants that bio-accumulate. The most used supplement in Japan, chlorella detoxifies the digestive system, binds to toxic heavy metals, chemicals, and pesticides, and removes them.

Chiropractors and the Freedom to Move

Chiropractors and the Freedom to Move

If you saw a wilted rose and noticed that its stem was broken, wouldn’t you think that had something to do with it? In 1987, the American Medical Association was found guilty of conspiring to destroy the entire chiropractic field. They did this through their press and by educating new doctors to believe chiropractors were quacks and “unscientific cultists” who were immensely dangerous to their patients. Beginning in 1962, the AMA distributed “Quack Packs” to all new students, which attacked the chiropractic profession from the outset. Young doctors were taught to ostracize and abandon patients who saw chiropractors, and never to associate with chiropractors at all, on a personal or professional level. Given the AMA/FDA’s conduct regarding cures, you can see why they would be against chiropractic: inexpensive non-invasive treatment without drugs, no prospect for empire building, and no permanent dependencies.

Your spine is the core of your body, like the trunk of a tree. It carries and protects the nerves that send and receive signals directly from your brain, and those nerves cannot remain pinched without drastic consequences to the organs cut off from that vital link. All health emanates from this core, and a dislocated vertebra pinches a nerve like a garden hose. No flow, or greatly reduced flow, starves the organs it feeds. This was proven in 1921 by Henry Windsor, an MD who posited that dislocated vertebra led to organ disease and failure. He performed 75 human and 25 animal autopsies, and found a near 100% correlation: where an organ had failed, such as in lung disease or kidney disease, there was a subluxated vertebrae pinching off the organ, which led to the person’s death. Studies conducted by other doctors over the following decades confirmed his conclusions. Proper spinal alignment offers pain-free motion, optimum organ function, maximum energy, and the clearest thinking. A recent study shows that a properly adjusted neck increases cognitive function by up to 20%!

It always made the most sense to me to try the least invasive treatments first, drugs second, and surgery last. Once I went to see a physician for a broken arm after a bike crash. During the examination, he mentioned that I had a vertebra out of place. “Can you pop it back in?” I asked. He laughingly responded, “I could, but I’m supposed to recommend surgery.” I was floored. Doctors are trained to recommend back surgery for something as simple as a bone out of place? They fuse the spine and keep it from moving, altering your range of motion for life… something a chiropractor would just apply a little pressure to and it would resolve instantly. Really? It was at that moment that I lost all respect for the medical profession. I honor their emergency life-saving skills, but this kind of thinking is so immoral and so unconscionable, there is just no way to excuse it. I know medical doctors worked hard on their ascent, but so did Hitler. If your approach is not morally prioritized to (1) be minimally invasive and most economical, (2) maintain and maximize the patient’s living independence, mobility, and enjoyment, and (3) seeking to cure rather than maintain sickness, then you are a Nazi in the midst of your own medical holocaust. For the rest of you, you’ve been lied to. When you criticize chiropractors, it stems from the propaganda you have been fed. It is time to think independently. The great victims of the sick rich and their minions at the AMA and FDA need to be reevaluated with independent judgment and proper respect.

As for patients, if you accepted back surgery and never even attempted treatment by a chiropractor because you “heard they were quacks,” or that “once you go, you’ll always have to go”, you are the kind of simple-minded, gullible, and easily-controlled moron the sick rich love. Or you were lied to, and I’m sorry you accepted the lie. Without thinking for yourself. And you don’t always have to go…the McKenzie Method of self-adjustment addresses normal spine issues brilliantly. Still, when you can’t fix it yourself, what’s worse: periodic $40 adjustments to counter the twists, slips, falls, and over exertions of life, or a $200,000 surgery, permanent disability, and a lifetime of being hooked on pain killers? Future patients: exercise your core. Drink more water and less wine. Think for yourself.

Treat Your Own Back

Chiropractor Dr. Robin McKenzie offers ways to adjust your own spine so you’re not at the mercy of weekly adjustments or expensive packages. Sometimes it just tides you over, minimizing pain until you can make it to the office.

The Original McKenzie® Super Roll

Most chairs and car seats don’t have enough curvature. For back pain, Robin McKenzie recommended a cushion to restore and maintain the curve–or lordosis–in the lower back. His company offers several; this is the best one.

Treat Your Own Neck 5th Ed

Wow, I wake up with a stiff neck several times a week. I don’t want to schedule a chiropractor visit every time–I’d never get anything done–but I don’t want to suffer either. With the methods in this book, I no longer suffer.

Treat Your Own Shoulder

Simple exercises to get your shoulder working again. If you ever just couldn’t lift your arm…this book will help you restore and maintain proper function. Robin McKenzie died in 2013. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts.

Treat Your Own Knee

It’s important to know how to take care of your most significant and vulnerable joints. Robin McKenzie shared concise information and exercises in his short book series to keep us in great shape. I got them all for when I’d need them.

Trust Yourself: Self-Diagnosis

Trust Yourself: Self-Diagnosis

Once I realized that most doctors didn’t have my best interests at heart, I became big into self-diagnosis and self-healing. When a professional laughs at, condemns, and ridicules me for asking questions—investing considerable energy to harass what they consider to be an immediate threat—they’ve discredited themselves, and I’ve witnessed this behavior from doctors on several occasions. Any group who uses harassing tactics is suspect, but to see it from highly educated people, now that is worth investigating.

We’ve been trained to believe that it takes 8 years to understand anything medical; that we have no right to question them, and simply must do as we are told. Better physicians have broken this trend to show that anything medical can be understood by anyone, and the majority of health issues can be acted on independent of a physician. Considerable experimentation can be done as well with little consequence, from preventative measures to direct disease treatment. What do you have to lose? No drugs, no large bills, no permanent medical injuries. For example, a friend of mine started having extreme, shocking pains in his side that would stop him in his tracks. Coincidentally, I began exhibiting the same symptoms. He went to the doctor first, who scheduled him for immediate kidney stone surgery at a cost of over $10,000. I found a home remedy online, and about six dollars later (a few lemons and some olive oil), was cured. My friend was prescribed medication to manage the condition indefinitely, while I made a few recommended dietary changes, and the issue didn’t return. Scrutinizing your doctor is not crazy. Self-abnegation and supplication is crazy. I haven’t been able to solve everything, but angina? Check. Sprains? Check. Sore throat? Congestion? Headache? Fever? Check check check.

You are capable of making most of your medical decisions and administering many of your own cures. Go online: you will find everything from age-old home remedies to the latest advances in topical applications, capsules, or recipes. Try them. Spend pennies and listen to your body before you get talked into spending hundreds or thousands. There are natural vitamins, herbs, and blends that pharmaceutical companies try and mimic to make profitable. Find the originals, pay little, and enjoy no liver-destroying side effects, no thoughts of suicide, and no addictions. Don’t feed the avaricious mindset: don’t help your doctor try to get rich off of every visit.

Anticancer: A New Way of Life

The leading edge of cancer research by honest practitioners. You won’t find this information at your local butcher’s office.

Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!

This book describes how to stay grounded and explores the health benefits with case studies to prove it’s efficacy for reducing inflammation in the body. I no longer feel frenzied as a result of grounding. Get the mats and tingle the stress away.

Universal Mat Kit

Stray voltage from today’s devices put us in a state of intellectual frenzy. We need to bleed off the positive charge by grounding regularly. I keep one mat in front of my keyboard and another at the foot of my bed for deep sleep.

Fit for Life By Harvey and Marilyn Diamond

Fit for Life explains how to combine food items in a biochemically correct way so that your system doesn’t endure a period of turmoil afterwards. The second book is as good or better than the first, but both are essential reading.

Powerflex: Unleash the Power in You!

I do this routine a few times a week; no equipment needed. Utilizing tension in the body against itself yields impressive results, and tying the exercises to the natural motions of animals is imaginative and inspiring.

Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite

The only equipment I use during a workout. Lets your wrists rotate naturally while doing push ups. Very comfortable grips. Allows you to dip somewhat for a deeper set.

Environmentalism: Man is Earth’s Enemy?

Environmentalism: Man is Earth’s Enemy?

Why is their focus not on the brilliant sky and our productive harmony under it, but on the small column of smoke coming from a ship’s engine? Why do they look, not at the limitless countryside, but at the small rectangle advertising products of free trade along the highways which they also hate? Civilization cannot exist harvesting what grows in the wild without our control. A handful of men might be able to survive running through forests, eating berries, building huts from dead branches—but not an industrial society.

The most extreme claim we must not disturb a blade of grass. To tread is wrong in itself; for Man to live is an affront to all that which exists in harmony, only without us. Yet as productive men, we tie our lives to the very fabric of nature, as there are only two ways to live—off the land, or off of each other. By intellectual default, they promote this last. Speaking to the extreme environmentalists, “Let’s grant your wish hypothetically, and let you knock down all the smoke stacks. Running errands, you go to the grocery store and stare in horror at the empty shelves. You planned to hit many more stores, but passing a number of closed gas stations, you get an ominous feeling and decide to conserve what’s in your tank. Getting the mail at home, you have an emergency tax bill to help cover all the unemployed you’ve just thrown out of work. Your boss calls to say that a major supplier’s factory has been mysteriously shut down, and your products can no longer be made—you’re out of work, too. No more paychecks and no more food, but what do you need them for? It’s a beautiful day. You have a blissful, pollution-free world to gaze at while you die.”

All elements of an idea must be known in order to maintain its result properly, be it a business, an agricultural supply-line or a philosophy. There is no way to scale back intelligence and still benefit from what it produces. No expropriation is successful long-term, when the tops are cut down to force solutions to questions the environmentalists have no civil answer for, and no tolerance or mental discipline to reach. Do we see great technological advances out of the Roman Catholic Church? Out of Greenpeace? Out of Ralph Nader? No; only criticism, threats, and demands. They operate from a fixed mind, so they imagine all values to be fixed as well. They see a fixed amount of oil on the planet and a fixed amount of food. They determine that there is only so much to go around and grant no consideration for Man’s continuous efficiencies, which extrapolate the preservation, bounty, and longevity of raw materials. No faith is placed in Man’s mind, because those who focus on this never-ending stream of panicked contrivances have negated theirs. Ultimately, the advances to lessen our environmental impact will most likely come from the same disciplined thinkers who gave us automobiles, computers, and running water.

To the environmentalist’s credit, some have uncovered instances of abuse that are truly deplorable. I have watched footage of Japanese fishing boats cutting fins off sharks and dumping the bodies (exploiting the high profit “shark-fin soup” market), leaving them to endure a horrible death. As a supporter of free enterprise, a sinking feeling had to ask, “Is this what I represent?” The answer is no. Such waste and inefficiency would be clobbered in a laissez-faire economy where businesses pay for their raw materials. But they get the fish for nothing—incurring no cost or penalty above honest fishing vessels for wasting their stock. They wouldn’t be so wasteful with ponds they own. If I was in a ship close by, I wouldn’t think twice about putting a torpedo through their hull. Oops! Survival of the fittest… We are best served as capitalists to remain aware of the motives behind what is done in our name. Man’s rights do not include piracy or rape. My respect for all life disallows supporting such heartbreaking, inhumane wastefulness.

An integrated path that respects human life must be formed, and awareness of that is spreading. Civilization must be maintained, and of course we must be responsible for our actions—maximizing utilization of the products we draw from the ground or the water—which is simply good business sense. Mankind is not in a struggle opposed to nature. One doesn’t have to go—it isn’t either/or anymore. Listen to the Discovery Channel and you will see their pitches for nature beginning to show respect for industry—which is respect for human life—bringing environmentalism around to reason finally, and I’m glad to support this frame of mind.

The Resurgence of Sound Philosophy

The Resurgence of Sound Philosophy

In our history, most philosophers spent their time building useless theories and refuting others, often generating nothing new. The field was created by the passionate (Aristotle), heightened by the learned (St. Thomas Aquinas, our Founding Fathers, Ayn Rand), and ran into the ground by the malicious (Kant, Sartre, Marx). But all quietly performed revolutions in an era’s thought, not necessarily for the better. It is time to bring philosophy back to its proper stature, as its effect on mankind is staggering.

A host of men throughout history have been declared philosophers, while their thinking consisted of claiming that Man cannot think. From Plato’s “We know that we know nothing,” to Sartre’s “My existence is absurd” (that was true by the way), a long line—Hegel, Marx, Kant, Hume—have been some of the world’s most influential minds. Modern professors jump on the bandwagon, enjoying the spectacle of leaving their students speechless in response to unanswerable questions, declaring the futility of the mind and its sensate capacities. But the title of “intellectual” can only be granted to those who show discipline in the use of their intellect, not to those who evade its use.

Such men have given the field of philosophy the air of unprofessionalism it now has. Aristotle’s every action implied that philosophy was for practical use; not the province for senseless utopias. Most others used their minds to question whether or not the mind was of any use, and the wise, to their credit, dismissed them. Unfortunately, the whole field of philosophy was tainted through cultural expulsion, prompted by those seeking sound, useful, and intelligent moral guidance. The phonies removed science from philosophy, which made religion almost appealing by comparison.

A mathematician doesn’t question whether or not humans can add. No endeavors of Man are ever to question whether or not we have any capacity to investigate them, if they are to be considered scientific, philosophical, or rational. To close the issue once and for all, if you want to argue against the validity of Man’s senses, you will have toin good faithfigure out a way to convey your stand to me without using them.

With this work, I hope to return philosophy to its proper role in education—that of coherently guiding Man to fulfillment in every aspect of his existence. Marx claimed that the essential division between men was economic. I say the essential classes of men are defined by the base premise that drives their consciousness, and that all motives stem from within a man himself. A rational philosophy for living integrates every single thing you know, giving clear classification and clear links to where every bit of knowledge is coming from and going to. There is no limit to its usefulness, and with moral awareness of its value, we can become not just spiritually fulfilled, but spiritually self-sufficient as well.

Freeing Education

Freeing Education

“How do you explain school to higher intelligence?” —E.T.

As a student grows, he discovers that teachers already have opinions about his subjects of interest and have a system in place, not to help him live an unlimited progression, but to confine him and his ambition. His authorities negate his competence, take his inspiration, and tell him what it has to be and who it has to serve. If he accepts it, the student’s sense of discovery wanes and is bent to learning the laws of men and their constraints.

Such teachers fear the renegade who ignores social boundaries in his upward surge—America’s eternal hero—and they should. A well-rounded education is not the cause of prosperity, but the result of pursuing an individual purpose. Individual purpose is a topic requiring courage however, and in this environment, is quickly substituted with an esteem vacuum: the lifeless void of social conformity.

Grade School

Often, our schools grade on curves instead of assuring competence. They pander to self-esteem instead of instilling the cause of self-esteem, a folly the outside world will never cater to. Their psychologists tell us that kids aren’t just unruly these days, they are sick. They have this disease or that disorder; it couldn’t be that they are kids. They have to be labeled, drugged, and told there is something wrong with them—a burden they carry for life. Ironically, this coincides with a Cold War Communist infiltration plan called Psychopolitics. Be they Cold War machinations or not, psychology is a weak science, littered with fraud, poorly thought out and poorly validated claims, which has been hijacked by pharmaceutical companies eager to exploit a new market. Read the latest DSM and you will see them recommending drugs to infants for supposed mental disorders. Infants? This is based on biomarkers; a highly questionable method of diagnosis. Claimed “treatable maladies” have expanded like a cancer, and they have set the bar so low—pacing the normal ups and downs of day-to-day life—that everyone can be considered crazy now. This is preposterous: in some cases driven by morons who pine for their ramblings to be significant, and in others, by hegemonic forces wanting control over America’s future and lifelong drug customers as gravy. Dumbing kids down and racking their bodies with drugs, such approaches pattern grade school more and more, not for independence after graduation, but as if the students will be going on welfare.

In part, the ineffectiveness of public schools stems from their disassociation with the profit motive. Private schools have to be good. Public schools are funded regardless, leaving the system free to degenerate in countless ways, including the vulnerability of dark control by elitists hostile to any new crops of free-thinking independence in those they consider “peasant” children. Welcome to the limitations of the future.

I agree with Benjamin Franklin that all citizens should be educated at least to the degree necessary to function in society, and that it serves them beyond all doubt. To assure living competence to all, public schools must maintain competitive standards of excellence and teachers should be paid by merit. While home schooling is growing in popularity (and for good reason), if you are proven to be a good teacher for your own kids, every such parent should be in front of a private classroom for specific subjects; otherwise, it is a senseless duplication of effort. Besides, kids need social skills: experience dealing with a wide variety of personality types and ages; certainly their own. We learn a lot from other kids in watching and experiencing their attributes—good and bad; something Mom and Dad can’t help us with. There are certainly troubling influences in the world, but there are many splendid forces as well, and kids need exposure to both so they can tell the difference and learn how to protect themselves from evil. On the public side, if schools hope to retain students, Mom and Dad deserve a regular vote regarding what is taught in schools, how it is taught, and what influences are permitted on school grounds.

Note to parents: If schools want to force drugs on your child for supposed disorders, including vaccines, get them out. If your child exhibits actual behavioral issues, get a blood test immediately and look for heavy metal poisoning. If the school is not focused on reading (self-generated comprehension), writing (self-expression), arithmetic (effective calculation), and the physical sciences (practical applications of thought and action), the child’s independence is at risk. Supplement their education at the very least. Proper education must address the fundamentals so the mind can operate without falsely imposed limits: cognitive structure before content, cognitive efficiency and discipline before emotional indulgence.

Note to young adults: Your parents know how hard it is to survive, and it is only getting harder. Dependent kids (those not paying for food or a place to stay) lack the mindset to judge this; only independent individuals can grasp it fully. It is a parent’s job to help provide the tools you need to launch your life right. Time is critical, and if you are wasting it on non-productive endeavors (anything that is not personal advancement, skill-honing, and career-minded) and/or are treating your parents poorly, frustrating them and their sense of urgency, you may find yourself out on the street. Benjamin Franklin threw his best friend right out of the boat when he wouldn’t row. No one has time or energy anymore to tolerate those who won’t focus and contribute. Take the goal of independence seriously (and the effort necessary to achieve it) or you may be next.