Endless Internal Revenue

today’s world, you would be hard pressed to find anyone expecting to see the day when income taxes are abolished. Barely anyone would entertain the serious possibility of ridding ourselves of it, even though our government already collects enough income from other sources to fund its justifiable expenses without income tax.

If you hand over five hundred dollars per week through taxes, do you think you are getting five hundred dollars’ worth of assistance in living your life? Do you think you could do better with the money than they have? Out of a year, we pay almost six months of taxes; six months of working with no right to keep the results of our effort; and for what end?

A society is greatly weakened by over-taxation. History shows that a nation’s overrun and collapse is often due to corruptly incurred debt via the pawned-off responsibility for its recompense—pushed on those who have no say. The tax base is just the checkbook of the country, and what it pays for is to be decided by us. We need a “line item veto” for the people of the United States to exercise on April 15th. This should be accounting day for the government, listing expenses so that the people can cross out what they no longer wish to fund. Whatever lacks mass support or cannot be defended with clear reasoning should be dropped, and the savings returned to the people.