“When a man’s life has no value, sometimes death has its price.”

—Fistful of Dollars

Religion is partially responsible for terrorism, and not just one faith in particular. Those teaching, “independence is evil”, shouldn’t be surprised when kids join gangs. Violating cognition is an act of Spirit Murder, and in an unstable environment, it won’t be long before it is extrapolated into physical murder. When a consciousness rapidly degenerates, it builds towards an explosion. What happens when children are taught to defy consciousness right from the beginning? Internal anarchy quickly results in external anarchy. They grow confident in being rude and threatening to their parents, but are lost and uncertain when they step outside. By an extension of the same dogma, that negativity is led by a more seasoned force to its ultimate end, and they draw him to his death like a poodle on a string.

Religious fanaticism perpetuates the tragic melding of cognition with interaction, which leads terrorist minions to their deaths. Fanaticism as well justifies confiscation, sacrifice and destruction for “a good cause,” which for a morality where anything goes and no one is to blame, means any cause they choose. The advantage they take stems from and feeds on cognitive limitations, and with every dogmatic claim violating the true pattern, terrorist theory is implicitly supported by every mother and grandmother preaching the gospel. Furnish their people with a modern city, and their primitive religious premises would turn it right back into shambles.

A country’s citizens would never need to leave their homeland and flee to safe havens if it were not so; if it were not for their non-objective, unrealistically substantiated, unaccountable religious doctrines. Instead of striving for an envisioned future glory, they shoot their citizens in the back while they try to escape the horror, where the trigger is first pulled on rationality—their own cognitive accountability. We hear them say “You have to be willing to sacrifice yourself for the greater good,” or, “We cannot see His whole plan,” and end up fighting over what it is and what it isn’t, and who has the authority to say so; but no one can step outside the context of existence itself to make existential connections. The only alternative to rationality, is violence.

We must grow to the stature of accepting our own determinations of moral substance, and that requires a logical standard. Unless we accept that our senses are valid, we invite and justify this kind of aggression. An appeased aggressor just becomes more aggressive.


From outer space, you can see that the Edison’s of mankind light up the world, whereas those of the lowest intellect, prone to anarchy such as mercenaries and terrorists, just leave little splat marks. Accomplishments determine a man’s stature, and destruction only subtracts from it. Where are the great buildings and societies as a result of their philosophy? Ideology is fought not with bombs, but with ideology. Why can’t they fight us ideologically? Because theirs is worthless. Was Jesus running around slaughtering his opposition, or was his ministry and following peaceful and voluntary? Jesus wasn’t a murdering, threatening Neanderthal. Did the prophets interpret religion so they could rape and kill freely? Did Moses? Who are the extremist’s real idols then? Who have the terrorists and zealots really patterned their lives after? That is right, the prophet’s brutal, scavenging enemies. Violence is a confession of cowardice—of intellectual impotence. Listen to their foolish incoherent explanations they hope no one will question. Their veil of dogmatic justification is so thin that they typically have to die or kill their audience before the truth is named—by others or within their own minds. One more dead is one less to convince, or to admit the truth to of what it is they are doing.

There is no room for zealots in morality. There are no wife-beating, child-molesting, peer and student-threatening, red-faced, fist-shaking convincing tactics that are EVER utilized by rational beings. Such people aren’t even in control of themselves—much less their concepts. Society doesn’t listen to them anyway. Look into their education and you will find no chain of peace, no capacity for production, and no enjoyed independence; only hatred and a mind schooled in murder. Dogma is their justification, and no one buys theirs except the self-hating bomb bait. There is a special place in Hell reserved for those who don’t use their head—who practice what they have known was wrong since they were children.

Their perfect world is bombed out cars and buildings—it looks like home to them. The only lasting symbolism they have accomplished and my answer to them is as follows: If you have degenerated to the point where your own death is your most glorious day, odds are high that the world agrees with you. When you destroy pinnacles instead of aspiring to them, when you make claims of Divine intentions yet by example produce only a sea of blood, then you have chosen an obvious side, and our moral road is clear. Ask yourself what you have done that the world can be proud of. As a soldier, ever notice how your dogma directs and trains you to commit atrocities in the name of peace, but never spends any time defining sound living structures of peace, or any civil actions that lead to it? That is because the civilization in America is the structure of true, rational, productive peace. The truth is, you are a patsy for killers who are simply more experienced in subversion, and all that keeps them from self-destruction, is your destruction. If you want to live, the pattern of life is what you must practice. Turn them over and get a job; drop your weapons and join civilization, because the end is coming for your organizations—soon.