Foreign Policy Suitable for Thieves and Killers

Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Austria, Egypt, Russia, Lebanon, the Palestinian Territories… We have to wonder why so many nations hate America. In many instances it is due to envy and corruption itself, but unfortunately, there have been many victims of our great strength as well. Since America’s inception, attempts have been made to subvert her every facet of wealth. Our armies, economic strength, and international influence have all been bent to serve evil in very powerful ways, all carefully kept from the public eye.

There are many thieving rich in the country who have no intention of honoring the Republic. They don’t care who the President is or what format the citizenship has voluntarily agreed to. They want whatever their interests lean towards and will commit any atrocity to influence those outcomes. Such men are consumed by the psychotic pursuit of dominance—the cognitive replacement for an esteem and stature their wealth has not given them—a vacuum filled by a vehement wrath towards all those who do not bend to their will.

War at its worst is letters to parents in one room, accounts receivable in the other. This is the Spirit Murderer’s kind of artificial business—the sure thing, with devastation as gravy. But the covert side is much more sinister. We live the dream as Americans in this land of opportunity, and wonder how anyone rational could hate such a place. The media fuels this obvious lapse of reason while the true controversy remains hidden. We would be shocked to find the conspiracies to be true: families being murdered; towns and villages ransacked with their land and resources being given, not just to oil companies, but to individuals in our own country. Such victims wouldn’t experience America through our lifestyle. All they would know of it would be the helicopters overhead; the abductions, the Nazi-style purges, the drug wars, and the political assassinations. When the camps were opened at the close of WWII, the German people were stunned by the extent of Hitler’s atrocities, and carried an immense guilt for what they unleashed upon the world. We have to ensure that Americans are never in for similar shocks. No, such things are not done in our spirit, but are they being done in our name? Is our foreign policy spreading conquest while claiming to spread freedom? By taking our eyes off our institutions, we are ominously vulnerable to earning the spite of many countries, and to atone, any chance of this happening must be constantly scrutinized, exposed, rectified, and the perpetrators dealt with harshly.