Free and Open Research, Investigations, and Reporting

We as a people must honor free speech above all and its political check, investigative reporting. There is a war on independent research at present, due to the heavy level of covert action attempting to sway mass sentiment, and the need to cover it up. Independent investigators are heroes for truth. They perform a dangerous job for minute compensation, fighting for justice, fairness, our safety and health—all that is right for a patriot and a decent human being to pursue. They are acutely aware of the long-term consequences from taking the easy way out—accepting lies and inaction when deep investigation and strong protest is called for. They act to raise awareness as our first line of defense against evil, and persist as a thorn in the side of the guilty. America must earn the right to say “We honor and protect our seekers.” We have a peaceful, wholesome world to gain from their brave effort, with only the risk of acknowledgement on our part. They risk it all.

When enough evidence is gathered, we need citizen panels with subpoena authority should the court justices be compromised. When significant laws are passed to protect the people, they are quickly circumvented by the corrupt rich who have unlimited time and money available to undermine public intent. We need untapped resources to match. What if we utilized the wisdom we have sitting idle in retirement homes all over the country? Give those able among our learned elders the grand purpose of becoming investigators and researchers, guarding the American republic from high profile crimes and exposing those who commit them.

Lastly, any pertinent information uncovered needs to reach reporters with the courage to act on it. Unfortunately, most in today’s lame-stream media are compromised. Too often, we have seen their evasive commentary: news anchors paid NOT to know why, confounded by the obvious, unable to ask hard questions or reach any logical conclusions. Some are naturals at it. Others are victims themselves; held hostage by their career disillusionment. Look at their dilemma: those who thrive on lies are elevated quickly and compensated well. Those of integrity who hesitate are threatened with job loss or outright career destruction.  So what choice is left to them? Most journalists capitulate and say what they are told to say, avoid what they are told to avoid, write what they are told to write about, and defend what they are told to defend—and those watching can smell it. Free speech for the commentator, an American moral imperative, no longer exists. All such commentators today should start off by shrugging and saying, “This is what my boss told me to say.”

Imagine being a journalist in the honorable, original sense—a crusader for truth—loving the creative process, finding the missing pieces, offering clarity, writing and speaking eloquently as a beacon of hope for all those you reach. Then see the gatekeepers to your dream penalizing you for every attribute that makes your chosen life and career worthwhile. If you insist on reporting the news unfiltered, you see yourself quickly run out of your field as the five media companies left in America all know the dangers of an honest man. Still, while the corrupt rich fight to consolidate the carcass of a media no longer trusted, alternatives are cropping up. Free voices are going independent through blogging and Internet radio. Their audiences are growing as the unfiltered truth and dealing in subjects with no boundaries resonates with an interest no censored commercial media source can compete with. The censors are not the masters of your fate, you are. Reclaim your moral role in America and shine like you were meant to.