Poison by Land, Sea, and Air

“Mistakes of this size are never made innocently.”

–Ayn Rand

Nowadays, we see jets fly high overhead leaving long contrails; but instead of dissipating quickly as normal, the contrails expand wider and wider until they become a general haze. As described by Professor David Keith on the BBC show HARDTalk, jet-sprayed aerosols, known as chemtrails, are the government’s attempt to control climate change. But what is in this haze?

Environmentalists and concerned citizens around the world have been monitoring a buildup of heavy metals in air, rainwater, and soil in areas of heavy chemtrail activity. Soil samples in Alberta show aluminum 7 times higher than safe limits. A 2008 air quality report in Phoenix showed barium at 278x toxic limits, copper at 98x toxic limits, manganese at 5,820x toxic limits, zinc at 593x toxic limits, cadmium at 126x toxic limits, chromium at 282x toxic limits, nickel at 169x toxic limits, aluminum at 6,400x toxic limits, iron at 28,000x toxic limits, magnesium at 5x toxic limits, potassium at 793x toxic limits, and sodium at 16x toxic limits. Forty more samples have been tested since then, most showing high levels of aluminum. Several websites and organizations are now collecting reports on elevated toxin levels from around the world in soil, air, water, and blood samples.

Should a group wish to choke off all life on the planet, this seems like a good way to do it. The Nazi’s deceived people to their deaths by herding them into a box and gassing them. We spray hornet’s nests and spiders to keep them at bay, and now we are being sprayed like bugs. The cover story is geoengineering to help the environment or weather modification for military purposes, but the results are poisons, well above safety limits, raining down on all plant, animal, and human life, polluting the entire food chain. In these areas, plants are dying, wildfires are raging, and nothing will grow. More recent reports involve the jet-aerosol spraying of lithium and freeze-dried blood over cities. Lithium is highly toxic and is prescribed by psychiatrists as a mood stabilizer. Why not Prozac? Or maybe eggs and toast? Breakfast anytime: just step outside.

We experience yearly cycles—spring, summer, fall, and winter—but there are 1000 year cycles, 10,000 year cycles, and more. Some Earth cycles are so big we cannot yet comprehend their sources. They could have multiple causative factors working in conjunction to yield specific conditions, none of which we can control. What can we control? Limiting pollution is inherently sound; there is direct evidence that all living things benefit. Get close to an exhaust pipe and you start coughing; easy enough to validate. So generating pollution on an industrial scale, such as spraying megatons of noxious chemicals and nano-metals into the atmosphere that are detrimental to all life, is not rational. To ascribe some loopy scientific justification for it just defies belief over what is not addressed.

At a climate geoengineering conference in 2009, solar expert Dane Wigington questioned, “Numerous air quality studies including from the California Air Quality Resource Board have named sub-micron sized particulates as being particularly harmful for human respiration. Through all the discussions today, I have not heard any mention of this fallout and has this been studied? And also the effects of a highly reactive metal like aluminum on toxifying soils and waters?” Professor David Keith responded, “…it’s not even close to being an issue.” Mr. Wigington replied, “So ten megatons of aluminum dumped into the atmosphere would have no human health impacts?” Professor Keith responded, “We haven’t done anything serious on alumina and so there could be something terrible we find tomorrow; we haven’t looked at it.” Professor Keith maintained that this was all theoretical and had not progressed beyond mathematical calculations, but evidence suggests they have been spraying such aerosols since the 1990’s. Government agencies are dumping these compounds in the sky around the world but claim they have performed NO studies to see if it may be harmful to human and animal life, plant life, and crops, and that they may have a big problem down the road…they simply don’t know. They have no idea if aluminum is harmful to Man? Barium? Strontium? This is not blissful ignorance; this is science fraud and attempted mass murder. Toxic heavy metals are bad for people; in nano form, they are devastating. Saving the atmosphere requires human poisons? I don’t think so. Getting rid of humans requires human poisons.

The cover story isn’t even sound. Professor Keith claims the haze hides the earth from the sun, helping it to cool, when like sitting in a hot car with the windows rolled up, it does the exact opposite. Climate scientist Joyce Penner explained that thin clouds such as those produced by the jet-sprayed aerosols will warm the atmosphere (accelerating the effects of global warming), a viewpoint backed by data and the government’s own reports. It should be noted that Professor Keith’s work extends beyond applied physics, as he also serves as Professor of Public Policy. It is not surprising a media spokesman has been assigned to reinterpret this homicidal program for public consumption.

What we breathe, eat, and drink needs to be clean. All safety norms for toxins we encounter need to be front and center and monitored openly and carefully. If anything is out of line, it is our constitutional right (those reserved by the people) to stop what is being done—by tax revolt or other government boycott—until the imbalance is corrected. Our founding fathers inserted such a statement to address what they could not anticipate. We should add an amendment to the Constitution to ban the dumping of toxins by any organized group in our air, water, or land.