Free Trade Agreements or FAIR Trade Agreements?

Free-trade can mean “unregulated commerce” or it can mean “take what you want without paying for it.” Those attempting deceit use one meaning for political cover, while they accomplish the other. Its result is that our markets are unprotected, allowing slave nations to trade without penalties for their human rights violations.

Free trade does not mean there are no tariffs between nations. Such coalitions as NAFTA and the World Trade Organization intentionally suppress that the point of free trade is first and foremost to see the people free.

To give a looter’s government the right to trade with America on equal terms translates into windfall profits for any nation employing slaves. If immoral men in American corporations set up shop there, it’s easy money; it is the perfect slave/master relationship. The slave nation’s army keeps the prisoners in line and their government gets a cut, producing goods sold abroad—far away from the murders, the cries, and the filth. That translates into healthy profits on the glossy pages of quarterly reports for international companies and a supposedly better standard of living for Americans as it masks our true inflationary environment. This makes it impossible for honest corporations at home to compete and permits coercive American monopolies to exist in the slave nations—outside the range of our laws, while reinforcing the slave nation’s uncivil regimes. This is the Spirit Murderer’s idea of social progress.

Free trade was not meant to be a megalomaniac’s benefit, but a citizen’s benefit. Until and unless these agreements accomplish what the civilized world expects of them, and unless they are crafted openly and subject to public scrutiny, they should be abolished.