Freedom from Cancer, Part 1

Many years ago I was engaged to a wonderful girl. With her literature background, she became my copy editor, and we enjoyed a magical, romantic discourse over philosophy and the bright futures we were free to define and pursue. As time went on, due to our vibrant and varied interests, we had moved on to other life experiences, but we stayed close emotionally with the prospect of reuniting once our careers took shape and things settled down. It was not to be. One day she called to say she had cancer; she was stage four at diagnosis and they didn’t tell her how long she had. I wanted to drop everything and look for a cure, but I was struggling not to drown myself due to the economic collapse. I told her what I knew, knowing she was every bit as capable to find the answers and solve this as I was. She bounced back well initially, then slowly began to deteriorate. After fighting for many years, she was talked into chemotherapy and I knew it was over. She slipped into a coma after a six-month quarantine following a bone marrow transplant and died three months later. I was devastated by this. My future was devastated by this. So I find myself manically researching cancer cures years later, still trying to save her.

What I’ve run into with cancer research is story after story of doctors doggedly harassed by the FDA for helping patients get better. The more promising their research and results, the more harassment they have suffered. Usually dismissed out of hand, when the evidence is unavoidable and finally acknowledged to justify pursuing trials, the FDA conducts them slipshod with blatant violations of the doctor’s protocols to guarantee failure. Though statistics show a typical success rate between 80-90% with the doctor’s unhampered treatments versus 2% for chemotherapy and radiation (and 2 of every 3 conventional patients dies within 5 years), subjects are often forced to endure the gauntlet of high-dollar toxic chemotherapy and radiation before they are even allowed to try alternatives. By then, their immune system is knocked down so severely, they are lucky to respond to anything.

If you or a loved one is suffering from cancer, here is a brief rundown of the therapies I have encountered and the prices paid by those who have pioneered their discovery:

Anti-neoplastons: 60% success rate. Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski is the first doctor ever to have cured brain cancer. He found that peptides and amino acids, which he termed anti-neoplastons, were present in the fluids of healthy people but absent in those with cancer. Reintroduction of the anti-neoplastons immediately reversed the progress of the cancer. He has been viciously attacked by the FDA/AMA/Texas Medical Board and sued continuously for twenty years, who have made repeated attempts to steal his patents. You can witness the atrocious conduct of the government and media in real time regarding Dr. Burzynski’s cures today. Watch Burzynski – The Movie on YouTube. Clinic is in Houston, TX. Visit

GcMAF Immunotherapy: (Gc protein derived microphage activating factor). 90% success rate. Nagalase, an enzyme released by most cancers, keeps macrophages (large white blood cells) dormant. Glycoproteins are used to reawaken macrophages and jumpstart the immune system. Lots of people have been killed over this one. In 2015 alone, ten doctors in Florida researching GcMAF have gone missing or been murdered (I suspect they discovered the presence of nagalase in vaccines). GcMAF has the power to reverse the symptoms of autism (25-85% recovery rate), undoing all of the hard work the CDC has done to destroy our children. Restoring 20 immune responses in the body, GcMAF treats over 50 different diseases and 38 types of cancer. Do it yourself: GOleic food supplements have been developed and are available internationally online.
Visit: and

Rife Machines: 93% success rate. The sonic destruction of pathogens. Royal Rife, a microbiologist, invented the first high-magnification microscope. Scientists theorized about miniature worlds of microbes and viruses, but it was Royal Rife who showed this world to mankind. He also found that microbes resonated at certain sound frequencies, which if fed back to them, they could not withstand. He developed a frequency generator that could hone in on specific parasites and kill them, restoring the cells they invaded and supercharging the immune system. The AMA viciously attacked Royal Rife’s work and he died penniless. Do it yourself: Frequency generators can be bought online, but are somewhat expensive ($3-5k) and most appropriate for those with advanced stages of disease. Visit for more information. Hulda Clark “Zappers” are more economical for do-it-yourself health maintenance.

Dr. Hulda Clark and The Cure for All Diseases: 95% success rate. Dr. Clark maintained that only two things were responsible for ill health: parasites and pollution, which often worked in tandem. Dr. Clark found a particular parasite recurring with every major disease. With cancer, the particular bug is Fasciolopsis Buskii, a flat worm. She developed a simple device called a zapper, which instantly kills parasites, bacteria, viruses, and molds in the bloodstream without needing to know their specific frequencies, and she treated cancer and other diseases with a combination of zapping, elimination of solvents and industrial pollution from the patient’s body and environment, good nutrition, and digestive cleanses. Her work in many ways is the culmination of the best-known treatments, and offers the most extensively documented resources. Remarkably, Hulda Clark didn’t attempt to patent anything; she gave away 100% of her research freely, teaching people to heal themselves better, with less pain, and for less money than can be done in the American medical system. Do it yourself: Critical and defiant of the medical profession’s constant withholding of better methods, she laid out all of her protocols, printed diagrams of her electronic devices, and described her methods in her books in every detail. She offered the world a priceless level of independence from corrupt medicine, was attacked viciously for it and continues to be. Thank you Dr. Clark, for living by “First, do no harm”, and let her life be a lesson to practitioners who act more like lawyers than doctors today. Visit For a free download of The Cure for All Diseases, go to

Essiac Tea: 73% success rate. A tea of four or more herbs known to kill cancer cells, centering on the sheep sorrel weed. Passed on to Rene Caisse in the 1920’s, a nurse from Canada, and originally formulated by an Ojibway medicine man. Harassed by the Canadian Health Ministry during her 50 years of healing others. Do it yourself: formula available online and in books. Visit

Gerson Therapy: 100% success rate. Floods the body with nutrients from 15-20 pounds of organically grown fruits and vegetables daily; mostly in juice form. Liver detox/immune system boost with up to five coffee enemas per day. Max Gerson had considerable success with his therapy and endured lifelong harassment by organized medicine. Believed killed by Big Pharma via arsenic poisoning (though the AMA/FDA trend is one final insult: to claim the pioneers died of cancer). Do it yourself: protocols are online and in books. Clinic is in San Diego, CA. Visit

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