Freeing Our Money: Sound Money and Sound Banking

In a mortal struggle for power, currency control has changed hands from public to private eight times since our country’s inception. The conflict lies at the base of our right of property, and the desire of the corrupt elite to rob us of it. The safe store of value sought by Man is not to be found in commodities such as gold or silver. It is found in human productivity, that part of a man’s life that is spent sustaining his existence. This is an inexhaustible and incorruptible source of wealth—replenished and consumed again, every single day. The question to ask the Federal Reserve is, “What moral action have you taken to bring this money into existence?”

Our monetary system was the first terrorist attack on the United States. Every great evil the corrupt rich have been able to perpetrate since, stems from it. It is time to end this threat; the future of the civilized world depends on it. We must take away their power to create money with no balancing creation of value. We must remove their power to make money scarce or plenty. We must stop paying interest on money we never borrowed in the first place. No more secret meetings. No subversive political influence. No more means to engineer depressions.


“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” —Thomas Jefferson, 1809


Imagine waiting at a checkout, watching a man who charged up a credit card until it gets declined, then another, then another. You see him with a whole stack, frustratingly trying to secure his purchase and you know he is on the road to doom. We pity such predicaments. Think of your own sensible spending habits and careful budgeting. Now imagine someone like him taking your credit cards and doing this, leaving you to pay it all back. That is Quantitative Easing.

We cannot spur an aging population to spend through monetary stimulus; not when the mass of our citizens are preparing for retirement. Under such circumstances, a long-term economic contraction is appropriate and predictable. Charging up our credit cards and getting all other countries to do the same just spells worldwide bankruptcy, weakened sovereignty, and will result in an attempt to dissolve our more perfect union in favor of one despotic world government.

Capitalism is not impervious to the devastation of an ill-conceived monetary system. When foundations are laid poorly, all that is built on them is at risk of collapse. To solve the problem, all debt-based currencies worldwide must be abolished. We can start here by replacing Federal Reserve notes with debt-free U.S. Treasury notes, resulting in an immediate savings of $360 billion plus per year. Our income tax burden would be cut in half with no loss of government services. The concept of fractional reserve banking must be abolished as well. No one gets to generate interest on money they never earned to begin with. No central interest rate controls. No inflation booms and contraction busts. By rebuilding our system on full reserve banking, every girder is real. All Americans should profit by the fairness of the design.

No Presidential platform is worthwhile today unless it addresses currency reform, assuring transparency, accountability, and guarding against unwarranted political influence. Never again should we let private banks control and issue our money, thereby permitting a secret government to rise, challenge, and undermine the morally sanctioned government agreed upon by all.