High Profile Crime Investigations: The Elder Solution

If you are retired, you are in the perfect position to investigate high profile crimes. Your livelihood is not at risk. You have professional credibility and extensive life experience. Most importantly, you have the same amount of time to match what the sick rich dedicate to enslaving us all. Most citizens in their busy middle years do not. Besides, you have lived a full life. If there are any risks to take, it is the right time to take them. And with the mortgage interest shield mentioned earlier, you can pay you house off sooner, retire sooner, and bring more youthful vibrancy to the cause. You should not be sitting idle. With your wide field of view, you deserve to be heard. This could be the most significant part of your life: your vision and legacy.

We don’t honor our elders in America as they do in other cultures; we need to change. Aging isn’t shameful. It should be recognized as an ascension: a rite of passage. Dismissing our elders and evading our own aging selves by trying to keep up with the latest youth trends is what is shameful. We should stay as youthful and vibrant as long as we can, of course, but aging can and should be a graceful and respected process that grants us greater authority and greater control. We all want to pass down what we have learned, and those who are younger should have reason to look up to us for our knowledge and daily conduct. It doesn’t matter how old you are: to stay relevant, all you have to do is stay involved. If you have lost momentum, start it back up: a little more each day and you will recover your potency faster than you ever imagined.

We have this incredible, untapped resource: millions of great minds wasting away in front of televisions and in retirement homes when they could be making a significant impact on the moral direction of our country. They have given us so much and have endured so much to do so; cherish them. Listen to them. Let’s get citizens groups run by our respected elders started. Crafts time is over. Save us.