What Would American Socialism Look Like?

The Socialist Utopia

What would life look like if America turned socialist? In a socialist economy, you don’t peruse a coffee isle with many brands to choose from; you get a paper sack of dirt and beans with COFFEE written on the side, if at all; and all other products are of the same stale, no-brand quality. Everything is rationed, proportionate to party status. Instead of vast supermarkets and countless choices, there is coffee day, bread day, fish day, lard day, and each time you stand in line for hours—rain, sleet, or snow. Every few weeks the quality drops—the meat more rancid, the lard more spoiled, the bread more stale—and your family’s health is deteriorating along with it.

Everything you own is now the property of the State. Soon there is a family living in your basement; then another taking half your home. Then you will be permitted one room, then one corner of the room. Can you complain? Don’t dare: they own thought, too. Independent judgment and freedom were American attributes and free trade capitalism was its outgrowth, all thrown away with the bathwater. Now, such an approach to life is banned. As the Bush family motto implies, “Support us or you are the enemy.” Do you imagine your head still held high in sacrifice for the great communal ideal?

We hear about the drunken parties of those in good standing; we see their red cheeks and healthy skin, while we’re all bones and dark circles. We watch our energy being recklessly consumed, whose replenishing consists of a whip on our backs. Express a complaint, let anything slip, and you’re dead.

Imagine walking down the street with no right to the contents of your pockets, with even your smallest day-to-day preparations and simplest conveniences thwarted. Hoarding they call it. Imagine restraining yourself from showing any sign of ability or even giving an opinion for fear of being enslaved or martyred. This is an example of where all the tenets of Spirit Murder—emergency ethics, sacrifice, selfless servitude, and infirmity worship—align under one institutional structure. It has engulfed half the world’s governments, and such premises are responsible for the moral and economic trauma in America as well. All the world’s see and seize policies from military conquest to welfare, alimony, and unfair taxation are the mongrel cancer of altruist fantasy; the desire of the inept to be powerful, of the ugly to be beautiful, of the sick to be healthy, and to gain it all by devouring those who are.

As ninety-nine percent or more of our lives is not spent in foxholes or running from tornadoes, it should be clear that sound moral guidance concentrates on long-range human progress under the conditions that make settled life possible. Morality is concerned with the proper method of producing and accumulating values—not with their relinquishment, and mankind’s institutions must reflect that. The next time you hear a call for sacrifice, make sure they jump first. It is senseless to claim that men must enter into predicaments where they have no choice but to come out with less; that wars are necessary for technological advances; that people must die for life to go on—this is all the cannibal insanity of an abandoned mind.



If socialist dictatorships are so interested in peace, why do they require a purge of every idea which is not theirs? It is the theory that any distrust is disunity—a sickness that must be eradicated in order for the system to survive. Any public interest outside their control is a pressure point to be eliminated. Any other form of power is a threat. Censorship fulfills the promise to destroy families, infusing youth with a drunken sense of power over their own parents. A word whispered against the State—true or contrived—will get them hauled away. Parents and contrarian thinkers live in fear, as all loyalties and rational hierarchies are erased in obedience to the State.



Soviet citizens know that an American living in a slum is wealthier than any inhabitant of a country disallowing free expression. They know—likely by first-hand experience—that poverty is infinitely preferable to the physical and spiritual straight-jacket of Communism, where human beings are reduced to the living-code of ants, unable to use their cognitive tools, tormented by life itself, with no chance to rise.

We have witnessed the horrific defections attempted at any cost from all socialist countries, most clearly from East to West Berlin as children were shot in the back while trying to flee. Can any socialist premise be supported when you see its citizens running for their lives? Another way to comprehend the truth and intention of socialist governments is to compare the results by war percentages: the number killed, the number wounded, and the number missing. Socialism shows percentages such as: 20 percent, 50 percent, 10 percent. Capitalism shows percentages such as: .001, .01, and .001, which are a direct result of the American Bill of Rights. So which style of government establishes true peace on Earth? Socialism/Communism is efficient only in horror, perhaps destroying five thousand lives to feed five hundred. It is another name for declaring war on one’s own people.


Invasion and Immigration

Ask anyone living under a socialist system how many times their family’s savings has been wiped out by currency inflation, how often their homes have been ransacked and how many loved ones have been carted away, never to be seen again. In America, we have no emergencies to recover from day after day, and the more sane and less restrictive our social system, the rarer they are to occur. In fact, in civil times, the number of proper sacrificial scenarios is exactly…none. The only screaming heard on U.S. soil, is at our amusement parks.

Free countries hold the moral right to invade and emancipate slave countries when the risks are reasonable. Doing so, their people would no longer need to seek asylum, eliminating immigration problems in the United States. No one wants to leave their homes anyway; some rulers just make it impossible to stay.

Man’s greatest weapon against men has always been altruism; or the sacrifice of self to others. I say to mankind, “I’ll carry you to safety on my back, but don’t expect to stay there.” We have many challenges in America, but demolishing our system and abandoning our fundamentals in preference to socialism is not the answer. Personal sovereignty is the hallmark of civilization, not voluntary enslavement. We must demolish the organizations that have chosen this fate for us.