Liberation from Heart Disease

Both of my parents had heart blockages. One chose angioplasty (stents), which temporarily relieves only those small areas, like unclogging a drain. The other asked for alternatives and was told of EDTA intravenous treatment (known as chelation therapy). This treatment removes calcium from the entire system, lowering the risk of stroke as well. Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) was created by government scientists to combat lead poisoning in citizens due to painting warships in WW2. It binds with heavy metals and draws them out of the body. MD’s of the time posited that it should help heart patients as well since the plaque in arteries is made up of calcium, which is a heavy metal. Curing heart disease however, is as popular with the sick rich as curing cancer, so doctors experimenting with EDTA have suffered the same scale of harassment and legal barriers from the same coercive monopolies.

For 50 years, EDTA has been the standard FDA approved treatment for heavy metal poisoning, but not for heart conditions. After 50 years of stonewalling, a $30 million double blind study proved EDTA effective in the treatment of heart disease, with up to a 50% reduction in cardiac events. Though it has wildly outstripped the efficacy of current treatments, the FDA continues to drag its feet with technical delays on implementation. Fortunately, oral supplements are available that can be taken daily to provide some level of protection. Intravenous care is also available by specialists.

The decision is yours. Spend $50,000 on heart surgery: it will slow down, alter, and limit your life forever and will not improve your lifespan. Or, spend $1,500 for EDTA chelation therapy: you will no longer need surgery and your living vibrancy can return, but the heart surgeon will not get his new Ferrari. He will have to go into another form of medicine or perhaps get a second job. The prestigious heart center will be foreclosed on instead of your home. You get to live a long time and die of natural causes.

For all major diseases in America, only the highest profit treatments are permitted by law, while their effectiveness is minimized to assure continuity of need. Chemotherapy and radiation are so bad that NO treatment statistically results in a longer life span, and you can do nothing at all, FOR FREE. The grand buildings you see—cancer research centers, heart research centers—they are funded by the immense cost of treatment, and are a tribute, not to patients, but to the supposed “great” men who established the facility in the same spirit as kings building castles; a monument to themselves. In America’s beginning, the modesty of our government structures was a moral spectacle in itself by contrast. Traditional cancer and heart disease treatments—the two biggest killers of Man—are approaching $1 trillion per year each. The income from all alternative therapies put together could not fund these developments, which is as it should be.