Politics and Internal Corruption

In a perfect world, we can trust our leaders. Those running the government should be as fully accountable as the citizens they serve; they shouldn’t also be tied to huge corporations privately benefiting from every policy decision. We haven’t reached a perfect world because many of those now in power don’t want it. Our laws and foreign policies should be geared to protect our country and honor personal freedoms everywhere; not to confiscate or pillage America or foreign lands.

Politicians can get so corrupt that all of their decisions begin to affect us directly. When those with ties to military or infrastructure contractors get into office, questionable events often occur that raise tensions in the world, resulting in misery for the citizens and massive profits for the companies they represent (for example, Johnson/Bell Helicopter and more recently, Bush/Carlyle Group/Bin-Laden Group). Our richest citizens and political families aren’t supposed to get rich by systematically ripping off the rest. Mass deception is not forgivable. Life-taking actions are not forgivable. Incivility is not forgivable. By morally empowering all men, we will take from them this power.

Sidestepping your consciousness allows immoral people endless opportunities to hide their motivations. Clean motives have nothing to worry about; they enjoy an audience. Deadly motives loath awareness, and in self-defense, therefore demand it. We must require full disclosure to follow and record everything politicians do. This includes full financial disclosure keeping all accounts public, including a regular means test for personal acquisitions.

This isn’t a land we are going to surrender to corrupt politicians or filthy artists or welfare frauds. This is American soil. If you love it, you’ve got to fight for it. We must dissolve political corruption and moral disunity inside America before we can be truly effective solving problems outside. We must know for certain what the politicians are doing in our name, and bring to this world the honor that every child expects to encounter in adulthood.