Sex and Gender Equality

Women needn’t feel inadequate relative to men. A lesser physical power is not a sign of lower worth, but the simple mechanics of calculating the forces present. If you encountered a stampeding elephant or a speeding car, do you try to reason with it, or get out of the way? The essential difference between men and women is physical, but their cognitive power is identical, and cognitive power encompasses the majority of an individual’s worth. Still, when push comes to shove, men are designed to be stronger.

By emulating male traits, feminists arrive at a miserable pseudo-equality that is of no greater value to anyone. Women’s Libbers carry the sin of cognitive collusion—that others define them, that others must deal with them in a tailored way or their glass world is in jeopardy. They claim productive women should be a part of their cause, but what they sell them is an inferiority complex—believing they must convince every contrasting opinion and fight every transgression. Not to dodge every obstacle, but to be tripped up by every one of them. Why live in tension against unchangeable facts instead of expanding the range of what one does have and can build on?

The gender roles of protector and procreator will always exist; they are mankind’s very moral-biological foundation. The value both genders bring to the table should not be spoken of as being of greater or lesser importance; both are essential, and women typically have the longer-range perspective. This depth is critical for us all to understand the greater impact our actions have on the world.

In the working world, integration is the answer, where everyone gets to witness the fact of our like cognitive power for itself. Equal pay for equal work is of course deserved, but should be quit over, not sued for. Our incapacity to judge our chances, a bad joke, or a crass comment does not justify a transfer of our assets to you. Be a man! Just deal with it.