Single Mothers and Fatherless Children

When children are not planned by two dedicated people in love, they become an ominous cloud over America’s future. Three instances come to mind, which threaten our integrity and freedom more effectively than most any other issue. Let’s start with welfare.

A conspiring couple may say “The government will give us $X for the production of each baby. The government wants babies! If we control costs and push the remaining burden onto the shoulders of others, we won’t have to work!” Obviously the thought-process of the lowest substratum, do we really want to expand it? Of course it is folly to imagine this couple would stay together for the children. Such people live without deep values. Love and commitment are fleeting, so they quickly separate. Welfare pays for up to seven children; does anyone see a trend in that most welfare moms have seven kids before showing any self-discipline regarding their pregnancies? With responsible, self-supporting couples producing two children on average every 20-30 years, the lethargic, careless, and uneducated are outpacing us by more than 3 to 1, and with the geometric progression of their fifteen-year generation cycle, it is much worse than that. Since welfare was instituted it has become a full-blown epidemic. In 1960, only five percent of births were out of wedlock. Today, thirty-five percent of all births in America are illegitimate. The acceleration of the trend and its implications are so horrific, I can barely summon the courage to contemplate it.

What about accidental cases, such as when teens get pregnant? Both the boy and girl involved are just scared kids themselves. Most often, the boy panics and runs as he is far from prepared for children and family. If she chooses to keep the child, she has committed herself to care for another for longer than she has even been alive. With no education and no means of livelihood, seventy-seven percent of teen mothers are on welfare within five years of the child’s birth. Unfortunately she transfers this plight and her family enters the cycle of poverty, as children raised on welfare are seven times more likely to become dependent on welfare than are other children.

Last are women who intentionally trap men. We constantly hear of crackdowns on “dead-beat dads,” but the topic of how they often originate remains hidden and deserves serious light: Dead-beat Mothers. Defaulting on life, her goal is to have her future assured—to force a man into a position where he no longer has a choice but to support her. Trapping a spouse is among the worst long-range acts of malice, as it permanently affects so many; the child most of all.It usually backfires anyway; over 80% of the time, a trapped spouse leaves.

The evidence resulting from these decisions is irrefutable. Children deprived of a father are far more likely to be involved in criminal activity than those in a two-parent household. Statistics reveal fatherless children to be:


  1. 72% of all teenage murderers.
  2. 60% of rapists.
  3. 70% of kids incarcerated.
  4. Twice as likely to quit school.
  5. 11 times more likely to be violent.
  6. 3 of 4 teen suicides.
  7. 80% of the adolescents in psychiatric hospitals.
  8. 90% of runaways.

Sources: National Fatherhood Initiative (U.S.A.), US Bureau of Census (U.S.A.), FBI (U.S.A.)


These are kids rebelling against a world they feel doesn’t care about them. They feel they weren’t good enough to stick around for, when in fact, they were not the cause of their father’s abandonment—aimlessness, panic or fraud was—but by then it is too late. I certainly don’t excuse men who use women, but predatory men hurt feelings, while predatory women forever alter human lives. To secure financial support, the more callous women can effectively vilify the father in the child’s eyes and make it almost impossible for him to see his children, and the law isn’t helping:

“Father-deprivation is a serious form of child abuse that is institutionalized and entrenched within our legal system. Powerful sexist people have a vested interest in diminishing the role of men, especially their role as fathers. Research proves that children thrive with the active and meaningful participation of both biological parents, and is true for post-divorce families.”

—“Child Custody or Child Abuse”, Victoria Times-Colonist, Jan 8, 1998

“While the law allows women to turn casual sex into cash flow sex, Penelope Leach, in her book Children First, poses an essential question: “Why is it socially reprehensible for a man to leave a baby fatherless, but courageous, even admirable, for a woman to have a baby whom she knows will be so?”

—Amy Alkon

To foster this, a woman is given a clear legal pattern for transgression upon a man. A man must finance the endeavor, regardless of what a woman does to conceive. The legal and moral response to securing values through fraud in any other realm is time and restitution, but in this case, the penalties are reserved for the victim. Men are legally defenseless; it is the most convenient way to steal the life-force of another.

Our own President has said, “The real problem is unwed mothers”, yet the government honors their pattern. As sound family is the foundation of society, its violation is a foundational weakness for the country. The law cannot encourage illegitimate children—it must break the pattern. Nine times out of ten, if she knew she couldn’t get away with it, it would never happen. If welfare seekers could get no more money after two children, they would get fixed after two. “There is nothing as heart-wrenching as a hungry child?” Well, it is nothing compared to the collapse of a nation by internal corruption. Overpopulation, rent-control slums, inner-city crime and societal breakdown… the whole problem and all the devastation it spawns would be reduced back to 2-5% of total births, were it not honored by law.

In the meantime, a useful reminder for us all is that Sex leads to babies! Before you do it, ask yourself, “Would I want a child with this person?” if the answer is no, go home!

Relationships and parenting are too important to be indulged in casually. Kids need both mom and dad for their best chance to turn out well, and a man has a right to wait for the conditions he finds conducive to his being a good mate and father. Children must be a product of love, trust, mutual respect, and sound life progression—not of fraud, contempt, and aimlessness. This is the greatest moral obligation of women, and the route to their highest pride as a patriot. You have to know that by your actions, you will build a strong family, which in turn builds a stronger America. Face it bravely: only have children with a man who openly wants children with you. Until this glaring vulnerability is corrected, the future of our country will be in jeopardy. The world needs to see it clearly: motherhood is only beautiful with the father’s consent. Waiting for the right time, our future children will be given much more spiritually than what a drained, unhappy parent could share.