Socialism for America: Why Not?

There has been a resurgence of this governing concept since the economic collapse; it has grown in popularity with the young as they run from one evil they’ve seen in practice towards another they haven’t, so we need to understand its true nature and result.

Politically, moral subversion takes the form of social systems set up in countries that claim will provide the people with much more wealth than is possible in America, and ends up doing just that—for the politically connected one percent—and slaughters the rest. Whether we are sacrificed to a god or to a State, the result is the same. No matter the benefactor, it is the sacrifice of life as a means of survival. Spirit Murderers consider voluntary sacrifice the highest moral gift. Then they omit appreciation and make gift-giving involuntary. The hidden intent is to take the moral dilemma out of stealing, but take a look at the nature of a gift. A gift can be given only after our sustenance is secured, but they expand the concept to demand everything we have, claiming an even greater joy will be had—not the panic that actually ensues. Having no personal boundaries or rights to anything we create, ultimately pits us all against each other. History records another name for this affront to civility: Socialism, which is just a confused moral cover for slavery. The honorable American system of “payment for services rendered” is evil to the Fear-driven as they do not intend to pay. Likewise, they don’t ask for payment, because they don’t intend to produce anything of value.

Socialism sees a man, whether he is doctor or a janitor, as a human body. The same body gets the same payment, regardless of its contribution. Socialism is a subversive exaltation of the working class, which dissolves all other classes and places the majority of living action under centralized control. Only the top level makes decisions. To them, disagreement is a sickness, ability is a sickness, and punishment is the cure. Their foggy ideals are based on nothing but clever ways to expropriate, as robbers sympathetic to all incapacities split up the production generated by those abler. Its inevitable result is degeneration: a cognitive step four loss to the producer resulting in a change of his pattern, which will no longer produce the bounty expected.

Most imagine a dictatorship as a super state of arms with rigid rules, but it isn’t. The rules flow with expediency. They do whatever they want, whenever they want—the simple pattern of roving criminality, sanctioned by law. Hedonism never sells, but disguise the slaughter of others through self-slaughter and ahhh, now you’ve got something.


Marxism and The Communist Manifesto

No book has had a greater impact on the Spirit Murderers than the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx. It permits a zealot to justify every evil he practices but on a world scale, so it deserves a short refutation here.

Marx acknowledges human coexistence by the Submission/ Domination Axis alone, splitting mankind into enemy camps—the bourgeois (pronounced boorzh-wah) and the proletariat—the fascist ruler and the trampled slave. But Americans have no right to use force against each other. No worker is chained to his position or to his class; he is free to seek employment elsewhere and free to climb as high as his ambition allows. Marx’s whole argument against the West is based on a coercion that doesn’t exist.

He condemns free trade, which he considers an affront to “the numberless indefeasible chartered freedoms” given by a tyrannical power that claims to handle everything by dictating every aspect of life. His whole argument for Communism is based as well, on human rights that don’t exist.

Struggling with civilization, Marx admits that “narrow-mindedness becomes more and more impossible.” He condemns productive men for civilizing societies, causing “the barbarian’s intensely obstinate hatred of foreigners to capitulate.” He goes on to say “The more openly this despotism proclaims gain to be its end and aim, the more petty, the more hateful and the more embittering it is.” A Spirit Murderer couldn’t have said it more clearly than that. Despotism is rule by force, which of course free trade isn’t. The motive of profit is the motive of life, which his isn’t. He is right: there is nothing more embittering than serving life if death is what you want. Marx incites workers to destroy imported goods, smash their own machinery, and set factories ablaze—to restore the conditions of the Middle Ages. He outlines the creation of trade unions to organize riotingnot for calm deliberations. He asserts that their mission is to destroy all individual property and any means to acquire or maintain it. A key target of Communism is private property—as for a robber—but don’t think it is just the rich they are after; their definition of bourgeois is “…the middle-class owner of property. This person must, indeed, be swept out of the way, and made impossible.” That’s you and I.

Communism intends to destroy families, as he claims all the callous bourgeois parents do is teach children how to survive. Marx sums up by saying they must seize all capital and equipment, then increase rapidly the productive forces he claimed there was too much of. Cleverly, he counsels against small experiments in Socialism as they indicate failure on any greater scale and counsels as well against any peaceful means of change. Reflecting the Koran, nothing less than a total, savage commitment is worthy of the red cause. He exclaims that “The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains”, poetic chains that don’t actually exist.

If ever there was an economic treatise built purely on a savage tantrum, this is it. His State provides no foundation other than pouncing on what other men have made. There is no economic ideology and no constitution, just a delusional dream of taking control of the world. Sadly enough, by this supposed idealism, they have taken half of it, and with every engineered financial panic, they take more. Any hegemonic interest will pursue socialism, as it is simply the consolidation of power. Imagine turning over the nation to the inmates of an asylum, convicted felons, and welfare leaches. What would they declare as legal? Confiscation, rape, racial genocide, random murder, pure loyalty or else, and censorship, so that no one could speak against them. The result would be organized looting and wholesale slaughter, benefiting only the most ruthless. They say “Socialism is the sacrifice of the individual for the benefit of the whole.” If a cannibal could speak, this would be his argument.


Anti-Biological Pretense

Socialism intends to hold all values static for all men, which is in total contradiction with the flow of life itself, with the biological workings of living organisms, with the weather, you name it. Nothing conforms to a fixed sustenance or a fixed pride for Man except the standards—the axioms they evade. It implies that Man’s answer to life and every move must be perfect off the bat, with no variation. But achievement and happiness are had by conscious effort alone, attained individually to the extent of one’s ability and application. They are never achieved by random means and can never be granted to all men by law. All the law can do is grant the protection necessary to pursue them.

A dictatorship could never keep up in time or depth with the intricate advancements found in every microcosm of free human endeavor, making an attempt at centralized control even more ludicrous. Yet they sell the illusion that they will provide everything for the populace, and are supported by the mass that fears to face life alone.

Spirit Murderers promote the confusion of free meaning uncoerced, with free meaning something for nothing. In America the people are free, the products aren’t, and hence, a massive abundance of products to make life easier. In communist countries, the products are free, the people aren’t, and hence, no products and no life. They seize the results and wipe out the causes, and any future bounty as a consequence. Completion of the 1-4 level pattern of survival is made impossible by Communism. Look at the United Nation’s Bill of Rights. It has thirty articles, where 22, 23, 25 and 29 nullify the rest. The joke is, socialists give men the right to each other, which negates all rights.

Once at a car company, I was ushered into a mass gathering about future products along with hundreds of other employees. Walking into the auditorium, I noticed the social contrast: no huge locks on the doors, as in the Dachau concentration camp showers. Listening, I felt no fear; they didn’t ask for unquestioning trust, but appealed to our rational minds. We were not segregated by our faith, but brought together for our competence. We were not deceived into our deaths, but voluntarily assembled to earn our livings. This is the essence of American Capitalism in action.