The Joy of Institutionalized Poverty

We cringe at the thought of helping the deadbeats in our own families—they are black holes in whom all investment is squandered—but we do it as a nation through welfare, subsidies, and social security. All are the slavery of a faceless victim. Combining a tin cup with a gun, these programs oppose the life-pattern of capitalist action in favor of death-patterns—without intellectual engagement, self-generation, or continuing value, dealing only with the physical matter of consumption. The bleeding hearts only appear that way: the blood is ours.


Some percentage of mankind is comfortable in squalor and will never aspire, but our government is responsible for greatly expanding our slums through welfare. If people never intend to work and are permitted to receive a poverty level allotment, they must then seek housing suitable to their aim. They look for the lowest rent or none at all, and let it go to hell. It isn’t pretty, but it’s free. They learn to stretch that allotment by paying for every third month’s rent, being evicted every quarter. If welfare pays for seven kids, they have seven before considering birth control, as more kids would be their expense. Hence, smart money management combined with absolutely no integrity provides a complete lifestyle. The result is a geometrically expanding plethora of cannibal voters versus the two-child average for a moral, self-supporting family, who vote for the biggest liar while devouring their cities in ruins and decay.

The bad news is, we the productive, cannot escape it. We laughingly try to administer their affairs and hold them accountable to our system, ignoring the implications of their intellectual chaos, which makes sound civil conduct impossible. Rampant ignorance, crime, and bad taste will overwhelm us by sheer numbers, tainting everything in its path with the foul rot of neglect. Should we really give the world away to a segment of the population that has no moral values, no education, no class, and won’t lift a finger to sustain their own lives?

Not to mention our health risk from the loafers at the other end of the spectrum, the thieving rich. For centuries, Malthus has had them targeting the “useless eaters” for annihilation worldwide. With such a focused approach easily detected in the US, the way chosen has been general exposure to contaminants and suppression of cures, expecting the weakest in body and mind to expire first. In this scenario, we are all victims of this diabolical lottery.

Poverty and graft are immoral patterns, which welfare breeds and sanctions. It is not further consumption its recipients need to practice—they have that down—but the pattern of living cognition itself. Welfare entitlements are an anchor, which will drag the country into the abyss if permitted to continue. Frankly, it’s hard to imagine winning either way: cut them off and they will be robbing our homes while we work; kidnapping our children for ransom; mugging us in the street. Life would become a constant peril for the middle class. With jails overloaded, FEMA would get to use their Nazi camps after all. Such would be the new civil war—not between the haves and the have-not’s, but between the wills and the will-not’s.

If people don’t need you, you should be afraid. Personally, I’d rather face the music than continue to pay them to do nothing. I say, sink or swim, like I had to when I joined the adult world at 18. All such government programs should end. They would quickly be replaced by local missions for those who truly need help. If welfare’s recipients have to find honorable sources to survive (given survival is their intent), they will. The rest are doomed.

Social Security

Social Security was a system designed and adopted by the USSR in the 1920’s—a plan to steal the wealth of the nation under the guise of caring for them—which was modified and adopted by the United States in 1935 as a moronic answer to the Great Depression. Since then, money is allotted, money gets stolen. Money is borrowed, money is mismanaged. The New Deal with all its new rights was pure Socialism—and unconstitutional by the way—the spectacle of an oaf generously distributing money he didn’t earn. No matter what mindless ideal a politician pursues, as soon as you are parted from your money, it is gone. If you think it is logical or safe to have faith in the government and then look the other way, just ask any German.

At a minimum, this should be your account at your bank, managed by you but limited to safe instruments, to be drawn on due to specific life requirements—be it medical or financial crisis, and ultimately, retirement.


The forced sanction of a product is just artificial demand: an indication that the product shouldn’t exist. We stockpile milk to help dairy farmers because it is a product that isn’t selling. We push it as a health benefit when next to fluoride, cheese and milk are the worst things we put in our bodies. “Got cancer?” Set those cows free and grow some vegetables.

A person can’t even touch pure fluoride—they would die, but it is difficult to dispose of industrial waste, so it is easier for corporations if you just eat it. How about following up that fluoride treatment with a swig of motor oil?