The Social Classes at War

There are four financial classes in our society: 1) the productive rich, 2) the productive middle, 3) the thieving rich and 4) the loafing poor (outside of political oppression, productive people do not stay poor). Every rational man agrees that no one should be paid for doing nothing, and yet the two latter classes have legal sanction to get away with it. These two are of the exact same rat mindset, and once moral men are out of the way, they are free to split powers, profits, and privileges between themselves and leave the populace to starve.

While struggling to make ends meet, the American middle class has always been considered the richest vat to prey upon by corrupt men. Every day, new laws are passed to place a larger burden on our shoulders while they placate us with budget controls. Spirit Murderers often disguise themselves as vanguards, preaching anti-life or dependency premises, which only necessitate the parasitism and destruction of other men. They have no tolerance to think, to judge or to weigh rational principles, wishing instead to point, shoot, and seize. Fear-driven organizations are designed around the centralization of confiscated energy’s dispersal—a mix of cognition and interaction—to complete the individual living structure. They portray the masses as feeble and helpless and use our compassion to seek control over everyone. They preach that no man can survive alone, and prove it by destroying all those who try. Their laws are designed to penalize independent traits to the extent that we exemplify them. While they withhold acknowledgement of our moral value in order to harness us, they have been busy setting up channels for our prosperity.

This pattern quickly assumes the shape of Socialism, and the classes eliminated are the productive rich and the productive middle. The thieving rich reign and everyone else is condemned to poverty and squalor. At a time when our economy is falling apart, CEO’s are still taking incomes 262 times higher than their average employee, yet the enterprise—which is their duty to secure—is left financially unsound. They attempt to justify such outrageous compensation as necessary to tempt beings of practically “sainted” abilities, but this is folly; it is clear that pirates are in control again and must be removed.

Only once in history were there men at the top who set up a system that did not provide them with a cut of our lives in return, but served the longer range profit of a free, stable, productive industrial society. The birth of America marked the birth of two new social classes of honor, and they must be preserved. This is the class war between the Self-made and the Fear-driven in economic terms. With a new moral philosophy to guide us, perhaps this time the thieving rich and the loafing poor can join the endangered species list, as they deserve.