Trust Yourself: Self-Diagnosis

Once I realized that most doctors didn’t have my best interests at heart, I became big into self-diagnosis and self-healing. When a professional laughs at, condemns, and ridicules me for asking questions—investing considerable energy to harass what they consider to be an immediate threat—they’ve discredited themselves, and I’ve witnessed this behavior from doctors on several occasions. Any group who uses harassing tactics is suspect, but to see it from highly educated people, now that is worth investigating.

We’ve been trained to believe that it takes 8 years to understand anything medical; that we have no right to question them, and simply must do as we are told. Better physicians have broken this trend to show that anything medical can be understood by anyone, and the majority of health issues can be acted on independent of a physician. Considerable experimentation can be done as well with little consequence, from preventative measures to direct disease treatment. What do you have to lose? No drugs, no large bills, no permanent medical injuries. For example, a friend of mine started having extreme, shocking pains in his side that would stop him in his tracks. Coincidentally, I began exhibiting the same symptoms. He went to the doctor first, who scheduled him for immediate kidney stone surgery at a cost of over $10,000. I found a home remedy online, and about six dollars later (a few lemons and some olive oil), was cured. My friend was prescribed medication to manage the condition indefinitely, while I made a few recommended dietary changes, and the issue didn’t return. Scrutinizing your doctor is not crazy. Self-abnegation and supplication is crazy. I haven’t been able to solve everything, but angina? Check. Sprains? Check. Sore throat? Congestion? Headache? Fever? Check check check.

You are capable of making most of your medical decisions and administering many of your own cures. Go online: you will find everything from age-old home remedies to the latest advances in topical applications, capsules, or recipes. Try them. Spend pennies and listen to your body before you get talked into spending hundreds or thousands. There are natural vitamins, herbs, and blends that pharmaceutical companies try and mimic to make profitable. Find the originals, pay little, and enjoy no liver-destroying side effects, no thoughts of suicide, and no addictions. Don’t feed the avaricious mindset: don’t help your doctor try to get rich off of every visit.