Whistleblowers and the Anonymous Destruction of Evil

“In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”

–Mark Twain


We studied whistleblowers in my Master’s program. While most observers agreed with them and wanted the truth, the whistleblower did not fare well personally. First of all, they would be fired, and would struggle just to survive after that. Prospective employers were paranoid, fearing that this individual would be looking for something wrong in his or her organization to expose. They were abandoned: coworkers and other industry professionals who had worked hard for their educations, careers, homes, and families didn’t want to risk it all by association. Even the whistleblower’s family wanted them to play it safe. In most cases, being a whistleblower damaged their lives.

It takes great courage to live by principles rather than by social expediency; you stick your neck out. It takes the same courage to align with someone who has. Most are only comfortable with taking a stand when they see the crowd shifting toward the whistleblower; then they can shuffle over in support and not be singled out. It is basic herd mentality (safe in the herd). The thieving rich know this social mindset intimately. Propaganda is all about controlling mass opinion and mass conduct; that is why controlling the dissemination of news and information is so important; shaping general consensus steers the sheep. We can only act on the information they permit us to have. That is not freedom. If you are afraid—and you have good reason to be—act anonymously, but act. When the people see things getting worse and become convinced a new direction is needed, how quickly the tide can change. But for that to come about, we need leaks. Leaks they can’t control. So many leaks, their ship sinks.


“One man with courage is a majority” –Thomas Jefferson


We need ways for The People to regain power and potency; to not be at risk for investigating and exposing high profile crimes. Further, we need to develop a culture of shrill intolerance for those abusing their positions. Here are a few ideas: Set your career in one field. Choose a crusade in another. Keep these lives separate if possible. Perhaps you can cross-pollinate: speak for another whistleblower or investigative group while you provide expertise to them on corruption in your field. Multiple issues can get addressed while everyone contributes with minimal career and life repercussions.

Carry a gun to protect yourself from the mercenaries hired by the corrupt rich. If your bright future involves cancer research or anything that could have a life-changing impact on the world—especially in billion and trillion dollar industries—you will be a target of the world’s worst who are trying to dominate that market and keep the money flowing. Watch your six and shoot back.

We lose American soldiers every day; patriots who give their lives for this great country; for what we believe it to be, for what it was…how can we shrink from our responsibility to assure it remains what it can and ought to be? It has come to the point where our lives are precarious, our careers are unstable; we can’t plan long range. We can’t enjoy the present when we are so worried about the future. We have to risk what we consider our safety in not rocking the boat, because they have already taken our peace of mind.