Deep Encouragement.Our value to them is that we can see farther than they can. We can give them hints about what lies around the next corner, or explore the result of any road they consider choosing. Future knowledge is all theoretical for them, so we won’t spoil it. We should do all we can to sell them on their most fulfilling destiny. We need not involve specifics, but only the tools they use—their honesty and the projection of their dream lifestyle. We can’t force advice, but we can tell them what we see. We can tell them they are lost if we have good reasons, and provide clear paths to answers they haven’t discovered the questions to. Accomplished men in my past, through greater experience, have offered knowledge that has saved me significant time and stress. Pointers from the perspective of wealth are invaluable, and often the advice they give is tailored in response to one’s particular challenge. It’s alright to offer hard, frank advice; powerful people don’t like to waste time either, especially their own.

Rational mentors don’t reinforce false esteem, but reinstill the patterns that lead to true esteem. We trace and never let go of true cause and effect. We take them to the mountain tops as a lure for their effort; we offer implications and options, not groundless second guessing. We offer memorable quotes of support from wise men to keep them searching, to keep them thinking and to keep them striving. Paraphrasing Warren Buffet, we offer the projection that they can do anything, but never a sanction where they feel they can do nothing.

There is something even more powerful than a transitional generation such as ours; the generation reared under it. They will be a group more absent of fear, more clear and excited about their futures, than any witnessed by the world since the Industrial Revolution, and I can’t wait to see what they’ll do. It’s an astounding feat to overcome the moral confusion and fears that we’ve had, and go on to achieve wealth and happiness in our lives. It is another thing entirely to be raised as they will, never having these fears to begin with. The example we have set for them as self-responsible producers is our pride, and we do deserve to feel it. But there is much more we can do. This again, comes with perfect timing, as we are in the most active phase of our lives, and must begin planning the transition of our enjoyment more and more, into the intellectual. It involves blossoming in a worldly, moral-intellectual manner, reaching the full maturity mankind was meant to achieve by his design, and I think you, the top one percent, are ready for the challenge.

The challenge is to correct the structure of human institutional action, which lies within the young adult’s realm of presumption through college years, but remains outside their grasp. We must see all human beings have a clean, safe, rational environment to thrive in, to see the young encounter beauty in the blossoming of their senses, and not to experience a constant recoil. It is in our power to see them grow into glamorous adults, exemplifying tact, class, elegance, pride, strength, productivity, bounty, fulfillment, honor, respect for themselves and respect for us. We must have them fully prepared for this world as it is, with a clear plan to continuously improve it. We must prepare them to demand fair treatment for all, never permitting themselves or anyone else to be ridden. It’s time to shrug off the Christian weight of manufacturing slaves and martyrs. It’s time to rid the world of the remnants of monarchy from mankind’s savage and unfair past. Let the restructuring of unsound institutions be our greatest gift to the generations to come. We must rally around the best of the human race and the best within ourselves, to preserve the chance for all to live the dream.