Fostering Pure Cognitive Freedom.Self-made Man teaches those up and coming to be independent. Among his desires is to see them fulfill their own highest possibilities, running the chain as they should,with no interest in owning or controlling them. He teaches them to think on their own, to validate what they’ve learned from other men—validate everything—through their own experience and reflection. Students must make all knowledge they intend to exercise, their own.

He advances another mind by simply answering the questions it asks of itself, or by showing the cognitive means of obtaining the answer. The latter helps to clear the way when pathways are hampered, showing the young how to use their tools to answer life’s questions independently. He identifies the implications that surround a complex query, displaying the breadth that is possible to attain over time, and the knowledge is absorbed when they are ready for it. This is easy to determine, as theyinitiate at certain depths. They ask the questions.

The honest want their children to remain free from the parasites of any generation, who will try to hang from them. If children are shielded from anything, it should be religion, and any other sacrificial dogma inverting or perverting proper cognition; a moral crime. No knowledge exists outside the capacity of Man, and the farther those at the real limit go, the closer it is for everyone else.

Self made Man doesn’t ask permission to become and to learn. He honors no caste system and no conqueror. He knows the hierarchy of Man adjusts with his every step forward, a viewpoint he passes on. He helps hone their tools, but doesn’t choose their endeavors—leaving the greatest range of possibilities for their moral use open to them. He never dictates; they have room to move and confirm elements for themselves. They are free to run the chain, free to make mistakes and free to take their lives in any direction they wish.