Ingrained Spiritual Trauma.

Similar to the physical, we often live in a state of depleted spiritual health. We sustain while being unnecessarily drained by our environment; an environment that can be tailored to our preferences if we take conscious control.

The very best in us was meant to thrive and fulfill for the betterment of all. More often than not, our tools of living have been turned against us and used to achieve destruction instead. It’s time to take control back.

The self-help revolution’s only clear flaw is that it doesn’t define itself as moral. This absolutely crucial flaw can and always has acted as the wedge under the lid of hell. We have been humming along, blissfully unaware that a cliff lines one whole edge of our journey. Without explicit understanding of the moral justifications for our actions, we risk the loss of our most precious values or worse—the horror of seeing our efforts accomplish the will of evil. We have to face the issue of right and wrong and we have to face it head on. The next abstract step for us to take is to gain a fully integrated view of Man, of consciousness and of existence—giving sense, order and meaning to Man’s life, to social actions and to all the tools we have been taught to use. With this knowledge, we can be sure that we are exercising our power responsibly and we can protect our right to exercise it. We can bring an end to what has been hurting us and secure human beings in their proper stature.

Intellectual freedom is a delicate and recent advance for Man, so the undercutting of our confidence has been easily perpetuated. The source of our spiritual fragility comes from a technology held back since Egyptian/Phoenician/Mesopotamian times, or about 3200 BC. The pharaoh’s brute physical domination which worked so effectively for eons was given a spiritual equivalent as men moved into the realm of abstraction. When men invented language, the Spirit Murderers invented abstract distortion. The fear-ridden at all levels of society twisted every concept to mean its opposite in moral implication to keep men from comprehending their own value. Every attribute of Man was construed as a liability. Every desire of Man was considered a destructive impulse. Every sense of pride was turned into shame. Every advance was regarded as a moral affront by those who had to adjust their views or actions. Any means to rational fulfillment was trounced, and Man was cut off from achieving and enjoying his proper stature.

As all knowledge was claimed as coming from above, the creative faculty which brought mankind wonders it had never seen was considered a transgressor, and was often greeted with violence. In legend, Prometheus was torn by vultures for stealing the fire of the gods. Copernicus was forced to renounced his revolutionary scientific theories, while in the same dilemma, Socrates chose death. Even Einstein lamented that the true key to success was keeping your mouth shut. Most considered the realm of spirituality to be the unknowable and therefore the uncontrollable. The intellect was not given the same respect as the uncharted territories of the physical world, where the unknown was simply the undiscovered as yet. We were knocking down one barrier after another in the sciences, yet the structure of the mind itself was relegated to the undiscoverable. As mankind progressed, the scientists—the men who learned that nature to be commanded must be obeyed—began to encroach upon the domain of spirituality preached by the moral scholar’s who sat beside kings. The scientific method was accountable and that clashed with the high priest’s incantations, so free thinkers were forced to abandon the subject, leaving the field wide open to those who never intended to see mankind achieve a pure spiritual independence.

They proceeded to claim that Man was an unnatural being borne of conflict: partially of Earth, partially of spirit, irreconcilably at odds while alive, damned with a mind capable of nothing but misinterpretation and a body capable of nothing but pain. The irrational division of a man was coupled with an irrational division between men. Fraudulently viewing all of mankind as either totally untrustworthy if strong, and honorable but helpless if not, they demanded in haughty righteousness that the latter be taken care of, and service to the self-actualized mass indigence became the highest moral order. Somehow, we were the only species on the planet not designed to fulfill our own requirements for living. Still, our weak limbs and useless minds were good enough to fulfill the needs of others, while another’s limbs and mind were good enough to satisfy ours. The Spirit Murderers claimed to have solved nature’s error, and like Frankenstein’s monster, we were hacked apart and then reassembled with parts of each other.

A man was evil and unnatural to the extent of his self-sufficiency; he could not be permitted to act alone. The forfeit of one’s own life to serve others became a moral code known as altruism, which in practice became a communal slave system often sanctioned by law, known as Socialism. Whether one’s self was sacrificed unwillingly to domination or willingly to charity, the result was the same. No matter the benefactor, it was the sacrifice of life as a means of survival. What civil, rational men find necessary in only the most rare and tragic of circumstances was made a societal standard. Allowing no property, no personal ambitions and nothing precious to lay outside the right of seizure by our brethren, such a system pitted us all against each other. Our self-respect, our ability and our intelligence—putting our best foot forward—was no longer socially beneficial, but a mutual threat. Achievement became a toll road, enabling the deceivers to confiscate the products of our lives and/or determine their distribution with our sanction, carrying away our most sacred spiritual rewards in the process.

Imagine walking down the street with no right to the contents of your pockets, with even your smallest day to day preparations and simplest conveniences thwarted. Hoarding they called it. Imagine restraining yourself from showing any sign of ability or giving an opinion for fear of being enslaved or martyred. The cause of Man divided, men divided had the desired result: Man neutralized, men neutralized. No one could build. No one could grow. By destroying privacy and mutual respect among men, they avoided mass unity which could spur an uprising against centralized control. Just as Hitler planted distrust between members of his own party to avoid alliances that could oust him, the same was done within a man and between all men from the beginning. But such barbarism is ancient history, right? Our escape from religious persecution and totalitarianism was successful. In present day we can seek our dreams, own property and are allowed private lives. We have established civil order in society, launched ourselves into outer space and have harnessed the atom. We have come so far; so why are we still stopped dead in our tracks with the snide question, “Is that moral?”

It seems that anything is permitted, except what we really want. Walking into a review with your boss or into court, and though your mind might be saying that you have a right to ask for a fair shake, the reaction your body still has is that you are a slave. Our moral culture has ingrained us to go on submissive autopilot, feeling ashamed of our existence, feeling subservient and temporary—as if we exist on their grace—that this Earth is theirs and they have first right to it. We do not stand on common ground. For many, we react as if there is no common ground. That our natural relation is slave to master and that we must show respect for the irrational, because at any moment they can turn on us and take our lives, as they hold the whip-hand. The corrupters effectively stunted our cognition, and like farm animals have kept us within an intellectually tractable range. Our political system may be free, but our cultural ethics are still fear-driven. The irrational fundamentals that have allowed them to destroy individual lives and nations, are still in place.