The road to moral clarity is one we’ve been walking all along. So many aspects of individualism have been damned however, that it is difficult to recognize. Especially in today’s world, where Social Justice Warriors intend to have us feel guilt for every productive trait, we find ourselves under fire for our virtues directly.

Let’s break away from their condemnation and begin to understand a few key aspects about morality that have had our compass askew.

The Road to Moral Clarity. Moral courage has freed me, and now I want to make it possible for others to step out of their reach as well, and lose the fear of being judged. I want to wipe out the reasons that drive men and women to practice an insincerity that just leads to their own unhappiness. I want to see to it that they are no longer victims, and bring them to a level of confidence where they need no longer make victims of others in turn. It is time to set the moral standard for human action: to make explicit, the nature of the motivations by which we all live. It is time to identify and validate the true sides of good and evil; to see what we really are, and decide what we truly want to sustain and to become. Don’t be afraid. You’re not about to find out how evil you are, but to step out of the darkness to discover just the opposite.

Actually, there is so much right about our personal and social actions in this world, that we have very little to fear in the way of negative self-discovery. The guilt in our lives is mostly unjustified and many problems we feel looming up behind us aren’t even there. Still, it takes an unusual bravery to look. As we saw above, an inquiring mind is open to more than learning; it is open to attack. Intellectually, physically and spiritually we are bombarded with studies, opinions and statistics that classify us by our supposed flaws. Much publicity is given to medical doctors and psychologists who propose anti-theories which violate the very nature of their own disciplines; yet they are often heeded. Like the church, such professionals provide few solutions and provoke a sense of dread in the public, fearing that whatever traits we display will be labeled as the next malady. What they don’t seem to understand is that by identifying and classifying what is healthy and right, often the bad just drops off. If you concentrate on advancing critical areas, you never have a chance to address problems or stress. They are simply forgotten. We could kill thousands of man-hours analyzing every known sub-classification of evil, nervously contemplating how we fit in, and still not understand what we should be doing.

I’m not going to waste your time. If you can read this, there is nothing essentially wrong with you! For most of the reading public (those who nurture and enjoy the process of abstraction), moral confusion is like walking out of the house with messed up hair. Nothing is essentially missing, it’s just humorously unkempt and needs to be straightened out.

The actual purpose of morality has always been awry. When it is adjusted to its proper intent, everything else in life falls right into place. Morality doesn’t start with a kind smile, a shared seat or anything between men. It is not primarily social. Morality starts when you open your eyes, look at the magnificence of the world and say, “It is.” And then get to work.

Morality is not something you give homage to for a few hours on Sunday, then forget about while you’re busy making a living. Morality is the means by which you pursue the goal of living, and to the extent that your activity has been constructive versus parasitical, what you’ve done for your own prosperity is directly in line with the moral progress of mankind. People know implicitly what is moral and immoral. Nature tells them. Other’s reactions tell them. It is not difficult to evaluate what furthers the life of an entity and what hinders it, as it is not difficult to ascertain that this is the main issue of morality.

There is a crystal clear, non-contradictory structure for morality, and it is based on the nature of Man. This standard is not subjective, small and malicious, but objective, mature and honorable. The proper standard flows with life instead of defying it, requires no allegiance to the unprovable and vents no fundamental contempt whatsoever for Mankind. The true structure follows our pattern of cognition, and as the purpose of cognition is life, it reveals the structure of evil as well, in any break with the moral pattern. This natural process is the basis for sound mental health, sound relationships and provides the structure for mankind’s proper organizations. It governs and can be seen in, all human action.

Morality’s fundamental process is choice. Every choice you make serves one side or the other; either it is good, or it is evil. It either furthers your life or threatens it. Should the pride of choosing life be reserved only for when we help the needy, or should it be a constant medium of existence? The right choices and the right results, provide certainty. Do you ever wonder if you’re good enough? Morally certain people don’t have to wonder. Think you’re a coward for being afraid of life sometimes? It is time to find out what cowardice really is. The correct standard returns morality to its proper function: that of a fascinating, constructive, life-shaping frame of reference; not a source of forbidding, dismal barriers. A morally clear mind is a stress-free mind, and we are going to clean house. We are going to check every premise that drives us as individuals, for that is what we act on, what we judge ourselves and others by and ultimately, what we create as a society. More important is learning to identify and correct if necessary, the premises driving the other aspects of your existence, so that all of your motives flow together in one common life-furthering direction.

We are on a road now that is going to make your every step planted more certain. Imagine the feeling each time your foot lands, of “Yes, this is right.” And the rhythm of another step lands thinking, “This is why I’m alive: I know where I’m going and why I’m taking these actions.” You turn into the wind’s warmth thinking, “No rational doctrine would damn the motion of my body or the thoughts that drive them, for they are so clearly and effectively taken to further my life.” With such a standard, moral confidence would become apparent in your every thought and in your every action, as soothingly as you would gaze upon a sunset. When you look to nature, you will feel a special bond returning: a relationship you haven’t felt since you were a child.