The intensities of all degrees of happiness (and any other emotion for that matter) are determined by their causal factors; therefore, happiness is contextual.For example, in the future, if someone asks if you are happy, you’ll be able to say something like “In personal growth, yes. In my career, yes. In sports, yes. In relationships, not quite. In financial stability and prosperity, almost there.”

Often, an element in our tree of knowledge may be acquired in one context, but is unknown to be an element in another. If you work out your arms you can lift more, but what else? You can throw a ball farther, swing a bat harder, and ride a bicycle more confidently. Your range of action has improved in every way those muscles are used. As the mind is no different, this leads to a fascinating benefit. This pattern provides the greatest opportunity in self-esteem, as we can never know in how many ways our capacity has expanded, with every step forward. Virtuous growth spreads exponentially, coating all areas of potential application, to be joyously discovered in time. As happiness is contextual, all other endeavors where an advance is applicable, holds a pleasant future surprise.

At this level, experience has proven repeatedly, the validity of our cognitive process. Life for us has become quite streamlined, fascinating and casual. At some point in his work, Self-made Man exceeds in virtue what no one can match, not an associate, nor a mate. He knows what to rationally expect from others. So, though a point of loneliness, he accepts it. This is his world, and the achievement needs to be for him, but there is an often un-admitted benefit: he no longer needs to check his speed. He drops consideration for their inability to follow, and surges ahead full speed, pushing himself for his own pleasure, without regard to limits. He rises above all with maximum grace and style, exalting his central theme which the outer world cannot touch: His exhilaration for living, for seeing justice prevail, for the magic colors of a sunrise, for strength, health and beauty, for the lovely smile of a stranger, for her scent as she passes by, for his dream marriage, for the unlimited opportunities to succeed, for the freedom to try, for his tear-filled love of being alive. And then he finds her.