A stunning effect of Moral Armorand any other sound philosophical practice is the beautiful physiological transformations that occur over time. The human physical image is a reflection of our premises. People who are lost, often looklost; just as those who are confident, look confident. When I was eighteen, I saw no one older worth emulating, so I stayed eighteen. That joyous, youthful vibrancy, the immensely desirable resonating confidence, that unharnessed, unrestrained energy, the pure power of unquestioned action—these are traits not to be given up. I have the same all or nothingattitude I had then, and preserving that spirit is my life’s pursuit; but one cannot stop the clock.

I don’t mind getting older; because for each element nature takes, I add one. Intelligent awareness allows us to counter its effects, making the process of aging a graceful one, where we need not regret its march. Our living sum increases; we rise in stature, regardless of what is lost; making time our friend.

At any size, age or capacity, we must stand upright and live like human beings. Stripped of all inessentials, an entity should be only what it needs to be. Elegance is found in purpose, in a well-maintained physique and way of standing, whether it is a man, a building or a system of philosophy. Does it slouch, or is it clear-cut and proud? We all have unique physiology and it is our responsibility to achieve and maintain its most beautiful, ideal form. The fountain of youth does exist, and can be found in the philosophical statement, “Form follows premise.”

The primary motor cortex of the brain, which handles the willed action of our muscles, reserves fifty percent of its mass for the face alone. Deep conceptual information can be read within the delicacy of our expressions. In a Self-made Man, one sees supreme joy, a confidence so complete it seems relaxed, and oddly enough, innocence—with no expectation of hurting or of being hurt—an openness that seems as if no danger exists. There is wisdom, energy, and an honest bearing so mature that it brings proper meaning to the concept of elegance. The repetition of graceful emotions felt by the Self-made, builds specific muscles of the face normally associated with beauty. Facial muscles used for smiling typically are considered high cheekbones. His confidence lends its grace to relaxed eyes, as to his arrogantly scornful smile; his certainty translates into a relaxed forehead; his playfulness results in animation, his exhilaration shows in the fire of his eyes. Appearing and vanishing instantaneously to the happenings of life, these traits give his face a real workout.

Much can be learned from the uninhibited Self-made; they can bring out our best, when we fully realize that we are just as free as they are, to do what we want. They awaken into a fresh supply of energy that washes over them every day, as a constant renewal. They spend it efficiently—controlling and heightening its production through nutrition, pleasure and rest—so that enough is available for rejuvenation. They are amazing—the way they walk, they way they look at you, that playful sense of arrogant pride, their energy—they strut! And that is how one should feel about living at any age. I love it.