Happiness is achievable midway up the axiomatic ladder, being the next link in the conceptual chain above confidence and pride. It is the mediumof pride, as pride is the medium of confidence. Each can become a form of wealth; wealthbeing an accumulation of anyvalue above and beyond one’s need to spend. Happiness is an accumulation of positive emotional energy to be enjoyed consciously, as it was borne constructively. It is not a man’s job that is important, but his work; and science tells us that ‘work’ is any expense of energy which accomplishes an objective.

To develop as happiness, one’s effort must serve sound, rational goals, but those goals can vary greatly. The desire to bring a new invention into the world, to go where no man has gone before, to close a deal, to be appealing to a certain quality of partner, to turn a faster lap on a racetrack, to express exaltation through art, these are all actions of joy; of pushing oneself to the next level in endeavors self-important to pursue. The joy varies only in degrees according to the personal significance and depth of the endeavor. It is a man’s own passionate interests brought to life in a sound value hierarchy that leads to a consistently earned pride and a deserved happiness. Its depth determines whether the satisfaction is sustainable or fleeting. A surface goal gives off little esteem compared to a long-term goal of greater complexity, but both add to the plus side. The emotional reward for a small accomplishment can last only a few minutes, while the pride of something immense will be much more profound and lasting. Seemingly unrelated, both add to the plus column and both serve the same end; a tailor-made existence.

We select a favorite shampoo for the same reason we design and build skyscrapers. It is the act of creative, useful self-expression that displays to ourselves,our ability to meet our physical and spiritual needs, and therefore allows us to experience a sense of self-esteem. Happiness isself-appreciation and can naturally spring from nothing else.