We’ve all heard people say, “If I could just be happy…” But Self-made Man doesn’t stop there. He sees the road still stretching ahead, so in tow, we will go much farther. For every mile traveled he accumulates a new virtue and coins a new concept. From the conscious acceptance of existence, to earned confidence, pride and happiness, his next steps, like the others, build on what has come before. From how he deals with stress, to metaphysical honesty, integrity and existential consonance, these attributes lead to the next level of pride: intransigence and the exalted medium of full volitional maturity.

His strengths serve much more than what is historically considered as only a heroic defense against evil. Most can discern such traits in war, but often don’t recognize their use in peacetime. Of what values are heroes truly capable, if their heights are only to be reached in times of horror? Attaining peace is only the first level. The power of their positive application towers over their use as a protective shield. Their actual purpose—what they were reallydesigned for—is the pursuit of discovery, an epic stature and an unlimited joy. The true awakening is to see these same traits at work in productive endeavors, where the threat of destruction does notloom near; in the creation of theme parks, the making of movies, the building of spaceships, skyscrapers, multi-billion dollar assembly lines and their spiritual equivalent, captured in the quote “In His image and likeness.”

If your goals don’t make your stomach drop, you’re missing all the fun. This makes America in particular, the hero’s playground, where bare necessities come within easy reach of all, as a result of the sheer unleashed vitality of the most able. From here, Self-made Man rides the crest of his virtue, managing and advancing interests already brimming with positive results, radiantly youthful, drenched in unfathomable strength, justly on top of the world. And of course, with the relaxed bearing of a true master, he makes it look easy.