How nice it would be, as a ship has water as a medium for travel, if our minds had genuine enjoyment, expectation and light-heartedness as a medium through which to navigate the world. If only there were a clear path to follow, then the tear-filled divinity in most souls could come pouring out in total safety, with full honor and sanction. But there isn’t. Self-made Man holds the secret to this pathway, often even from himself, as it is a product of traits condemned by widespread erroneous beliefs. By sacrificing our highest and enshrining our lowest, by worshipping the unknowable and ignoring self-destiny, such others have been justlydenied this fulfillment.

Happiness—real, repeatable, consistent happiness—is had only by those who accept and practice its true foundation. It is not a random, causeless, selfless, undefinable phenomenon relying on mystical or intuitive elements which lie outside our power. It is a product of the proper tools of cognition practiced by the Self-made: perception, identification and purposeful action—of all that has come before—and one need only embrace the reality of its pattern. Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed. Happiness cannot be had by seeking diversions that clash with our values, or by means which negate our consciousness, leading nowhere. It cannot be had by serving others. Self-made means self-made; not neighbor-made. No dead-ends, dependencies or freebies lead to happiness. It is instead, the radiance of a fully valuedconsciousness. It is a product of achievement. The code of the Self-made brings a man to the point where he is no longer copingwith existence, but reveling in it. Following his lead, so serene a calm will develop in your control of life that you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. The radiant result of a moral existence as well as its most powerful motivation and product, is a profoundly private, self-serving personal joy.