Our proper evolution as volitional entities drives a moral imperative: to ceaselessly investigate the efficiency and impact of our fulfillment in every aspect of our lives; to be self-sustaining at the highest level, physically and spiritually. The level of goals we choose—family, business, political or historic—is the longest-range moralcontemplation and action open to us. What level of impact do you want to have?

In my case, I wanted to have a global effect. The range of my endeavors had to involve the environment I considered my realm, my home—the whole of the world. Primary metals were my first industrial interest, because they are in everything. After reviewing businesses to purchase, I realized something would still be missing. I felt that it was more important to discover and name this attribute, than any other benefit that I could bring to civilization, and to myself. I found it. It turned out to be the primary behind the discovery of primary metals, and of every other human concern. I look forward to helping people through this book, but first and foremost, writing itwas what I wanted to do more than anything in the world. I gave up values which others could not fathom letting go of to see this through, but it was nota sacrifice. I valued Moral Armorhigher than the money I could make in the interim, the women I could date, the trips I could take and even the Lamborghini I owned. My lifestyle was an aggregate of dreams itself, attained triumphantly, but they were the dreams of a younger man. After a while, my enthusiasm for past accomplishment waned, and I became hungry for more. I was no longer of the same dimension. I had grown in stature and vision and needed a more elaborate vent to channel my energy.

I gave so much to every past endeavor that prosperity in my new venture was a forgone conclusion. Having come so far in philosophy and in wealth, I knew my next attempt would be pointless if it didn’t make the greatest self-impact. As our vision evolves, so do our goals. Our passion is an investment that must show the highest return possible, and I was finally free to concentrate on what I alone, found most exhilarating. Fed up with the weaklings considered by intellectuals to be the giants of thought, I want to show the world a philosopher who can reallylean into it. That is my dream.