In any field you choose, you must care enough to want to operate at the top. You can go straight there in the privacy of your own mind with projection and try to think at their level, beginning with the end in mind. There is only one type of person safe to gain advice from: those who have taken your field the farthest. Whomever has obtained what you desire by private effort, is the one to ask or study. Those who have tried, erred and tried again are the primary source for sound, practical, experiential understanding, where one can learn the specialty as well as its proper method of development. The problem is finding them.

Heroes do not travel in herds. The training of sound practice can be all consuming, and most are so focused on their task that they have little time to spare for social interaction. That is why they leave most behind as they venture forth into their light. But by virtue of our respect for progress, fame for such a man is inevitable, and our exposure to them is made possible through what they have documented. Honing the skills of interaction with their science is their methodical process of advancement—the result of the steady pressure of application. Tenacityis this steady pressure. He sees the goal and learning what it requires of him, storms every angle until it is achieved. The consciousness most capable of satisfying its own ends is not mass-produced, but tailor-made, asking the self-made questions throughout life of “What am I living for? What do I want to be? What do I want to experience? What is most important for me to accomplish?”, and letting nothing stand in the way of oneself and its achievement.

The most extreme feel they were chosen—that there is something they need to do, something the world must see, which only they understand and only they can bring. They have been ridiculed, thought to be crazy and tortured for their truth, but they all say the same thing—that it was worth whatever men made them pay. It was worth it. Horrendous obstacles are here for a reason: a test to see us grow past such challenges, to make insurmountable barriers look irrelevant, to challenge precedent and ultimately to cut our own path. They must be overcome to see our best prevail and determine higher standards. We prove our worth by facing a torrent of opposition—braving the storm to see our vision through to the end—an accomplishment that lived and triumphed due to the power of our will alone. We all need someone to believe in, and weare that someone. Legends don’t die like a man dies. We have to accept the final stress of the decision to go forward—the contemplation before eternity—to embrace the point of no return. And we must go. Whatever is going to happen, will happen. The message must be heard in our words, and these words will live for us when we are no longer. They will live for all time.