The men who were driven by an overwhelming need to take responsibility and do something about evil—the leaders—are now answering the overwhelming need they fought for: their own fulfillment on Earth. The Moral Warrior lays down his arms and looks at the world. He sees ferrous elements glittering in the rock and thinks of the metal that can be extracted. He sees the violent flow of a river and thinks of the power to be generated. He sees the bounty of the forest, part of which is to be transformed as beams to become his home and the homes of others. His children can grow safely here.

Before long, thanks to those who have met the needs of civilization in these endeavors, individuals need not make the basic necessities their primary concern. Their purpose can exist far along Man’s chain into abstract territory, furthering pleasurable concepts such as style, where an honest living can be made in as many creative ways as there are people. The vantage point of morality in action is often as witness to the pioneers of our past and present, following the structure of their course to define the motives, means and ends of the actual good. To the limits of their vision, they create and further our great industries and set the best examples for the whole world to follow. These are the men of purpose. They have a calling; a desire to see some specific end achieved, and the whole of their being is poured into its accomplishment. When they are finished, they find another. They spend their lives on growing, each concern more sophisticated than the one before, as a constant answer to why they live. With their every moment drenched in meaning as a result, they are the happiest, deepest, most devoted, and most genuine people on Earth. Their essential purpose acts as the highest abstraction in their epistemological chain, and all actions in life and all knowledge accumulated takes place within its framework. As a result, they acquire the longest intellectual range; knowing how every step they take will affect their lives, and are able to project their activities to the end of their days. With their purpose as motivator for every action, no energy is wasted. Their neurobiological development is streamlined and as a result, their chains of knowledge grow much faster and much longer than usual. These are the men who utilize the human mind as it was meant to be, and can show the rest how to actualize their greatest potential. Our appreciation for these men isour respect for life itself, as the axiomatic reason for purpose islife.