Why is the cognitive process so important to a Moral Warrior? Because when virtue is allowed to pass undefined, then so is vice. Sound conceptualization is responsible for all human furtherance. As nature determined our cognitive process, its proper utilization is at the root of every moral action. With the understanding of conceptualization comes the understanding of every moral violation.It is from the negation or perversion of proper conceptual construction that all twists come. The base of nonexistence—of that which isn’t real—is derived from that which is. A negation of any one of the four elements—perception, identification, creative action or reward—allows a man to be taken advantage of, and a lack of its comprehension on our part dulls our sensitivity to the risk.

By virtue of the fact that we live, that which is harmonious with life is what we must respect. In our individual lives and in our history as Man, with an interest to see our code make sense it is rational principles we’ve supported, while ignoring, tolerating or opposing the senseless. We have been morally correct implicitly through our reverence for the joy-generating potency of our experiences, even in our memories. But without a clear standard to judge moral or immoral ideas, we were unable to get a fix on their identity, allowing them to recur in our own lives, in our relationships and in our law. Yet we still revere what is right: the ideals in Man that we cherish are his life-defending, life-furthering traits: the unflinching nerve, the candid honor, the powerful ability, the free, proud, radiant joy of a being who is calm, confident and in control—all elements of the four basic virtues.

A lifetime of evidence validating this process is behind the steady eyes and frightening potency of a Moral Warrior. The man who reaches the point beyond all doubt—the point of total conviction by rational means—who grew as Self-made, yet has spent serious time immersed in the world of the Spirit Murderers, who knows their evasions, their escapes and their denials, the man who learns to answer them in every context and watches them fold in their true impotence, time and time again, becomes untouchablepsychologically. With pure honesty, there are no longer any psychological threats to fear. With full willingness to see ourselves, we will have eliminated them. The right shields are up; beautiful, clear, impenetrable shields, through which nothing can ever cut too deep. When you can breathe deeply and, with steady eyes, are able to see what’s right and wrong and who stands where, no danger is ever too frightening; not even death.

Our pursuit of life is not evil and never was. Thought and knowledge are the tools of Man, and Man is their proper benefactor. The offenses borne against our pursuit were the actual evil, but self-defense is only the beginning. Once the way is clear, the freedom it affords—the clean pathways to new heights and sacred rewards—will open a whole new destiny before us. We amass within ourselves the wealth of a precision instrument, brimming with radiant activity; a controlled storm that took years to master, and we are free to create life in the most adventurous and exciting ways. That is our nature, our birth-right, our destiny and our glory.