Come into my world where so many universal problems are solved, and where youthfulness is a way of life. Welcome to a place of rest, of safety, of calm, where you are free to exchange the pain for elation and the anguish for fulfillment. Here, you are free to relax your face, your jaw and your eyes; to relax your shoulders and breathe deeply; to look at the world around you, and enjoy this wonderful setting for Man. Here, it is okay to feel exactly what you feel; to let it out if you need to cry, to explode with laughter when you feel like it, breathing deeply to savor this incredible sense of freedom. Here, you can do anything, be anything, and there is no need to be afraid. There are no masks, no barriers, and you are free to practice and to notget it right the first time. No one here expects you to be all things, but they do expect you to be working towards the goals and traits you desire. You are free to look at your own motives to see what drives you in all areas of life—to experiment, refine and idealize. You can make your life the sculptured work of art it deserves to be. Here you can develop true self-worth, to attain that radiant state of wholesome, valid happiness, which now will forever be yours to move towards—directly, openly, guiltlessly and with great passion.

Come to bask in the joyous, boundless power you felt as a child on a mission of discovery, in the crisp autumn air, running across a field and down to a stream, devising a means to cross it, not to be stopped. A being, radiantly capable in its own eyes, without doubt, without pain, or fear, or guilt. The glory began with one,just between ourselves and existence, and there is no reason for that feeling ever to die. Imagine the penetrating warmth of the sun on your back, the wind in your hair, the smell of a limitless living world all around, returning to a loving home to be appreciated for your sparkling eyes and innocent smile; held tight for all that you are and all that you aspire to be. And in time to see this radiance projected into adulthood, coming of age to the climax of your own epic sovereignty. You’ll see it in the admiring eyes of the mate you’ve chosen to share your journey, who has the response to your person you’ve longed for and deserve. You’ll walk among people who value your strength, courage and effort—your tribute to life. You’ll enjoy a culture that cherishes your magnificent adherence to truth, to honor and to justice. You’ll live in a country that respects what you’ve bled for; it wasn’t in vain; we thank you. You’ll see a society that rewards pioneering endeavors, touched by the influence of your dedication, while the worst of mankind looked away. Here before us, you can hold your head level and enjoy the sanction the whole world owes you. We see where you are going and we believe in you.

Imagine how completely you can love and trust, when this is the nature of existence. With the real possibility of Atlantis before you, suddenly your whole outlook is altered; you never want to grow old; you never want to die; you never want anything to change. Every day that passes becomes so sacred, that you treasure every minute; anticipating every dawn, thrilled with every sensual evening, with or without anyone else. You’ve matured as one center of this enchantment, a Living Generator. It becomes heartbreaking to see time slip, never to be regained. But for once, you didn’t waste it. You lived. You lived. And the strangest truth comes to you, now that you love life as it should be loved. You can let it go without a struggle. When it comes to be your time, you are at peace; because you know what it truly means to be alive; and you are, at last. There will be no more wasted time. And no matter what curves life throws, from now on, you know how to preserve this romantic feeling, because it is not just between you and another, but has developed between you and this Earth, your home.