Forewarning information can be powerful, though quite unreliable, but I am beginning to pay closer attention to this facet of my being. I have had experiences in real life that happened first in dreams. One segment lasted for about five minutes. I was at a party. I knew who I was about to meet—what their names were, that we were standing by a circular stairway, that a pretty brunette would pass behind them—the detail was too remarkable to ignore. These people had no significance to my life and never would; I don’t know why I was exposed to the information in advance. Déjà vu is a rare phenomenon we’ve all experienced to some extent, but I believe it can be made useful.

There are inertias that one can pick up on based on one’s choices in life and one’s likely future choices. Every choice we make immediately generates positive or negative energy; it immediately begins physiological preparation for the actions to come. This is a fascinating contemplation for me; an untapped cognitive ability I have termed Inertial Awareness. Its popular name is ESP, which is actually a way of saying what it is not. In time, I wish to find a valid philosophical link to what has been considered the proper domain of mysticism. I don’t think it is mystical at all; it begins and ends in our minds. It is not a sixth sense, as it is not sensory; but simply an untapped facet of Man’s integrating capacity. Thoughts, however complete in themselves, are not static. They have momentum; they are preceded and followed by other thoughts as are the motions of your body. Your intuitive responses are reflections of your own life’s inertia, in a given context at the time of the intuition.

It is an amazing feeling to know in advance how things will come out at any range, long or short. I think of extreme sports, such as the sensation of a bicycle freestylist accelerating into the air on takeoff, reaching weightlessness, then falling back to the ramp. He knows by his approach if all will go well. He knows by his takeoff, how he will land; every fiber of his being can feel it before it happens. The smell of the air, his position on the ramp, the wind on his back, the feeling of the grips and pedals; his overall balance determines his overall confidence. This translates to any other activity. Making a business decision, walking down the stairs, driving a car on a winding road—you know what to expect; the pattern repeats. The inertia of now, indicates the inertia of the next moment. It is predictable.

All actions are energies whose ‘abstraction to physical action’ neurobiological link is yet to be discovered, but they can be used now for forward thinking. I take actions that further the inertias in my life—the paths I wish to see furthered. When I make a wrong turn, the inertias stop. I do what is necessary to get back on track. It can be any choice—the wrong person, a wrong business affiliation or the wrong approach. When it is correct or corrected, the inertias I wish to further are invigorated. As only the right equation will solve a problem of science, I believe that moral consistency is the key to make use of Inertial Awareness: the concept is integrity. Contrary to the claim of psychic hotlines, inertias do not determine your destiny; your premises do. As your premises evolve, your actions change; and so follow your inertias.