A life of success, wealth and happiness is very complicated, and within the capacity to handle that complexity, lies the paternal pride of the able. It is not for everyone, yet it is the only road to true, sound, unquestionable satisfaction on this earth. The ability to succeed in the face of life’s adversities and foster the next generations to do the same, are among the highest gifts one human being can offer another.

The Right Timing.Long before he attempts to raise another, Self-made Man knows he must master the entity he is. If he intends to be of any use to others, he must see to it that his standards reflect life’s requirements to a “T.” He spends his life answering questions, confident that he can deal with whatever he will encounter, and such life mastery is what he intends to hand down.

His wish to have children in ancient times, was after the war was won. When unsettling circumstances were evident, they did not intend to bring children into chaos. Its modern responsible equivalent is to have children after stability is achieved. His passionate career has taken off and no longer requires eighteen-hour days, and his romantic relationship is exactly what he wants. Kids fit into a grand scheme, along a couple’s value hierarchy and life timeline. The endeavor is financially viable without interrupting his spiritual and material necessities, or those of his spouse. With respect for others, he plans it never to be a burden on those outside his primary relationship—so that seeing grandchildren, nieces and nephews will be a pleasure, not a duty.

He has mastered himself and his relationships and can convey healthy versions of both properly. His method for development reflects his own, instilling independence at the highest, proudest level possible—the cleanest rationality; the most straight-forward moral action, teaching them to run the cognitive process without fear and to interact socially without cognitive interruption. He teaches them to use their tools to meet their basic needs, to masterthese tools, so they can handle anything life throws at them along their tailored course. Learning to provide the proper frames for their greatest possibilities takes time, and he waits until the time is right.