With our great power to deduce methods for success in every other aspect of life, how often is our solution for finding a mate better than sitting on a barstool and expecting our dreams to walk right up to us? Often an ideal mate is defined by physical appearance alone, along with an inessential, arbitrary grouping of psychological and experiential characteristics, such as family oriented, has specific musical tastes, or likes to dine out. Internet dating sites have made the search for a mate more intellectual, more sensible and more likely to result in fulfillment; but such abstract adventure could be aided significantly with a standard by which to weigh that probability.I for one have been dissatisfied with my choices even when my desires were met. Within my own philosophical experience, I still couldn’t predict or fathom what killed one relationship after another. Dating younger girls, I often felt like a bowling ball fraternizing with a pea. It was always, “wasn’t smart enough”, “wasn’t ambitious enough,” or “wasn’t mature and forthright”, but the data was too wishy-washy to serve as filter for when the next one came along. Sensing a parallel existed, I needed to understand better who was suitable for me; not only for the woman in my life, but to understand my friends, family and associates as well; for all human relationships.

By identifying the moral process of cognition, an interesting facet took shape and I got what I was looking for: a standard for measuring human compatibility. This scale reflectsthe steps of the cognitive process, and one’s adherence. Beyond the four key steps of cognition (1, 2, 3, 4), lies a like pattern (5, 6, 7, 8), in pure abstraction. People are grouped as 1-2’s, 3-4’s and 6-8’s; the nature of the scale being cognitive efficiency—one’s clarity in real-time and the willingnessfor clarity—one’s integrity. Once the basic side of Fear-driven versus Anticipation-driven is defined for an individual, one then runs up the scale to assess their cognitive operating efficiency. The rateof cognition is the moral-biological equivalent of calculus in mathematics.

At the lower end of the scale, there is a simple cause and effect relationship with existence. The Self-made at this level are typically children, as we all begin in this world, and with sound health and full range of motion, he makes steady forays into the next levels. For him to remain at the 1-2 level into adulthood is rare. Such a man would be a day laborer, practicing a life pattern not encouraging or requiring abstract thought; so he won’t often be found reading material that projects beyond the day to day range of a newspaper. This range permits subsistence, but leaves little opportunity for growth. The limit of his ambition and pride, are the fundamental tenets of human life: independence and good will. He exists at the rudiments of morality, in a fully hands on relationship with material existence. He is steady, trustworthy and good at what he does. With life implicitly being his highest pursuit, his spoken allegiance often revolves around the subject of competence. For him to respect the levels beyond him, others have to be as good at their job as he is at his. He keeps to himself and lives an honorable life, meeting his own needs and never being a burden on others.

The Self-made 3-4 runs the chain a decent portion of the time, and at his best, sees all four steps. The majority of mankind exists at this level, involved in the furtherance of some specific enterprise, which in essence is the maintenance of their own lives. Historically, they’ve operated on half-explicit, half-implicit philosophical essentials, striving for clarity all the while. He is much more open and social, interested in the world’s political direction and enamored with our noblest. 3-4’s produce the abundance of a civilization’s wealth, and therefore are the primary target for predation. Within the 3-4 level lies the American middle-class, though it is not a financial division. Actors, doctors, politicians, executives—all those furthering the products and processes of the minds of others, exist here. Achievement-based fame is well within the reach of the 3-4.

A 6-8 runs the full chain without error and can advance it. He originates industries and the companies within them; inventing and creating without difficulty. His actions can change the course of mankind. He goes as far as human knowledge allows, often acting as the determiner of that limit.He advances science, industry and civilization, making contributions that result in cultural immortality; surpassing fame by making history. A 6-8 will operate at that level in his primary endeavors, and typically at a 3-4 level in all others. We all step down a number of levels when we look to other fields, but when we focus on truly knowing another individual, we bring our 6-8 capacity with us. His most excruciating effort is his most intimate pursuit, and with good fortune, his most intimate relationship reflects that intensity. Within him is the deepest tribute to Man; the deepest emotional capacity and the most intimate, heartfelt commitments. There is the greatest sense of justice and respect for civility, the purest integrity, the longest cognitive range and the most complex individual purpose. At this level, he has the opportunity to witness his own magnificence, and the magnificence of Man. His relationships are rich in understanding, rich in drama and bathed in romantic fulfillment.

Self-made Man is not limited in his relations by rich or poor, white or black, male or female. He sees bright eyes, dreams and the willing ability to reach them. The arbitrary classes of Man have dissolved in his mind, along with the guilt of adhering or not adhering to them. The essential classifications of Man are fully cognitive.This compatibility index is not an actual caste system, as no matter how high we go, we still begin with perception,while we exercise and respect the full range. Metaphysically, the 3-4 range is where we all live. Indeed, all 6-8 intentions return to find their realization at the 3-4 level, where there is a direct link to material reality. The more familiar you are with the steps of cognition, the easier it is to see where other people deviate, stop, or are having difficulty. Do they perceive and identify their perceptions, but become confused in its execution (1-2)? Do they see the true purpose of it all and get the result they want (3-4)? The point of tedious complication is their level.

Progress for all human beings is to move up in this chain. Improving intellectual efficacy is key to becoming a good partner as well. As a Self-made Man advances in the process of cognition, addressing and conquering his fears, he becomes compatible with new levels. With a lifelong pattern of development, there is no guarantee that his ultimate direction won’t eventually deem him incompatible with the mate he’s chosen; especially if he made the choice beforehis choice of career, but a more complex mind must satisfy a more complex need to be fulfilled. As he sees farther, he must strive to reach that vision. Deep dwellers cannot live, being dragged back to the surface every five minutes. Shallow dwellers cannot handle the pressure down below. Mixing the two becomes a struggle for life, to the benefit of no one. A 1-2 won’t be compatible with a 3-4, just as a 3-4 won’t be compatible with a 6-8. Each range thinks at a different speed, converses at that speed, and sees implications at that speed. Separations are painful, but spread out before him is the wild expansion of intimate possibilities to feel more than he has ever felt. The key to compatibility above and beyond initial attraction is understanding and acting at similar levels of clarity, at a similar rate. We can sense fundamental disparity. It is a spiritual necessity to find someone near your own level who is moving in the same direction in life, not more than two clicks apart.