Individualhappiness is having all of our essential cognitive elements working together seamlessly for the fulfillment of our lives. Socialhappiness is having these elements understood, appreciated and practiced by those one inhabits the planet with to its noble end: our peaceful yet energetic rush of adrenaline for all that is possible everyday, to everyone. It is a man’s essential dream—a projection of his dying wish—to spend the most time on the most precious subjects and with the most important people, a concept of utopia, as is actually possible.

All social virtues stem from individual virtues, as all groups are made up of individual men. His implicit sense of self-responsibility carries through; sound thought and action becomes responsible interaction. His productive self-discipline extends to satisfy social transactions by keeping his obligations to others. Respectful of the effort to bring his values into the world, he is cognizant of the efforts of others and respects their property and possessions. He never attempts to circumvent their cognitive action even in praise, but appeals to their reasoning mind.

The medium of exchange in material goods is money—our energy’s equivalent. In spirit, it is how that energy is spent—love and hate. The biological parallel to objective standards aims love and appreciation towards life and the actions which preserve it, while hate and contempt is reserved for actions and premises which bring about its destruction. Self-made Man doesn’t practice unconditional love; his condition is life,and all of the intellectual discipline necessary to see its implications: eyes that see beautiful actions, ears that hear beautiful premises and a mind that can tell the difference. Relationships form on the nature of trust, also a self-derived concept. To trust oneself is to know one uses the cognitive process properly for the fulfillment of life. Socially, it is to know others use the cognitive process for the same reason and make no intentional errors or evasions at any step. Honesty with oneself, is the prerequisite to honesty with others, as is love. It is through honesty that we communicate, and only through honesty that true connections to others can be established. All traits left undefined must be assumed as consonant with what has been shown. This bridge of faith is maintained until given a rational foundation, or until it is violated.

Our love shares the integrity of our work. Every time we switch on a light, some part of our minds should be saying “Thank you.” Every day should be a form of Thanksgiving—our day to honor the creations of Man—bridges and ships, buildings and cars—to know why they stand, to trace the steps of their structure, and to contemplate all they bring into our lives. Self-made Man honors the creative actions of others, by practicing his own.

Self-made Man wants to see everyone reach their own form of greatness. Complete on his own, he needs nothing from them, and with the opportunity of freedom, hopes they will seek it. He wants to enjoy witnessing that “Anything is possible to me” look of youth in passers by, and seeks to establish it as the proper medium between human beings—strangers and friends alike. He wants to see them free, confident and active—unafraid to see and feel deeply, in truebrotherhood and peace. Our goodwill starts when we look at the sky; it’s a natural response to our environment.