Often, the Self-made overlook emotional vibrations—the whole truth—being so focused on deeper elements. The Fear-driven commit their entire intellectual range to the shallowest resultant factors, so often they are more adept in this realm; but we should learn to pay attention to emotional content also. Valuable rewards exist within such awareness when used for positive reasons, as well as the invaluable protection it offers. As half the primary motor cortex of the brain is reserved for delicate facial expressions, immense knowledge about us is vented through our emotions. If this were not meant to be read and heeded, it would not be so significant a part of our biological makeup.Its social purpose is communication.Our senses are so delicate, that we can read the intentions and mood of another, from across a room. We can tell if they are open to conversation, relaxed or nervous. You can hear epistemology in a person’s voice—just as you can hear the hollowness of evil in a Spirit Murderer’s. It is important to know what kind of emotions your soundeffort is producing in those around you. If it is negative, you are dealing with Spirit Murderers—a waste of your time or worse. You are putting yourself in danger, spiritually as well as physically. If it is positive, you are likely on safe ground in both realms. How well you are received can let you know if you’ve found the bridge between yourself and any opposition between the two sides—a one waybridge, disallowing their premises to infect ours. Emotions are an excellent indicator to define whether you have been understood, while eyes serve as a window to the motives of others. The eyes are the barometer of conscience. Far above conflict, emotions are evidence of the most profound and devoted love between those of like premises, a reward we cannot afford to ignore.

What you are actually reading, are premises. You know when someone is performing the act of thinking; you can distinguish it. You know when he is in contemplation; trying to remember, trying to forget, or when a new idea pops into his head. Still, expression is cataloged as an emotional characteristic, as emotions are often the strongest expressions. It is not just emotions you are reading, but the full psycho-epistemological function or dysfunction of the entity; another’s very moral foundation. There is an expression for every action of mind and every combination, as well as their emotional results. Most amazing are the expressions of guiltless purity, intelligence and active exhilaration reached by the Self-made, responding to life as if he just stepped off a roller coaster. Steady your glance and look at those before you; there is nothing—for the Self-made anyway—to fear.