Self-made Man has lost the need to confide in anyone, or to justify his actions to others. He no longer considers it; yet it isn’t irrational to desire the approval of others. He has no desire to be an outcast, and little desire to fit in, but he knows that when he finds a Self-made individual or a room-full; he’s right at home. He loves true camaraderie. To enjoy approval is confirmation that one is living among human beings, born able to achieve and appreciate greatness.

We spend the social part of our lives desiring to see traits we can look up to, and to deserve being accompanied by greatness is to reflect it. Unfortunately when misguided, we overlook loosely veiled sneers and grant a blind faith that others can identify values and view them honorably. Rational, productive men do not need any granting of faith. Within his true family, he no longer needs to set a false context in his mind, blanking out what people really are, in order to convey his pride to them. Respect for life and ability is already set; it is accepted, cherished and knelt to, by the Self-made.

There is a vibration that defines our aura, and it is this vibration in others that you pick up on when you interact with them. If your values and sense of life—your emotional response to your dreams and possibilities—is in sync, you will resonate with that person. Self-made Man chooses to develop this resonation alone, in his first relationship with existence itself. By this ability, he is capable of resonating with the greatest number of others, and to unveil his own soul mates much more efficiently.

Imagine standing at a party with a few of your heroes; the pillars of mankind, pausing for once, to enjoy the idleness which is so unlikely for all of you. Imagine yourself to be one of them, just feeling the radiant power of their overwhelming certainty, and their fully functional, jaded capacities for action. It is the parallel realm: the best in Hollywood, the best in business, the best in science and art, gathered by grace of their virtue. Each can appreciate and revere the other’s ability, just the way each needs to be revered. As others kneel before what you hold as sacred—your passions—you display the same reverence for theirs. It is a personal interest in the subject of passion itself, its actualization, its practice and its importance to our own spiritual preservation. The parallel between you is the feeling that life is worth living, experienced through different mediums of expression, but with and through the same physicalmediums—our moral cognitive approach, and through the same background—existence itself.

Absent this deliverance and along the road to its fulfillment, he settles for projections; the historic best are his ancestral friends through time. His physical lineage may determine significant attributes, but his spirituallineage is key to the value of his being. We are never alone.